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What you need to know about credit cards when you are a young person

Published by Francesca Bloor - 20th June

All you need to know about credit cards and how to improve your credit score


Can you live without a bank branch?

Published by Colin Rowe - 15th June

How far do you have to walk to get to your nearest bank branch? Well chances are it’s got further in the last few years.


Are YOU doing the 11 worst things for your credit score?

Published by Alan Thomas - 11th June

There’s always uncertainty with credit scores about what affect actions have on your score. That’s why we’ve pulled together the worst things you can do for your credit rating.


You and your partner’s life changing money secrets

Published by Alan Thomas - 7th June

You might think you know all about your partner – but do you know who their bank is, or who their pension is with? Not knowing could change your life...


Are you being conned by a ‘professional’ scammer? That salesman or lawyer might not be who they say they are.

Published by Aimee Davis - 1st June

Are you being conned by a ‘professional’ scammer? The scams you need to look out for, say Citizens Advice.


The FCA considering capping rent-to-own charges

Published by Charlotte Burns - 31st May

Rent to own companies to be capped by the FCA


Millennials are spending £6,589 a year on nights out

Published by Aimee Davis - 30th May

78% of millennials are overspending and forking out an extra £1,389 a year on things they don’t actually need