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car tax disc

Have you still got your paper tax disc?

If your windscreen still has a paper tax disc stuck to it, you're not alone - apparently around 70% of drivers still have one on display, even though rule changes last October mean they're no longer needed.

The long-serving paper tax disc was consigned to history last year when the collection of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) went electronic. At the time it was claimed it would save the taxpayer an estimated £10 million a year spent on producing, issuing and posting discs.

The AA says that almost 70% drivers haven't removed them from their cars, with 43% keeping it to remind them when it expires. Others (8%) just feel their car would 'look odd' without one, while 18% have simply forgotten there's a new system.

Whether you keep yours or not, you need to be aware of the changes, as failure to pay could result in a hefty fine.

What happened?

Since 1st October 2014 an electronic database has been keeping track of who has paid their VED - and who hasn't. As part of this there is no longer a requirement to display a car tax disc on your windscreen.

How is the new system enforced?

Automatic number plate recognition cameras will catch those who haven't paid up. Offenders will face fines of up to £1,000.

What if I buy or sell a car?

Since the change, remaining tax can no longer be transferred with a vehicle. Buyers will no longer benefit from the remaining months on a tax disc - they will have to renew the tax straight away. Sellers will automatically receive a refund from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for any remaining full calendar months left on the vehicle tax, as long as they have notified it.

How do I now pay for tax?

You can pay online at GOV.UK, at a Post Office or via Direct Debit payments. You will still be sent a renewal reminder when your tax is due to expire.

How can I check if my vehicle is taxed?

You can look up the tax status of any vehicle using the DVLA's Vehicle Enquiry System.

Is everyone in the UK affected?

Yes, though motorists in Northern Ireland will still need to display their MOT disc.

What do you think?

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  • Edward o'connell / 15 April 2017

    I believe tax discs were done away with because it was not worth chasing people with no car tax disc as u have to take them to court fine them they won't pay u take them back to court fine them again they won't pay u are waist good money chasing no money but the mugs that do pay ( the people something to lose the normal people will always pay ) so to sum up. The mugs always pay the scum don't

  • Keith burns / 16 May 2016

    What a bunch of Luddites on here. Do they stick a round piece of paper in their front-room windows to remind them when their house insurance is due? Do they forget to renew their insurance and MOT? If you need to remind yourself when your tax is due, keep the old tax disc and turn it over and print the renewal dates of your RFL, MOT and Insurance on it - and your wedding anniversary and son's birthday if you are that disorganised. Old style tax discs were always being forged and transferred from car to cars. Traffic wardens and Police have not checked tax (RFL) discs for years and no-one noticed!
    And the losses from changing a car have been almost the same for years as you could never get a part month's refund. If you are worried about buying a car and taking it home 'untaxed', tax it at the dealer's/vendor's address - why wait til you get home? I've done this for people buying my cars and when I have bought privately.
    There are many reasons why this system was introduced but most would be lost on the majority of people on here.
    One last point, if you want to display an old out of date tax disc, it's no longer illegal.

  • Anthony / 28 April 2016

    The first of the month system is archaic and ridiculous. If your vehicle is sorned or you buy a vehicle toward the end of the month and need to use it, you will automatically lose almost a month of road tax.

  • robert dowling / 20 April 2016

    Why is it I pay more road tax for my 1.4 Rover 45 (first registered May 2001),when a person who
    has the same make of car,same engine size but registered before March 2001 pays much less?
    This seems unfair to me,as the car emissions on both vehicles must be the same.

  • Mike / 10 March 2016

    "Why not just add tax to fuel, it will save all this unnecessary admin, stop avoidance, be greener". What about petrol for generators, lawnmowers, chainsaws etc.?

  • Balwinder Ahdan ( Bindi ) / 12 February 2016

    Since 1st Oct'14 , remaining tax can no longer be transferred with a vehicle. Fully paid transaction but buyers will no longer benefit from the remaining months on a tax disc - they will have to renew the tax straight away. This is just a bizarre situation created that one cannot even drive to the purchased car in good faith to ones own address in order to start the process to officially make it their personal property Though sellers will automatically receive a refund from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for any remaining full calendar months left on the vehicle tax, as long as they have notified it but the bit remaining should easily cover the "New in Good Faith Purchaser" should at least be covered .. This should be seriously re-thought to help this situation caused as we have to buy the over-lap month too causing the ligit double wammy ... Hence , double payment of the overlap month / months .. Thank you

  • Jack Clayton / 16 January 2016

    It took over 3 months for the DVLA to take action over a car that I reported to them as having no MOT. They actively encourage you to report a non taxed vehicle and when you do they do virtually nothing about it! When I complained about their inaction I just got a letter back stating there were things being done 'behind the scenes' and it was NOT an 'on demand service'. In the meantime the untaxed vehicle ( and therefore uninsured) was a menace to other road users. N.B. The Police are also powerless to act.

  • Jane / 2 January 2016

    paper tax discs, insurance certificates and MOT certificates were stolen and altered all the time. Tax, insurance and Mot records are all linked up, so easy renew/register, all in minutes on line. All ages are more tech savvy now. No need to queue at the Post Office. Police etc can do one check and prove cover, without the need to produce documents at the Police station in most cases. A bit of nostalgia but costly. I agree that something should be done about being charged/refunded for a part month.

