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Feline fine: are your cats covered?

They say every dog has its day, and it seems it's true for our feline friends too. For International Cat Day, we're celebrating the cats of the Money Advice Service. 

Obviously, they don't live here in the office, but they're in the homes of many of our staff. These much loved pets bring a lot of joy to their owners – but as with any animal, the good times are shared with the bad.

Sadly, many a cat will be ill during their lifetime, and with the average cost of a pet insurance claim £720, this can be a costly time if you don’t have either insurance or savings to cover the bills.

So this article isn’t just about meeting our favourite cats. We also asked our colleagues if they have pet insurance, and if they’ve had to use it.

Stringer Belle (owner Kat)

"It turns out cats are allergic to onions. She had a three-night hospital stay that would have cost us more than a thousand pounds had she not had insurance."

Catalina (owner Gary)

"Cat insurance has always been one of those purr-ipheral considerations that got scratched from our budgeting. This has resulted in an occasional unexpected cost pouncing – notably when Catalina needed a pricey operation on her teeth just weeks before our first baby arrived. It certainly left us feline short of cash at a kitty-ical moment, but it hasn’t created any claws for concern between the two of them (see pic). Now that she’s a relatively old cat we intend to add some cover to avoid any big vet bills sticking in the throat in the coming years."

Gizmo (owner John)

"Gizmo was a rescue cat when he was only tiny, we have insurance but have luckily never needed to use it – though I could probably do with some myself!"

"I get attacked on a daily basis like clockwork, before his dinner he’ll be all affectionate for five minutes, then attack me, then after dinner his routine is to look out of the window for half an hour, then go for me again.  Never touches my partner or daughter, it’s a privilege only I seem to get!"

Cleo and Bella (owner Andy’s parents)

"I couldn’t write this article without adding in my parents’ new Asian Shorthair kittens. Our new additions to the family, Bella and Cleo, are insured as all our cats have been."

"Sadly, our previous family cat Kaspar got very sick, very quickly a few months ago with cancer. Though treatment would have been covered by insurance, it would have been too late, and probably too painful. The insurance policy however did cover making him more comfortable in his last few days, and for him to be put to sleep."

Sapphire (owner Venetia)

"Sapphy is my 14 year old Burmese. I learnt the hard way that vet bills can escalate really quickly, we had £2,000 cover on our Maine Coon and it was nowhere near enough for a major illness, so Sapphire has the top policy I can afford, up to £12,000 in a year, with lifetime cover for any recurring illness."

"I had an emergency dash to the vet late last week that cost £193! Two visits later added another £100, and it will keep going up each time we go back but he is getting better and that’s all that matters."

"The excess is £135 because of his age and because it is the top cover and they will take a percentage on top but I’m happy to know that he is completely covered and money won’t be an issue if anything really bad happens."

Mousch (owner Robert)

"We don’t have pet insurance for her. We didn’t see the value in it, but changed our minds when an older cat, Cilla, who was also not insured, ended up needing some extensive treatment in the last couple of years of her life. We ended up paying quite a bit for that."

"We then reconsidered whether we should get some insurance for Mousch, but by that point she was old enough that the premiums were fairly high. We’ve decided to take the risk, and hope that we don’t have expensive bills for her later on. But with hindsight, we now think we ought to have put her on an insurance plan while she was younger."

Candy (owner Sean)

"Meet Candy, rescued 4 years ago from a lady along the Sussex coast who didn’t want her anymore. She’ll be 8 in March."

"We never thought of insuring Candy, despite her disappearing once for a couple of days – she’s always been a happy, healthy, affectionate cat and she loves being around humans… But now that she’s getting a bit older and we got a puppy a few months ago, I decided to insure them both."

"She’s never had any issues, but that might change, as she’s recently decided to start catching mice and sparrows and leaving them as ‘gifts’ just outside the kitchen in various states of destruction – barely alive or bitten in half. At least we know her teeth and claws are in good condition!"

Watch our video on pet insurance

And a couple more cats for you to admire!

Teddy (owner Thomas)

Andy (owner Louise)

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