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Christmas tree decoration

Five Christmas tips from our MAS readers

Christmas is just around the corner. Although it is important to follow budgeting advice, such as using our Christmas Money Planner, sometimes it’s the little unusual or clever tips that make the difference.

Here are five of our favourite tips from our readers this Christmas, as voted for by the blog team.

Readers offer their Christmas tips

M. Bart

‘Buy one of those sealed tin money boxes for a £1 and put your notes or spare pound coins in that. You'll think twice about dipping in as you need to use a tin opener and will need to buy a new one afterwards.’


‘Home made gift are a big thing now. Go online and find out what you could make yourself. Some thing you can even make in bulk and give to a number of people and save a bundle. Just make sure your home made gift doesn't cost more than you would have spent on gifts. From choc truffles or bath salts to personalised picture frames and home decorations, there are plenty of ideas out there for every type of skill. I’m sure everyone could find something they think is worth trying.’


‘Do the 52 week challenge. You draw out 52 boxes and number them 1 to 52.  Then every week you pick a box you can afford and put that amount away. Some weeks are tight so you tick off your low numbers like 1,2,3,4 etc. Some weeks you’re more flush so can tick off the higher boxes. You save a lot of money for Christmas this way and if you start the 52 week challenge the first week in December your 52 weeks of saving works out perfectly for next Christmas!’



‘I know its easy for people to say Christmas is not about expensive presents when they can afford them but if you have little ones fun is the best present. Try wrapping a big box with balloons in and let them run riot with them.’


‘Christmas encourages people to spend too much money on things that aren't needed. Take the time to see what it is you actually need and get as much in advance as possible - definitely worth it - only one day!!’

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