  • Michael Lipson / 1 January 2016

    In reference to my post - below - the cost "saving" will be totally wiped out albeit by transfer to Local Government coffers by the extra cost in registering with Local Authority!

  • Michael Lipson / 1 January 2016

    I keep my old tax disc on display as it is the only way I know which officially states that it is a "disabled" (type of use not its condition!) tax exempt vehicle.
    If I didn't do this I would have to register the vehicle with each and every parking enforcement authority to notify them that I might be using their disabled access parking concessions! Grrr.
    How does this abolition make life easier for exempt users and the parking authorities who technically now have to register each and every potential concession user?

  • john montague / 24 December 2015

    robbery by the goverment, the only good thing about ved was the disc in the window to remind you to tax your car. i agree it`s not going to make a big differance to a lot of people unless their reminder gets lost in the post then it will cost them £40, if dvla foget to send the tax due to you once you have sold the vehicle you have a pain to get it sorted and they short change you (fact). just another cash cow to trip up law abiding people

  • Anne Stevens / 13 December 2015

    PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE Tax disc system.,..

  • nigelmarrison / 13 December 2015

    Preferred to have a tax disc in the car windscreen to remind me
    Plus police, traffic wardens could see at a glance instead of cameras to pick out untaxed cars

  • clifford ward / 9 November 2015

    i wanted to go see a car at a sales showroom for my daughter,i then wanted to drive it back home using my own insurance ie covered to drive any car that does not belong to me,i will not be able to tax the car on my insurance and i do not have the means to take out insurance and tax at the point of the purchase. it seems to me a good idea if you have just bought a car to be able to take it home and sort out the tax and insurance for my daughter the same day or next day.things have been made very difficult to do this.
    cliff ward.

  • jean turnbull / 7 November 2015

    My son ahs also been fined. He is absolutely sure that he did not receive a reminder. He has up to now received a fine and also fines for being picked up as having no tax by camera s. He is furious about it. A disc is a good way of people being able to check themselves. As soon as he received the notification that he been picked up by the camera he realised that he had no tax and paid it and the back tax yet still has to pay the fines.

  • jean turnbull / 7 November 2015

    My son ahs also been fined. He is absolutely sure that he did not receive a reminder. He has up to now received a fine and also fines for being picked up as having no tax by camera s. He is furious about it. A disc is a good way of people being able to check themselves. As soon as he received the notification that he been picked up by the camera he realised that he had no tax and paid it and the back tax yet still has to pay the fines.

  • Liz / 29 October 2015

    I was fined because i didnt get a reminder it was better when we had a disc on the car i was so upset.has anyone else had that?

  • Phil Drackley / 27 October 2015

    Why not produce an MOT (or, as it should now be called but isn't, DfT) disc to replace the tax.disc? As we are not sent reminders about renewal of this, it would help us.

  • Cali Jordan / 21 October 2015

    I think it's a money making scheme. A part from

  • Mary Bartlett / 18 October 2015

    Sad that despite this technology we still have people on the road who have not passed a test and have no insurance!

  • jim Haggan / 12 October 2015

    I don't think it is right that we in n/I have to display mot disc
    As we are uk citizens
    And I think we should be able to take are vehicles to a garage the way they do on the main land

  • cynthia shaw / 5 October 2015

    i think its time the whole country had the same rules for disabled free parking now theres no tax disc to show your vehicle is nil disabled .in cornwall it says you have to register your car with the council but if youre on holiday there you dont know this until its too late

  • cynthia shaw / 5 October 2015

    i think its time the whole country had the same rules for disabled free parking now theres no tax disc to show your vehicle is nil disabled .in cornwall it says you have to register your car with the council but if youre on holiday there you dont know this until its too late

  • David Donoghue / 23 September 2015

    I miss not having a tax disc on my car, seems odd to say that I know but true. I think one or two things could have been done if any real thought was given to it.
    1). Pay a little extra say £5 per car to keep it.
    2). Ban road tax altogether, but recoup it in fuel duty, say an extra 10p a litre.

  • James Somerset / 22 September 2015

    My neighbour has been driving a Moscow registered Porche for past 2 years around Somerset. This has been reported to police (x2) and DVLA (x3) but no one seems to care or take action. Why don't we all get foreign reg cars so we cant be pinged by ANPR or be stopped for speeding or get done for illegal parking? This driver probably does not have MOT or insurance?

  • Peter Morgan-Winsdale / 11 September 2015

    a 10 million saving is peanuts in the total revenue. Computer systems make mistakes and sometimes crash then the car owners get major problems. We are becoming too reliant on computers instead of much better transparent methods. Frequently old fashion methods prove better

  • tom.amos / 10 September 2015

    car tax was supposed to be used to repair roads but our roads are in a terrible state. There are not enough police to keep an eye on people not taxing their cars.Britain cant take anymore cuts, the country is one big litter bin and minor traffic offences are being ignored like using the footpaths to park on.Get rid off speed ramps and replace with cameras as speed ramps don't stop the people they are meant to and hinder emergency services

  • Ivan carter / 8 September 2015

    What are your rights if you are stopped for no tax and you have taxed your car on line correctly
    And you have the email on your computer at home but they still want to take your car to the pound.this as append and the car was outside is home but they said it was a dvlc matter and took the car.

