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Are you a summer splurger? Take our quiz to see if the sunshine will cost you more money

Longer days and warmer weather can bring extra costs but also some handy savings.

Even when the weather isn’t playing ball, this weekend marks the start of summer. Does that mean you’ll be saving or splashing the cash?

Take our quiz to see if you’re likely to be better off. There are 10 questions, just choose which of the answers is the closest fit to your summer plans.

1. Are you likely to eat and drink out more?

  1. If it’s sunny, I’ll be at the beer garden
  2. No more than normal


2. Will you be choosing free outdoor activities over places like the cinema?

  1. I’m not a fan of being outside
  2. Yes, I’ll be taking advantage of the longer days and free activities to get out and about!


3. Are you going to turn the heating off?

  1. No, I like my house to be the same temperature all year round
  2. Yes, it’s off and not coming on until November


4. Do you have a water meter?

  1. Yes, and the kids are going to love their paddling pool
  2. It shouldn’t matter if I do or don’t as I don’t use any more water in the summer


5. Is your main holiday in the summer?

  1. It’s called a summer holiday for a reason
  2. No, we try to avoid the high season


6. Will you have less takeaways?

  1. No, Saturday night is takeaway night
  2. Yes, there’s no reason to stay inside in front of the telly!


7. Do you have children?

  1. Yes, and they’ve lots of clubs to go to and extra childcare is needed
  2. No (though they are everywhere aren’t they?)


8. Will you make more effort on fashion and beauty regimes?

  1. I need a new wardrobe!
  2. No, my clothes from last year will do the job


9. Are you planning on working on home and garden improvements?

  1. Yes, I’m heading to the garden centre this weekend
  2. No, it’s too nice to spend time painting walls


10. Are you likely to go to pricey festivals and outdoor events?

  1. Yes, there’s nothing better than dancing outside
  2. No, I don’t fancy it. And lets face it, we live in the UK, it WILL rain

So, how did you do?

If you answered mostly ‘A’

Chances are you’re going to be spending more this summer

Reveal the answer Hide answer

If you answered mostly ‘B’

You could actually be saving money - maybe see if you can put some aside?

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  • yvonne / 15 July 2015

    Mistley b our summer weather is unpredictable

  • Bonzo. / 12 July 2015

    That was good and it makes you realise just how much you need to be aware of you wages and how quickly it can leave you if you don't watch it regularly. Thank you.

  • David Robinson / 12 July 2015

    In question 6, "less" should be "fewer"