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Andy Webb

Andy is the Money Advice Service’s senior blog writer. He’s been with us since May 2014, having spent 10 years at the BBC. He also runs his own money saving blog and volunteers as a financial capability trainer with the CAB.

Contact Andy at with any feedback or to let us know about the issues that matter to you.

Latest Posts

Who’s caring for the kids?

18 Sep 2017

With childcare so expensive, it’s no wonder parents are roping in friends and family to help out. Here are the ways you can get some financial help


Q&A - Why you should care about interest rate rises

14 Sep 2017

Interest rates have been languishing at 0.5% for almost six years now, but the smart money is on rates to start creeping up, perhaps to as high as 3% over the next three years.


Countdown to Christmas starts now. Are you ready?

13 Sep 2017

Christmas is closer than you think - and the sooner you work out how much it could cost, the less likely you'll want to borrow to afford it.


Four student bank account features to consider

07 Sep 2017

Don't make a decision based on freebies. Here's why you should look into overdrafts, interest and access first.


The four rules of using contactless

05 Sep 2017

Contactless is 10 years old. Here's how to use it to your advantage.