  • C kilb / 5 September 2015

    Another money making scheme

  • MR DAVID THOMPSON / 4 September 2015


  • Leroy walbrook / 2 September 2015

    I am in two minds about the new electronic system compared to paper discs. Paper gave you a clear reminder so you could never forget your dates. Electronic means you have no visual reminder. I have read a lot of news articles of 1000's of vehicles being clamped for not having a valid tax disc, I have also listened to heavy debates on the radio about 1000's being fined and cars being impounded. It may save 10 million pounds in cost to the DVLA but the system is making a lot more in fines.

  • Stephen Owens / 2 September 2015

    It's one huge rip off. Why, in this day and age of computer records and the fact that they are not producing monthly based tax discs, is the DVLA still only refunding whole months and charging new tax from the beginning of the month? This could so easily be based on the day of registration/purchase and the computer programme needed for this would be very simple. A lot of people now register for tax online so 6 months or 1 year tax could easily be requested from that day and not the start of the month.

  • Greg ball / 27 August 2015

    Road tax should be put on petrol and diesel ,the more you use the more you pay .Electric cars will get it free .

  • Peter Whitehead / 27 August 2015

    I drive one car mainly in Ireland (the Republic). It now has no information in the windscreen to show that it is properly taxed in the UK. Yes they can check with DVLA but your average car parking attendant and the Police officer prefers to see the paper disc. Self-evident really. Causing problems. I now show the emailed confirmation that I have paid, but then it would be simpler to have the Disc. Paperless - is this some new god?

  • Keith Davies / 23 August 2015

    I prefer the paper disc system because of its transparency and simplicity. The new electronic system may actually help to make life more complicated by introducing unfairnesses and uncertainties that did not exist before. Automatic number plate recognition cameras, of course, could be a great way of tracking every vehicle in the country and, no doubt, we will all get the benefit of the millions of pounds that are being 'saved'!

  • Stephen Robson / 23 August 2015

    The gov get two lots of money in the month of the sale. The residual days to the end of the month from the seller and the days of the month up to the sale already paid for by the seller because the buyer pays from the beginning of the month of the sale.

  • Stephen Robson / 23 August 2015

    The gov get two lots of money in the month of the sale. The residual days to the end of the month from the seller and the days of the month up to the sale already paid for by the seller because the buyer pays from the beginning of the month of the sale.

  • Wiffen / 19 August 2015

    Where is the £10million saving going? It would be nice to see or should Isay feel, some decent road surfaces!

  • Michael Sills / 19 August 2015

    Why not just add tax to fuel, it will save all this unnecessary admin, stop avoidance, be greener because people would think a little more before using car as cost per journey would higher, fairer because the more fuel you use the more you pay, and foreign lorries would pay when they fill in UK. It's is it just politics maintaining present system??

  • Ronnie cowman / 16 August 2015

    I think they be a lot of people running around with no tax people haven't caught up with wearing a seat belt yet and it will probably take another decade for mobiles

  • Ronnie cowman / 16 August 2015

    I think they be a lot of people running around with no tax people haven't caught up with wearing a seat belt yet and it will probably take another decade for mobiles

  • Kamal / 16 August 2015

    Notshowing a tax disc on your windscreen can be a risk in the future by forgetting the expired date -despite,dvla would send anotice in advanced time .people are preoccupied withmany things .can be forgottento benefit the govenment .

  • Carmel Collar / 9 August 2015

    I have always understood that computers are as good as the "idiot" that is feeding them. Working on the principal that everyone has an off day .. What guarantees do we have that these automatic number plate recognition cameras have been fed with accurate information pertaining to millions of vehicles. Are we sure, beyond reasonable doubt that the information being fed to the police is 100% - for certain- indisputably correct?

  • Mary / 9 August 2015

    I bought a second hand car that is zero rated tax, I received a warning from DVLA that the car was not taxed. I went onto website and renewed tax making a zero payment, I had assumed zero rating would be registered with DVLA. During the time of buying car and registering it was picked up by camera as untaxed. The first I knew of this was a summons to court, think I'll be fined for not updating paperwork as no duty was due.

  • s.roberts / 9 August 2015

    brill more easy less hassel just follow the rules ok should have been do years ago well done less chance of people breaking the law a very big thank you.

  • jon jo / 7 August 2015

    Its yet another DVLA con trick, money raising exercise for them, it leaves all the motorists with having to pay out on road tax. first you lose out on road tax if you send in the tax disc mid way or even towards the end of the month as the DVLA will calculate back to the end of the last month, & when you buy you car at the same time mid way through the month you have to pay from the first of that month, so for again losing 2/3 weeks of road tax for nothing & DVLA get to keep all this money, which is rightfully the owners money, change the goal post & make more money, the Government must really think that us drivers are so so stupid.

