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Burglar looking through window

Burglary peak season approaches – are you prepared?

Are you going away this summer? Many of us look forward to our trip away, but make sure you take precautions for your home before you go to avoid landing with a bump when you get back.

M&S Home Insurance data has revealed the number of theft claims last year peaked in July, a cautionary tale for the thousands of holidaymakers going away this year.

M&S Bank research also found nearly one in ten (9%) of people have said that their home had been burgled previously and of those, one in five (22%) said this had happened more than once.

Don’t let these figures frighten you though. With a couple of considerations, such as contents insurance, you can help minimise any risks.

Protect yourself and your home

Contents insurance can be a good idea to avoid having to pay out a fortune if the worst happens.

This type of insurance, as the name suggests, covers the contents in your home – such as furniture; gadgets; clothing and jewellery.  It will not cover damage to your building or anything that is part of the structure of your home.

What does contents insurance cover?

Different policies offer different levels of cover, but they should all cover theft. There will usually be a maximum amount you can claim for valuables.  Many content policies also have a single item limit of just £1,500 as well.

If you’ve got items that are more valuable than this, you may need to buy extra cover for these when you take out your policy.

Though this might give you a headache, it’s important to to read through your policy beforehand to make sure you understand any exclusions. All content insurance policies also come with an excess, which is an amount you need to pay out every time you claim. So for example, if your claim was for £300, and your excess was £250, you’d only get £50 from your insurer.


Before you go…

Don’t forget to take some simple precautions before racing off to the airport as well. An unlocked window could prove a useful route for a determined burglar. Make sure you lock up all your windows and doors. You could also consider leaving the curtains and blinds open, so it’s not obvious the home is unoccupied. 

You could also ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check up on your home while you’re away. This was the most popular security measure taken (70%), followed by moving expensive items out of sight of windows (57%).

Lastly, be cautious about those Facebook airport check-ins! Broadcasting the fact you’re going away on social media could be gold dust for an eagle-eyed burglar and possibly affect any insurance claim you make.  

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  • Mark / 1 July 2015

    Despite having an alarm, burglars recently smashed the patio door and still entered the property, stealing only jewellery and thankfully leaving no end of tech. I have replaced patio door and semi glassed back door with laminated glass and had star locks fitted to internal doors;much more difficult to smash, making more noise and taking more time. If they are determined they'll get in, just don't make it easy for them.
    Ive also market high value tech with smart water and displayed stickers on entry points.

  • Helen Ryan / 28 June 2015

    If you have a garden remember to mow the lawn before you go , as long grass may be a sign the house is empty. Also switch off the water , this is a requirement on some policies if you go away in winter.

  • Den (You advise your readers not to divulge contact details !!!!!) / 28 June 2015

    Strange that you didn't mention burglar alarms. How many times have you passed a house with the alarm blaring - and you did nothing about it !
    I have an arrangement with both neighbours that if my alarm goes while I'm out they will have a nose round and if necessary they will call the Police - they have my keys and I have theirs.
    We also know each other's security code for activating/deactivating our alarms. A bit of self-help and mutual help goes a long way !