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Does brand loyalty outlast relationships?

Your commitment to your partner may be strong – but is your commitment to your favourite brands stronger? A survey has shown more than half of us (52%) are loyal to brands. But which products are you sticking to – and could brand loyalty be costing you?

When asked what they have been doing longer than they have been married, a third of people in the survey by TopCashback (31%) admit to sticking with the same supermarket, and 28% say they have been drinking the same brand of tea longer than they have been settled down.

It may not be price that is driving this loyalty – 24% say they stick to their favourite brands because quality is more important than price. However, one in five of us say it is the familiarity of knowing what we are buying.

Price may not be your sticking point, but have you looked into the costs of your loyalty before? Cutting ties with your favourite brand and shopping around may be the answer to more money back in your pocket.

Could shopping around help you save?

First, do a budget and see what you’re spending on your favourite brands. How much does your weekly shop usually come to? What about your service providers, such as your TV package, or your gym membership?

It can be easy to get stuck in a spending rut because it’s simpler to stick to brands you like, but if you don’t shop around you won’t know if you can get the same products for less money.


Saving on your shopping – other ideas

Saving on your shopping may not just be about shopping around. There are some other things you can do too.

Don’t forget to be careful with special offers, for example. They may seem tempting, but you should check whether they really give you what you need. 3 for 2 offers may seem like a good idea, but will you be using all three products? Check the sell-by date of any products on offer too, to make sure you will use them in time.

Another thing you can do is get vouchers and coupons delivered straight to your inbox. There are many websites dedicated to offering you deals and discounts, and if it is for a product you often use you could save money this way.

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