  • William George Dunbar / 7 August 2015

    VEL reminders are sent but the MOT date can easily be forgotten and may not be the same as the VEL. I suggest that a reminder be sent to prevent an oversight and a hefty fine.

  • Yousouf / 7 August 2015

    It is a very good idea, I now use the disc holder to display car park parking ticket.

  • Inkprods / 6 August 2015

    Two Identical Cars - put on the same number plates - unless you are stopped and the VIN no checked you will appear to be totally legal - and why stop at 2 ? How many police cars actually have ANR cameras? As someone has already pointed out in rural areas no roadside cameras and very few fitted to 'local' police cars.

  • mr.p.spence / 4 August 2015

    Any body know if is fineable to put say a 1984 used tax disc on a newish car?

  • Glen Brewer / 3 August 2015

    The whole system is full of flaws. Regardless of when the buy/sell transfer takes place the DVLA gets double revenue for that month. Also if you live and drive in a village or small town you can get away without tax for years as, unlike the village bobby, there are no anpr cameras to pick you up.
    Also the purpose of the mot is to ensure vehicle is roadworthy safe. Now a pre 1960 rusty drum braked car is considered safe ( no mot reqd) yet a 3 yr old, 2000 mile a year, £80000 safe Volvo is considered unsafe( mot reqd ie easy "free" revenue for dvla)

  • derek haskell / 1 August 2015

    If it isn't broke don't repair it. Leave well alone.

  • derek haskell / 1 August 2015

    The old system work very well for years if it aint broke don't repair it leave well alone.

  • Paul Davis / 29 July 2015

    Dear sir or madam I bought a van on the 6th July I have the vac form but no disc do I need one

  • M.McCallum / 29 July 2015

    its disgraceful another way for the government to squeeze more money out of hardworking people.

  • Mr G Dinnis / 26 July 2015

    The tax disc should be reinstated so a traffic warden or police officer can instantly see if a vehicle is taxed or not.
    Adisc should also be shown for insurance and MOT as well.

  • Trevor Oades / 26 July 2015

    Word of warning to folks, I bought a second hand vehicle and used the government web site each day to check if the vehicle was still taxed, the site was showing that the vehicle was still taxed till the 25th of the month then the following morning the site showed that the vehicle had been un taxed from the 16th of the month, this is nothing but a money making scheme by the government requiring two parties to each pay a full months tax on the same vehicle, it should be from date to date.

  • Richard Head / 17 July 2015

    I recently sold a car with two and half months tax on it. I got back two months tax (losing the two weeks) , but the new owner had to tax it from the start of the month (an extra two weeks he never needed). So does this the government are getting an extra month of tax from all second hand car sales?!

  • Lynn / 16 July 2015

    I've been told that we face fines if we leave the old tax ticket on our windscreens but can't find any evidence of this on the web. Does anybody know if this is true?

  • David Parsons / 16 July 2015

    The tax disc was an easy way for the authorities to see that vehicles have been taxed.
    I have, yesterday, become a victim of this new system.
    My wife parked our new car in a town centre car park and went to work. On return, she found the vehicle had been clamped due to no tax, she was distraught. The vehicle is taxed and there is a copy of the receipt from DVLA in the car to prove it. I rang the clamping company, NSL, to protest, but they were not interested unless I wanted to pay. I rang DVLA who confirmed the vehicle was taxed, however, their website states it isn't! Obviously, there is a problem with this system. The clamping company onlly use the information from the website. Neither DVLA or NSL will speak to each other to resolve this situation. So I have a clamped car which in my opinion I am, illegally being prevented from using.
    The new system is flawed!!!

  • Alan Piper / 15 July 2015

    We had a perfectly good system in the tax disc. Now WE do not have eveidence of having paid our tax. It appears to be yet another computerised cock-up. We can be sure thart the alleged £Millions saved will not go anywhere uiseful - simply into someones back pocket I imagine. Hopefully (look upwards for the formations of pink pigs overhead!) a receipt is provided. Otherwise try telling the Police when you are stopped that you have paid because the DVLA/InsuranceCompany/WhoeverElse has made a blunder and see where it gets you.

  • Paul B / 15 July 2015

    Another completely automated system - Fine in theary but not in practice. I prefer something that is there to remind me that I can see without having to go on line going online is not the answer to everything.

  • Geoff Pike / 14 July 2015

    It's about time we started using these systems, It's far better to be able to rely on cameras to detect tax dodgers, What a pity it doesn't work for other forms of tax dodgers too, like income and investment tax.

  • Derek Fletcher / 12 July 2015

    It is suggested it will save the taxpayer an estimated £10 million a year spent on producing issuing and posting discs but it doesn't say how much the automatic number plate recognition cameras all cost and whether the taxpayer will still be in pocket afterwards! I somewhat doubt it but it is good these automatic number plate recognition cameras are being used. Their primary function being to make all of us have insurance and MOT or we will be caught and court!

