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Use the Force: What Star Wars can teach us about money

Published by Andy Webb - 25th May

Star Wars is 40! We love the films (well maybe not The Phantom Menace) so we wanted to share four lessons about cash we can all learn from Luke, Leia, Han and co.

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The heat is on: six ways to save money this summer

Published by Andy Webb - 23rd May

Summer could easily mean more spending as you spend less time indoors and head away on holiday. But even if that is true, you can also cut back some of your bills and outgoings.


Could you be getting a better deal from your bank?

Published by Andy Webb - 22nd May

How long have you been with your bank? Often we open one when we’re 18, and have been with the same branch ever since. Well, like energy, broadband and mobile phones you could get a better deal if you switch.


In the news – this week’s top money stories

Published by Colin Rowe - 19th May

A round-up of this week's top money and personal finance news.


DIY sandwiches aren’t the only way to cut your food bills

Published by Andy Webb - 18th May

We’ve looked back at some of our most popular food related blogposts from guests to share the top ways to spend less on your groceries.


Energy efficiency – the home selling key

Published by Colin Rowe - 17th May

Want to sell your home quickly? Then make sure you have energy efficient central heating and double glazing, according to


Driving away – how to stay safe with your car abroad

Published by Colin Rowe - 16th May

More than six million British motorists admit to driving on the wrong side of the road when abroad. What can you do to make sure you’re covered and legal on foreign roads?