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red wine spilled on carpet

The most frequently damaged possessions: Are you covered?

Accidents do happen, and a new list reveals it's carpets and mobile phones that are most likely to bear the brunt,  And whether that’s some shades that have been sat on or a glass of wine knocked onto a light sofa it can prove costly if you need to repair or replace what’s been damaged.

The full list is quite a mix, though with each it’s easy to see how clumsiness could result in the need to make a claim. The top 10, compiled by Insurance company Churchill includes computers, glasses and arm chairs.

The top 10 most commonly damaged items in 2016

  1. Carpets
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Computers
  4. Televisions
  5. Small electrical equipment (eg hairdryers, toasters, coffee machines)
  6. Eye wear (eg sunglasses, glasses, contact lenses)
  7. Hard furnishings (eg tables, kitchen cabinets, drawers)
  8. Sofa, armchairs
  9. Jewellery
  10. Cameras

Source: Churchill Insurance, July 2017

The average size of a claim gives an idea of how much it costs to get items fixed. In many cases it’s as high as £600. The most expensive items by claim were sofas and armchairs, followed by watches, laminate flooring, fishing equipment and jewellery.

Should you get home insurance?

The question you really need to ask is whether you can afford to replace things if they get damaged, lost or stolen. If the answer is no, then contents insurance will cover anything in your home which isn’t part of the structure.

Things like built in kitchens or bathrooms usually come under buildings insurance, which is only something  you need if you own a property.

You should check if specific valuables or accidental damage are excluded as standard – you might need to pay extra for the cover.

How to get the best deal on your home insurance

Prices can vary widely, and cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean best for you. Here are our top tips for getting the best deal on your home insurance:

Shop around

Use comparison sites to get an idea of different prices. You can also use a broker to help find the one that best suits you.

Check you are getting the cover you need

Some things – such as accidental cover – aren’t always included as standard. So make sure the policy covers the kind of things you might claim for, such as red wine on the carpet!

Make sure it’s the right level

Underinsure and you’ll pay less – but you won’t be fully covered. Over-insure, particularly on buildings, and you’ll be paying far too much.

Buy contents and home together

You often get a discount for buying them at the same time through the same company. It’s also worth seeing if you can get money off through your mortgage provider or bank.

Don’t auto-renew

As with all insurance, you’re unlikely to be getting a good deal if you let your policy roll over. Shop around, see what deals are around then see if your provider can match – or even beat – the competition. If not, take your business elsewhere.

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