  • David Robinson / 11 July 2015

    it was a good system you could tell straight away if a vehicle was taxed, it also allowed you to see who was abusing the blue badges

  • Luke / 2 July 2015

    " Rick Kenny"
    You are right until the DVLA get the V5 by "snail mail" they are unaware of the change of Keeper, so the cameras will show it as taxed, the only problem would be if you were unfortunately pulled by plod for some other reason ( highly unlikely these days) when you have to declare whether it's "Your" car, if you say no I have just bought it they will check with the DVLA that the tax is in your name, if not you will get a fixed penalty notice £80 No Points, but they will not seize the car as it is only a civil offence as long as your insurance covers and it has mot if needed.
    The only way around stopping the Government getting their double V.E.D trick, is
    1) Buy a car towards the end of the month leaving your deposit, the current owner SORN's it for the last few days say on the 27th onwards ( after all when someone has agreed to buy a car and left a deposit the current owner is not going to be using it anyway), you then pick it up on the 1st of the next month and tax it which automatically takes it off SORN.
    You have not paid VED for a month that the car was not yours, and the seller gets refunded all from that following month.
    2) If it just a question of driving home having bought a car outright without a previous visit/inspection ( how many people would do that ?), then get the seller to agree to date the sale for the following day, If you get pulled for some other reason on your way home you simply tell plod you have borrowed the car or you have it on test, no problems ( as long as you make sure you are insured of course) . This gets you home with the car at anytime without worrying about V.E.D but does not escape the double V.E.D charge.
    3rd) and this is really a neat legal trick, if you buy a car it does not become yours until the sale is completed, ie all monies paid.
    So say you buy a car for £5100 you give the seller £5000 cash( as that's all you have at the time) on the promise you will pay the final balance of £100 later by bank transfer ( the retained figure can be adjusted to as little as needed even £1), legally the sale has not concluded until you pay that final balance therefore the seller does not need to notify a change of keeper until the sale has been finalised/concluded, in the mean time you are only driving the car on "loan".
    Of course the seller will expect you to write an agreement that you accept full liability for any road traffic offences/ speeding fines before you drive off.
    Of course you need to ensure your insurance to drive it is sorted, if your current policy covers you to drive 3rd party cars not belonging to you that will do, but bear in mind if you smash it up in the mean time you lose out good style.
    At the end of the day it boils down to a matter of principle more than £'s on whether you are willing to accept a double tax con that has been created.

  • Luke / 2 July 2015

    To "H L Thomas", that was really what the change was about, a crafty extra revenue nothing to do with making things simpler or just getting rid of tax discs.
    According to the A.A and other independent bodies the DVLA/ Treasury have made £38 Million in extra tax since October last year just on the double whammy charge of V.E.D when private used cars are sold, they estimate they will make around £70 million extra revenue over each year !!

  • HL Thomas / 1 July 2015

    By not allowing remaining tax to be transferred with the vehicle when it is sold the government is extracting yet more money from the beleaguered motorist. It means that both the seller and the buyer have to pay road tax for the month in which the vehicle is sold/transferred.

  • shepherd / 29 June 2015

    wont some non tax payers just avoid the camras

  • blueroot / 26 June 2015

    More goverment rip off tactics.....

  • rick kenny / 25 June 2015

    I payed for a car on Friday Night...... It had 3 months tax..... The seller could not cash in until the week after. It was a friday so by the time the DVLA had the change of driver it would be no earlier than monday/Tuesday. I checked the website and it said the car was taxed. Can I drive it home???? Its my car now but I have to re-tax before I can drive...... If it was picked up on Camera it would say taxed so how would they know????????

  • rick kenny / 25 June 2015

    When I applied for my tax before the change they sent me an Inkjet disc to cut out and stick on as they had run out. So why can they not generate an image of a disk when you tax online if you require so you can put it in your car so you know when it runs out....... It was great reminder to plan your tax

  • Brian Roberts / 25 June 2015

    I do keep my receipt for my car tax and my insurance certificate in the car.
    I have been stopped by the police for no insurance showing nearly 3 months after renewing my policy for the year.
    I was able to prove I had insurance so I was not prosecuted. I checked my car was on the Motor Insurance Database a few days after I renewed it and it was.
    Somehow my car had fell off the Database.

  • Brian Roberts / 25 June 2015

    I do keep my receipt for my car tax and my insurance certificate in the car.
    I have been stopped by the police for no insurance showing nearly 3 months after renewing my policy for the year.
    I was able to prove I had insurance so I was not prosecuted. I checked my car was on the Motor Insurance Database a few days after I renewed it and it was.
    Somehow my car had fell off the Database.

  • michael george simpson / 24 June 2015

    I work as a Security officer for a very big company, I could tell at a glance If anyone at my place of work or walking the street, as to wether a car was taxed! now I cant! how many more fraudsters are going to get away withought taxing their vehicals? just how often are you going to come across a police vehicle or camera that have this facillity? I hardly EVER see a police car In Nottingham especially when you want one. Mick

  • John Derbyshire / 23 June 2015

    Have just taxed my car online for the first time, it still has a paper tax disc displayed until 30/6/15. My online tax begins 1/7/15 (for 12 months), do I need to keep displaying my tax disc until it expires?

