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State Pension age set to rise early for millions

Published by Andy Webb - 20th July

A huge chunk of the population is set to work for longer as the government has announced that the State Pension age will go up to 68 earlier than expected.

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The most frequently damaged possessions: Are you covered?

Published by Andy Webb - 19th July

Accidents do happen, and a new list reveals it's carpets and mobile phones that are most likely to bear the brunt. Could you afford to replace them without insurance?

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Can you cope with the cost of kids this summer?

Published by Andy Webb - 18th July

Parents are expecting to spend £640 on their kids this summer. Here's how to make sure you don't damage your finances.


Ways to save on your summer holiday

Published by Andy Webb - 17th July

Holidays to Europe are at their cheapest in seven years thanks to a strong pound. But you can make even more savings – if you’re smart.


In the news – this week’s top money stories

Published by Colin Rowe - 14th July

A round-up of this week's top money and personal finance news.


Beat your overdraft charges

Published by Andy Webb - 13th July

Lots of people think of overdrafts as a spending limit, when really you’re borrowing cash you probably can’t afford. But there are ways to avoid or reduce paying extra for using one


Eight questions about workplace pensions answered

Published by Colin Rowe - 12th July

We answer eight questions for the eight million people now enrolled in a workplace pension.