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Vik Iyer

Vik manages social media for the Money Advice Service. Before Twitter and Facebook became so huge, he worked as a news journalist for a variety of large media groups.

Latest Posts

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07 Mar 2016

Could your social media save you money? You could be surprised...


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23 Nov 2015

Is there an alternative buying mountains of Christmas presents? What are the arguments and issues involved in changing the way you do Xmas?


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08 Aug 2015

From moving house to living within your means, here are our top money lessons you can find in many of the trials and tribulations of the average football team.


Comic Relief special: What can TV comedies teach us about money?

13 Mar 2015

We’ve put together a list of money lessons you can learn from classic television comedies.


The Your Money Advice Oscars - six money lessons from the movies

19 Feb 2015

Every year, the Oscars celebrate film by recognising the best actors, movies, directors and more besides. So we decided to join in the spirit of awards season by handing out our very own money advice themed movie prizes.