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Cut nuisance calls on your mobile with one text

At last! There’s a simple way to stop – or at least reduce – those unsolicited sales calls to your mobile phone.

For some, cold calling and random sales texts are a daily occurrence. Even worse are the speculative calls asking “Do you want to claim for PPI?”’, or calling about “your accident” – even though you haven’t had one. It’s always annoying, frequently intrusive, and potentially confusing or distressing.  

Most people will say “Thanks, but no thanks”, and hang-up, but it’s now easier to cut that stage out completely thanks to a new service from media regulator OFCOM that should stop the calls even being made.

How to register

Simply text “TPS”, followed by your email address, to 78070. You’ll get a confirmation text back, and your number will then be added to a no-call list run by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). It’s free to register.

It takes up to 28 days for the service to be fully operational, but you’ll hopefully see a reduction in cold calling after a few days.

You can also register your landline on the TPS website.

Watch out for scams

As anyone who’s registered with TPS for their landline knows, you will still get some spam calls. That’s because there are scammers out there who ignore the laws preventing unsolicited calls.

If you do get any calls after registering, it’s a good chance it’s a scam, so be careful.

It won’t stop text messages

If you want to stop text (SMS) messages you need to send an opt-out message to the company.

However, if you think it’s not from a legitimate company, don’t respond as these companies are looking for leads. You can forward the spam text to your mobile network via the number 7726. Make sure you check your phone bill too, to ensure you haven’t been charged for a premium service.

Other ways to cut nuisance calls

Whenever you register an account online, on the phone or in person and include your phone number, make sure you aren’t opting in for sales calls.


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