  • hanna / 23 June 2015

    I see lots of the problems happening a car has been on my street dumped about 2 weeks ago with the number plates taken off, they can be seen inside so no way to identify car without braking into it, I phoned police twice they not interested and nothing has been done, it's still there so looks like people will get away with a lot more now.

  • Geoffrey Hughes / 20 June 2015

    If I buy a car that is taxed , does that mean I can not drive it away because it becomes not taxed on new ownership.???????

  • David Kevin Tudor Davies / 20 June 2015

    Good system, no hassles, non payers will be caught easier, so good all round.

  • k billings / 20 June 2015

    should keep disk on windscreen to show who as paid

  • Jonathan Boddy / 17 June 2015

    Must be a gift to the cloners,and a neat way of extracting that bit more money when vehicles are re-sold,which of course was the prime motive all along.

  • deano / 17 June 2015

    Another way off getting more tax out off us who pay road tax. As when you decide to sell your vehical on.Chance's are you wont get all the tax back if your in the middle off a month.
    Taxed all the time fix the bloody pot hole's in the roads with the cash thay make.

  • deano / 17 June 2015

    Another way off getting more tax out off us who pay road tax. As when you decide to sell your vehical on.Chance's are you wont get all the tax back if your in the middle off a month.
    Taxed all the time fix the bloody pot hole's in the roads with the cash thay make.

  • Pauline lister / 15 June 2015

    Very confusing! Don't know why it needed to change!

  • Luke / 12 June 2015

    So you would rather go to Jail for perverting the course of justice than pay a few quid V.ED.
    Strange logic !

  • Al / 12 June 2015

    If you just fit same model car number plate on you car and that other car is taxed insured het presto drive free with impunity

  • dave thomas / 10 June 2015

    its a good idea but a more of people are going to try to get away with this you need cams on motor ways that can pic them up and in most police cars or even in the speed cams how can a some one tell if a car has road tax or not they not going to look every car as they have no tax disc now

  • Charlie / 8 June 2015

    Hi, purchased car from private seller. No logbook given ( seller says it will be put in post ), seller says log book has been lost so has completed V62 form in my name. Problem is can't tax car and such can't drive it - ( it has been insured and has MOT ). Now found out that seller had it SORNed.
    1) realise it was stupid to buy car without logbook
    2) has seller sold an unroadworthy car ( as he did not specify it had been SORNed and did not hand over V5C/2 - new keepers supplement

    Is there any other way of taxing car apart from filling out 'another' V62 form and waiting 4-6 weeks?

  • George / 8 June 2015

    To Tom Harrop.
    All you have to do is enter the cars reg number on the dvla car check site, it will give you the details to whether it is taxed or not.
    Also if you go the M.I.B insurance site you can also see if it is insured, if it is not it should not be on the public highway at all, even if on SORN.
    If it is either out of tax or no insurance or even on sorn, then you can report it to the local police !

  • Christopher David Vause / 8 June 2015

    Make your own tax disc, come on, it is about as valid as the current system. Displaying your tax disc is proof of tax, that anyone can verify. Take the scenario of an expensive bump, and on inspection the tax disc, it is found to have expired, you are less likely to take thing in good faith, such as name, address, and insurance status. Car criminals have never had it so good. Chris

  • Roz / 8 June 2015

    Chris Windsor: I was sad to read your comment. I wonder if there are other people out there, like me, who would like to buy a windscreen holder for those pesky thermal paper car park tickets that curl up in the sun, or blow away as you shut your door. Sometimes resuluting in a fine because the ticket was not clearly displayed.

  • Peter Felts / 7 June 2015

    So DVLA claims a £10 million saving with abolition of the tax disc. I claim a loss of many millions more from people who just do not bother with road tax any more.

  • Tom Harrop / 7 June 2015

    Hi I live in a hammer head road where no traffic wardens patrol let alone police
    There is a car outside my house up on a car jack taking up a valuable space and it has been like that for weeks
    It my well have tax but with this stupid new system how can I tell ? Can you tell me thank you

  • fred / 5 June 2015

    Yes the new system is much much easier. Register your bank details online and the direct debit is on going so no need to EVER look in your windows again. Register and forget NOW THAT REALLY IS EASY

  • richard martine / 4 June 2015

    The previous system was a simple uncomplicated method; you checked your window screen and hey ho there was your tax disc in front of your eyes, reminding you of the renewal date. God, can anything be simpler!...

  • Luke / 3 June 2015

    Ownership changes the moment you hand over the money & sign the V.5,
    you can contact the dvla by phone/internet 24/7 (they have an automated system on telephone after 8pm I think) or take the new keeper slip off to the post office and tax it there.

  • Bhaskar Agashe / 3 June 2015

    What no one seems to know is the magic question.
    If I buy a car (used) from a private seller - how do I know when ownership has changed?
    The DVLA have abolished the local offices - so there isn't any way to make human contact!

