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Are you one of the 8.3 million adults with problem debt?

Published by Andy Webb - 21st September

One in six people struggle to cope with the money they owe, meaning they have what’s called problem debt, according to new Money Advice Service research.


Buying a house? Don’t forget these costs

Published by Andy Webb - 20th September

If you’re house hunting the main numbers you probably think about are the house price and monthly mortgage payments, but there’s more you need to consider which could considerably increase the cost of buying a home.

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Who’s caring for the kids?

Published by Andy Webb - 18th September

With childcare so expensive, it’s no wonder parents are roping in friends and family to help out. Here are the ways you can get some financial help


Money news round-up

Published by Colin Rowe - 18th September

A round-up of the last week's money and personal finance news.


Q&A - Why you should care about interest rate rises

Published by Andy Webb - 14th September

Interest rates have been languishing at 0.5% for almost six years now, but the smart money is on rates to start creeping up, perhaps to as high as 3% over the next three years.


Countdown to Christmas starts now. Are you ready?

Published by Andy Webb - 13th September

Christmas is closer than you think - and the sooner you work out how much it could cost, the less likely you'll want to borrow to afford it.


Five steps to paying less for broadband

Published by Colin Rowe - 12th September

Despite three quarters of people considering it an essential utility, nearly a third of people have never switched broadband provider.