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Five different ways to make cash for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be looking at ways to boost your bank balance and help to make the festive season less stressful on your wallet.

There are so many websites promising to make you rich overnight that it is hard to know where to find legitimate ways to earn cash.

Here, money-saving blogger Emma Drew gives you five ways to make some extra cash for Christmas you may not have thought of.  

Online Surveys

Did you know that your opinion is worth money? Whether companies are looking to launch a new product, get feedback on existing products or just learn more about your purchasing habits, they will pay you to share this information.

The time that surveys take to complete vary from a few minutes to those asking you to keep a diary for a week. Typically the more time they take to complete then the more money you can earn.


Decluttering is a fast and simple way to free up some space and turn your unwanted items into cash. Whether you want to tackle the whole house over a weekend or take the “little and often” approach, decluttering can help you to release some cash from your unwanted items.

Once you have items to sell you can list them for free on classifieds websites, sell them at an online auction site or even take them to a car boot sale.

Smartphone apps

Most people have a smartphone these days, but did you know that there are plenty of apps that will pay you?

There are apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, letting you earn cash by completing small location based tasks (such as checking for promotional posters in store windows), taking part in surveys or downloading free apps to test.

Mystery Shopping

Getting paid to enjoy a meal out or go shopping sounds like the dream for most people, and there are plenty of mystery shopping companies around that will pay you to evaluate the service you receive as well as the cleanliness and appearance of a store or restaurant.

Typical mystery shopping jobs will include a fee for going and a reimbursement towards some, if not all, of your purchase. This is my favourite way to save money whilst still enjoying meals out.

Test websites

Testing websites is a great way to earn some cash fast. Testing can be completed on your smartphone, tablet or computer and you can expect to be paid between £8-£15 per website you test.

The tests usually take around 20 minutes to complete and will involve you speaking into a microphone as you navigate the website, answering specific questions and reporting any problems that you find.

Following these simple ways to earn extra money will help you to enjoy Christmas without resorting to using your credit cards. Even better, you can use these methods to earn cash in the New Year, helping you to plan ahead for next Christmas.

What did you think of those tips? Would you have thought of them?

This guest post is by independent money-saving blogger Emma Drew and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the MoneyHelper. 

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  • Sarah Simpson / 30 August 2016

    Its hard to know who are the genuine sites for paying for your information and who's scamming you. I've tried doing surveys however when it comes to imputting account details im abit concerned to if its a real or fake site. How can i be sure its a legitimate company and i wont get bombarded by junk emails??

  • Sally J / 30 November 2015

    Great ideas which would be even better if they explained how you accessed all these different things like 'testing websites' or 'mystery shopping' - or is that a secret, only known to the few??

  • andrew gilmou / 24 October 2015

    god info