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Leicester City fan

Be like Leicester City and show underdogs can win

While your mates are living the high-life, you’re struggling to get by each week; as your bills get bigger each month, companies announce record profits. Sometimes it feels like the world is stacked against you and you’ll always be looking behind you, rather than looking ahead.

But it is possible to strike back against the big boys and get the results you need even with limited resources, just like surprise Premier League champions Leicester City.

To celebrate their success, we’ve six ways to cast off your underdog status and leap to the top of the financial league table.

Scout around for the best deal

Buying something the first time you see it rarely works out as the best option.

It takes only a few minutes online to compare prices at all sorts of purchases – from food at the supermarket to mobile phone contracts.

It’s also worth doing some research on the bigger buys such as white goods and home insurance – otherwise you could end up buying a flop that doesn’t do what you want it to.

Substitute underperformers

Sticking with a company that isn’t working for you won’t give your bank balance the best results. Loyalty rarely pays with energy bills and bank accounts.

It’s really easy to switch your energy provider online to pay lower bills, while the seven-day switching service for banks can net you a cash bonus, high interest rates and cashback on bills.

Avoid credit score own goals

Mistakes on your credit report can have a huge impact on everything from getting a new mobile phone to applying for a mortgage.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get free trials of the different credit score providers and check if there are any errors.

The sooner you take a look, the more time you have to repair any damage done.

Pay attention to the fixture list

There are some key financial decisions which take place once a year. Your car and home insurance policies are usually annual, your car tax certainly is, and other bills are probably set for 12 months too.

Interest rates are often fixed for a certain period, as are 0% credit cards.

Then there are services you pay for monthly such as TV and music streaming, magazine subscriptions and gym memberships. 

The problem is by the time it’s due to renew, or special introductory offers end, we’ve forgotten. And then the fees jump, the bonuses end and we end up paying far more than we should.

So, keep a note in your diary of the dates each end to remind you to look again for a better deal.

Don’t concede penalties

A little bit of organisation can mean even the trickiest of bills are cleared into touch. Set up Direct Debits to ensure bills are paid on time, and move your bank account to one with lower overdraft fees if you’re often going into the red.

Transfer your savings

If you’re putting money away, great! But if the money saved is just sitting in your current account, the chances are you’re dipping into it without even realising.

Instead, set up a standing order to automatically transfer the cash over to a different account. You can still dip into it for emergencies, but it’s protected from accidental overspending.

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