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Corinne Sweet

Corinne Sweet, is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Writer and Broadcaster, and author of 14 books. She works with clients one-to-one, and also runs groups and workshops. She trained on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour as a reporter, and has been a Big Brother Psychologist, and ‘agony aunt’/’relationship expert’ for many magazines and radio and TV shows. Corinne’s recent books: Change Your Life with CBT (Pearsons) and The Mindful Journal (PanMacMillan) are international bestsellers. Corinne is also a screenwriter and lives in London with her family.

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Latest Posts

The last taboo? How money could make or break your relationship

07 Feb 2015

Corinne Sweet, author of Stop Fighting About Money: How Money Can Make Or Break Your Relationship, gives her top tips for making sure money issues don’t ruin your relationship.