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Spectre James Bond

007: Seven ways to avoid Bond-style blowouts

Secret agent James Bond has killed many enemies and seduced countless women in his 26 film appearances since 1962.

He’s also developed some pretty extravagant money habits along the way – and for those of us without his deep pockets or access to the British Secret Service coffers, they could quickly become a ‘spectre’ looming over our finances.

As the latest 007 blockbuster is released, we look at what we can learn from Bond’s blowouts and save a pretty Moneypenny…

1. Gambling

When he’s not pursuing the bad guys – and sometimes even when he is - Bond likes nothing more than a spot of gambling, with Baccarat his favourite casino game. Although he’s usually quite lucky, gambling with your money can leave you in trouble.

The National Gambling Helpline says 69% of gamblers accessing its services in 2013-14 reported at least some debt.

2. Eating and drinking out - a lot

It’s safe to say Bond enjoys the finer things in life - including his infamous ‘shaken not stirred’ vodka Martinis.  Keeping up these habits can prove expensive.

It’s tempting to eat out, but making it a treat rather than a regular occurrence can help you put money back in your pocket.

3. Failing to get his currency in advance

Bond’s assignments take him all over the world, and we suspect he doesn’t bother getting his currency before he goes.

Our research showed one in ten of us leave our currency exchange to the last minute by changing our pounds at the airport, often for the worst exchange rates possible.

The difference between the best rates if you look in advance and getting money at the departure gate can be as much as 10%. Don’t forget to do it!

4. Not talking to his partners about money  

Bond has been close to plenty of women over the past 53 years and many of his relationships end quite messily.

Admittedly, if you’re a secret agent there are probably more interesting things to talk about than money, but for most of us not talking about money with your partner can be a mistake.

5. Owning (and crashing) a lot of cars

Bond may have a penchant for Aston Martins, but they don’t come cheap – especially if you keep destroying them in car chases.

His insurance premiums would undoubtedly be Skyfall high, but there are ways you can reduce yours.  

6. Overspending on watches, gadgets and clothes

Any suave secret agent needs a sharp suit or two, maybe a fancy watch and gadget collection. But this probably doesn’t make financial sense for us mere mortals.

If you have clothes you no longer wear or things you no longer use, why not have a declutter and sell them instead? Disclaimer: This probably wouldn’t work with Secret Service gadgets.

7. Not insuring himself

Hopefully your job doesn’t involve getting shot at or having fist fights with a man named Jaws, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t insure yourself.

If your children or partner rely on your income to cover the mortgage or other living expenses, it could be worth getting life insurance.



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  • Shaheen Elahi / 22 November 2015

    The advice was true and professional, thank you.

  • Nas / 16 November 2015

    I am not Mr Bond , but i do live in a very expensive city ( London). I like how your article is tempting. How ever in real life we need real solutions, what is yours?

  • Tej / 15 November 2015

    I really enjoyed the tips and your use of 007. Bravo!

  • herbert nabeta wako / 27 October 2015

    Yes,it is better 2 plan b4 spending. Good info!