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Brits lose £155 million down the back of the sofa every year, but how can you find some extra cash?

Fortunes lost down back of the sofa

Time is running out for the old £1 coin. After 15 October, you will no longer be able to use them in shops, which means millions of Brits are ransacking their homes for elusive coins.

A poll by Virgin Money found one in three people have been searching, in piggy banks, old wallets, purses and overnight bags. Some have even been rummaging through the car.

But there are many other reasons, other than the hunt for old quids, to search your home for hidden treasure. 

Don’t need it? Maybe try selling it

Think that’s a lot of money to be lost in the sofa? Well, it’s nothing compared to the value of old mobile phones gathering dust in our homes. Old laptops and games consoles are also forgotten about.

But you don’t need to stop at old tech. That fancy bit of kitchen equipment you used once, the sports gear you bought when you promised yourself you were going to get in shape, clothes that don’t fit any more. Anything you don’t need or use can be turned into cash.

Cut back to collect cash

If you really want some extra cash, then it might be worth taking a closer look at your spending.

Buy a cup of coffee every morning? That caffeine habit could be costing you more than £900 a year.

Your weekend take-away might seem like a nice treat, but this could be costing you over £1,000 a year.

Cutting back on these everyday expenses can quickly add up to extra money in your pocket.

Find lost bank accounts

There’s a staggering £850m lying unclaimed in lost bank accounts in the UK and finding out if any of it is yours could not be simpler and won’t cost you a penny.

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