  • Norma howe / 3 June 2015

    Will we be reminded as previously

  • Chris Windsor / 2 June 2015

    Thanks for your supporting words Luke. Do not expect a reply from the PM , Osborne or The Treasury unless you hound them to death. All you will get back anyway will be a policy statement and there will be no answers to direct questions. The public consultation was skewed towards what they wanted to hear as many groups consulted had no little or no connection with the issue ( indeed one MP I spoke to admitted that the whole public consultation process is a joke) .Those that did ( ie motor trade) wanted the tax disc abolished to cut down on their paperwork. There was no consultation with any manufacturers in associated trades or anyone whose job was under threat from the abolition of the paper disc.The extra revenues gained from the "scam" are only there to cover up the lost revenues from crooks and criminals using false plates . Ill conceived , ill thought out and a crushing blow for many small businesses.

  • George / 1 June 2015

    Have just given one of my cars to my son, to change keeper I used the method as described earlier by "Richard" & mentioned by Luke also.
    I SORN'd the car last Friday 29th May on-line & received e-mail confirmation of the SORN instantly.
    Today 1st June my son re-taxed the car online using new keeper slip reference numbers no problems at all.
    He paid the new tax from today, I get a full refund on my remaining 7 months tax June-Dec. The DVLA did not get that double V.E.D for May HaHa !!

    To Julliette, re non display of tax disc, are you sure it was a Traffic Warden? (they are well aware of the changes and are now equipped to make direct checks with DVLA to see if a car is taxed) and not some private car park company, if the latter do not worry about it as it's not an enforceable "fine" they cannot in law "fine" anyone.

  • Pansy potter / 1 June 2015

    My tax disc will stay on my screen it will remind me what date it is due so I can be sure I have monies available

  • Juliette / 31 May 2015

    Has anyone else been given a parking incorrect fine also marked "tax disk missing" how annoying is that when the tax has been paid over the phone and is showing on my bank statement as paid. Surely traffic wardens should have been informed of the new way that the tax is done!

  • Luke / 28 May 2015

    As to posts,
    I feel very sorry for the tax disc holder manufacturers they really were not given much notice, so much for supporting small companies !
    To the Others . I agree with Richards comments, it's not about the money be it £10 or £40 a month extra revenue, it is about the principle.
    If the DVLA system is so fantastic it should be able to refund part un-used V.E.D in any month and only charge the new keeper for the remainder of any month.
    It stinks of a total concocted Tax scam, I wrote to my P.M about this, surprise NO answer still after 2 months despite 2 letters to him.
    Also Richard is quite right the only way to get round this scam, is to SORN the car in the last couple of days of the month, and let the new keeper/owner tax it on the 1st of the next month.
    Of course that will not always fit into peoples circumstances, so then you just have to bite the bullet so to speak if selling mid month and take the scam.
    However, if you are just transferring "keeper" say within a family then Sorn last couple of days of month & re-tax on the 1st of the next month is the obvious answer to keep the Treasuries grubby hands on their double take !
    Remember however, Never Ever drive a SORN'd Car on the road - it's a big NO NO & regarded not just as a motoring offence but "Fraud" as you have stated & declared the car "Off Road", max fine £5000 possible criminal charges & Prison and insurance invalidated to boot !!
    The Only exception when you can drive a SORN'd & Un-Taxed or even Non- M.O.T'd Car on the road is to a "Pre-booked" M.O.T, in which case you can legally drive the car to & from the M.O.T Station even if it failed the M.O.T you can still drive it home. Of course you DO still need Insurance on the car.
    If you get pulled by Plod, they will check with the M.O.T Station that you had a genuine pre-booked inspection so do not try to fool them.
    Also the M.O.T Station has to be in a reasonable distance, you would not get away for example driving from Manchester to Birmingham for an M.O.T !!!!
    Rule of thumb is the MOT Station should be within 10 miles or so from your home if in a City/ Suburban environment.
    This can be slightly deviated from, if dealing with specialist or very old classic cars where standard ( less-educated-or do not understand) Halfords/Kwik-Fit & the like type places hardly understand what they are to look for anyway !!
    An example being I took my 1960 Rover to one of these places who tried to do emission tests I had to point out they were not required, they also miss-used braking criteria tests at a level that were not applicable to car with all drum brakes, then I had to instruct the 20+ year old tester that no the screen washers do not work unless the engine is actually running and so on and so forth totally useless they were I spent so much time having to educate the tester about the car I ended up saying just forget it.
    Took it to a local independent M.O.T Station with guys shall we say of an older wiser age- No problems found at all !!

  • Richard / 28 May 2015

    To JS Cooper.
    See my other posts, what you say does not work.
    Sell/Transfer the car on the 31st of the Month, the new keeper has to pay the V.E.D from the "start" of that month, sell/transfer it on the 1st of the Month the new keeper is ok, but YOU will not get a refund for that same Month just because of 1 day !!

  • Richard / 28 May 2015

    To "James McCard"
    re - Mot, Tis now a funny world with M.O.T's.
    Since a Law change, My 1955 Bentley & 1959 Riley no longer need M.O.T's as the requirement for cars manufactured prior to 1960 to have an M.O.T has been removed and there is no legal requirement for them to have one now.
    Of course as a responsible classic car owner I will still have them M.O.T'd for my own peace of mind and responsibility to other road users even if the "law" no longer requires it !!

