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Bronni Hughes

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SCAM ALERT - Watch out for Universal Credit scammers

12 Jul 2019

According to BBC News, benefit claimants are being targeted by scammers promising a low-cost loan or even a grant from the government.


Get free money and pensions guidance on Whatsapp

05 Jun 2019

Our Whatsapp service offers UK residents guidance on debt, pensions and borrowing.


What is a Freedom Pass and at what age can you get it?

31 May 2019

The Freedom Pass is a travelcard for qualifying Londoners that offers free access to public transport across the Transport for London network.


What are health cash plans & are they worth it?

06 Mar 2019

Spending a lot of money on routine healthcare costs like prescriptions or dentists appointments? A health care cash plan could be an option to help you save money, but it's important to ensure you're getting a good deal. 


What is a hardship payment and who is entitled?

04 Mar 2019

Been sanctioned? If you’re struggling to make ends meet before your benefits are reinstated, you could qualify for a hardship payment.