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Ways to save on your summer holiday

With schools about to break up for the summer, families across the country will soon be packing their suitcases and getting ready for a holiday at home or abroad. In fact, booking website Hostelworld claims today is the busiest day of the year to sort out your summer holiday plans.

So how can you get the best bang for your buck? We’ve five ways to bring the cost down.


Don’t rule out packages if you’re off to a popular destination as the combination of flights, hotel and possibly food and drink can be cheaper than getting them separately. But it’s worth checking both options.


See if you can cut back on optional extras like reserved seats and carry-on luggage. But if you do want these, get them sorted before you get to the airport as prices are generally cheaper online.


Shop around online for travel cash before you go. You’ll find much better rates than exchanging it at the airport or your nearest bank.


You’ll be charged extra to use most credit and debit cards overseas, including at cash machines, but you can find some which will minimize the fees you pay.  If you spend on cards abroad, pay in the local currency – not pounds – to get the best rate.


A free EHIC health card will cover part of your medical care in most of Europe, but you still need insurance on top. Medical care alone could cost you thousands if you aren’t covered. So buying a travel insurance policy could save you in the long run.

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  • Jeannette Delhomme / 3 June 2015

    very helpful advice, thank you

  • Aura / 1 June 2015

    How about cutting holiday costs on British holidays in the UK?

  • Stuart Downs / 31 May 2015

    Always good to hear ways of cutting costs, thanks MA

  • s edwards / 31 May 2015

    ma very good save me a lot of money