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Could a no-spend day help you survive January?

January can be an incredibly tough time financially. You’re not only dealing with the expenses of Christmas, but you’re often setting money resolutions and savings goals for the new year. Together these can put pressure on your bottom line as you try to survive the month.

And you aren’t alone. Citizens Advice expects more than 370,000 people to seek help from it this month, while the National Debtline says this January could be its busiest month ever.

So how do you survive January? We’ve three ways you can cut back or raise a little extra to boost your funds for the next four weeks and beyond.

Have no-spend days

You might think you don’t spend much money most days, but spending nothing at all could be trickier than you expect. That’s in part due to “unconscious” spending – the little everyday things we don’t think about such as a cup of coffee.

And these small expenses can quickly add up. Just £5 every working day in January is £105 - and you could easily be spending more.

The idea of a no-spend day challenge - maybe once a week – is you can’t spend a single penny. Not only will it hopefully boost your coffers a little in the short-term, but in the longer term it should also help you pay more attention to where your money goes.

Sell your old stuff

Whether it’s unwanted Christmas gifts or something hidden at the back of the wardrobe, you could be sitting on a healthy chunk of cash – you just need to get selling.

You can go ‘old school’ and take it to a boot fair, or see what you can get online on sites like eBay, GumTree and even Facebook.

It’s worth paying the most attention to higher value or rare items, but even broken stuff can sell.

Take a look at our checklist below to see where you could make a few extra quid.

Survive January - Selling checklist from Andy Webb

Rethink your food shopping

Money Advice Service research found taking a shopping list to the supermarket saves an average of £11.74 per food shop. This is because sticking to one stops us overspending on treats and special offers we don’t really need or want.

Don’t stop there. From leftovers to a simple sarnie, taking a packed lunch to work is a surprisingly big money saver. With supermarket meal deals costing around £4, and posher sandwich shops and snacks easily adding up to £6 or £7, you could save yourself up to £6 a day, putting around £125 back in your pocket this month.

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