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Four ways to cheer yourself up on Blue Monday

The third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Whether you believe that or not, the long nights, cold weather and trying to keep to new year resolutions are all probably getting to you a little by now. To make matters worse many will still be recovering from their Christmas spending

So how can you make today – and the rest of January – a little better for you and your wallet?  Well, if times are tight, a little extra in your pocket should make the month more bearable. Here are four easy ways to do just that.

Get a cash bonus by switching bank

You can make some quick cash by switching your bank account to one with a bonus. Some banks are giving away £150 for moving your custom, while others offer cashback or high interest.

Of course it’s worth checking you won’t lose out in other ways such as high overdraft fees. If you’re likely to go into the red you might be better off switching to a bank with lower fees or even a small interest free overdraft.

See what you can sell

What’s up in the loft? Or under the bed? If you aren’t sure it probably means you don’t need it – and that’s a sign you should try to sell it.

If there’s the potential for it to be rare or part of a collection it’s worth seeking specialist advice. Otherwise head to a boot fair or list it online. Just don’t forget to factor in costs such as postage or fees. 

The are more tips in our step-by-step guide to selling online below. Just click through the slides.

Work out what you’re gaining from what you’re giving up

Did you decide to stop smoking this year? Or was it drinking for a month? Whatever your resolution don’t just think about the health benefits as it could also be helping your bank balance.

The average smoker lights up 12 cigarettes a day, adding up to nearly £150 in January.  Having five less pints of beer or glasses of wine each week could easily save you £100 this month.


Swap rather than shop to get some new threads

The sales are still on, and with the temperatures dropping there’s probably the temptation to kit yourself out in a new jumper or winter coat.

Well if you’ve got some old woollies down the back of the wardrobe, there’s a good chance your friends do too. Getting a group of you together to swap clothes means you’re getting a new look for free, adding some extra pounds to your purse to save or spend elsewhere.

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  • Ray Baldacchino / 7 February 2016

    Use online cashback sites - I recommend Top Cashback which is generally less hassle than the other main one - Quidco with whom I find you become embroiled in annoying and regular correspondence especially about non-payment or long-time-coming payment of cashback. You can get some quite generous cashback, especially on phone & broadband, gas & electricity, banking & credit cards and insurances. My best was £136.50 for a phone/broadband contract with EE but I would not recommend them - I would never use them again - so bad at account keeping causing immense inconvenience! To claim cashback regularly, you need to change your supplier every year or as often as possible, as no cashback is normally paid for renewing with an existing supplier, but the rewards for this inconvenience are usually worthwhile.