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Andy Webb

Andy was the Money Advice Service’s senior blog writer and media spokesperson from May 2014 to May 2018, having previously spent 10 years at the BBC.

Latest Posts

Four ways to get cashback

08 Jun 2021

Getting paid to shop seems like a strange idea, but that’s exactly what cashback is - though there are pros and cons!


How to use your Lifetime ISA to buy a home

06 Jun 2021

If you've had your LISA for a year, you'll now be able to put it towards your first home


Money and its links to mental health and wellbeing

04 Jun 2021

How to spot the signs that money problems are affecting your mental health


Have you still got your paper tax disc?

12 May 2021

If your windscreen still has a paper tax disc stuck to it, you're not alone - apparently around 70% of drivers still have one on display, even though rule changes last October mean they're no longer needed.


How haggling can help you pay less for a second-hand car

04 May 2021

More than six in 10 people got some money off the price of a second-hand car in the last year just by asking. Here's how you can too.