  • Richard / 28 May 2015

    To "Norman Mackett 22nd May"
    It makes no difference if you sell or transfer keeper on the last day of the Month or the 1st of the next.
    If you do the transfer on the last day of the month, the new Keeper will still have to pay the V.E.D from the Start of that Month.
    If you do the Transfer on the 1st of a Month you will lose that months refund.
    As there is no date & more important "Time" on the V5.
    The only way it could work is if you could get hold of the DVLA as the clock strikes exactly 12 midnight on the month end, practically impossible.
    The only solution ( presuming you have other cars to use) , see my earlier post.
    Is if just transferring "keeper" say Parents to Children or Partner, or selling a car arrange where possible end of Month, but SORN the car 1or2 days before end of the Month.
    The new "keeper" or Owner if you have sold it can re-tax it on the 1st of the New Month, this automatically takes the car offSorn, but you may find they have to tax it at a Post Office, as if you try to do it online/Phone their system crashes as there is a current process in operation, ie the I.T system does not cope.
    However there is no problem taxing it at the P.Office.
    Some people on here have said things like why bother for the sake of maybe £15 or could be more, to me it is principle at stake not the amount of money.
    This new system is just a double TAX scam and by principle I would make the attempt when possible to avoid it.
    The DVLA / Treasury have already made an extra £38 Million in revenue due to this monthly double tax scam since it came in last October.
    The AA reckons it will lead to an extra £100 Million over a full year !!!

  • James McCard / 28 May 2015

    Its high time an MOT was every 3 years as the vast majorities of cars are built to a much higher standards, and Road Tax based on how many miles you drive in a year. And not bumping up the costs to make up the difference., Car drivers are being taken to the cleaners by our Governments as it is right now.

  • Chris Windsor / 28 May 2015

    I am a co owner of a business which manufactured tax disc holders and this represented roughly 40% of our overall turnover. I fully understand why the paper tax disc was abolished but the speed that it occurred from public consultation ( which nobody was aware of anyway) to abolition was ridiculous ( 9 months). When the intention to scrap it was announced orders for tax disc holders ceased immediately thus removing the revenue stream for investment in other possible areas. As a consequence I now have a business which is deteriorating rapidly and instead of contributing to the economy through PAYE and corporation tax it is highly likely that I will become an unemployment statistic taking money out of the system through benefits. Additionally my retirement has been ruined as the sale of the business and its premises was gong to provide a pot of income - instead most of this is likely to evaporate. At the age of 52 my employment prospects are bleak. I contacted the prime minister and the treasury direct for assistance but received none whatsoever and indeed their overall attitude was one of total disinterest and arrogance. Why is it that the banking system can mess up so badly and come out of the whole thing bailed out by the tax payer and my situation merits a totally different stance?

  • J S K-Cooper / 28 May 2015

    Everyone selling/buying a car should now arrange it to take place at the end/beginning of a month. That way there will be no profit to DVLA from a private vehicle sale. Think about it.

  • J S K-Cooper / 28 May 2015

    It's ridiculous. There is no automatic identification to say the vehicle is taxed so police who need to know now have to get the information from a third party. Difficult for a potential buyer to know if the vehicle is actually legal, again, without going to a third party. A reminder still has to be sent to owners so issuing a bit of paper shouldn't be an issue.
    Plus the cars look better with their tax disc in place. Mine, although expired, will remain on screen, along with all the others I kept. Might be worth a bit in time! :-)

  • Janette / 27 May 2015

    Drivers should check that their number plates are still fixed to the car. Number plates are being stolen and fixed to cars that have not paid tax. When the car goes passed a road camera, the false number plate is checked and given the all clear as tax paid. Bring back the paper disc.

  • John Way / 26 May 2015

    Hello, I think it is a very difficult task to ensure everyone taxes their vehicle. The displayed tax disc helps to identify those who have & and the public can assist in identifying those who don't.
    It is very important that we all receive tax reminders now

  • Norman Mackett / 22 May 2015

    Surely the new taxing arrangements are another tax con - I will not get anything for the month I sell it, but the buyer will have to pay tax for the same month ?? Unless of course it can be arranged on the last and first days of the two months. Who does that?

  • Colin Lewis. / 22 May 2015

    Will we still have reminders when the road tax is due.

  • Gareth C / 22 May 2015

    Double tax on a sold vehicle for one month is a joke!
    It wouldn't be so bad if the 38 million pounds (annually) were donated back into fixing roads!

  • Richard / 21 May 2015

    The DVLA has already announced an increase in Revenue of £38 Million since the change purely due to the double tax whammy for a month when a used car changes owner or keeper.
    So much for the change being in OUR interest and reducing costs EH !!
    This was designed by the Government right from the start to be an extra tax raising ploy.
    As I said before if you are changing keeper or selling if at all possible do it just at the end of the month, SORN it for the last couple of days & the new keeper can tax it on the 1st day of the next month at the post office. This prevents the DVLA / Treasury getting that double tax earner.
    Although when they cotton on to the fact a lot of people start doing this they will no doubt bring in some measure to plug their loop hole !!!

  • dave smith / 21 May 2015

    @John Crowther / 17 May
    "I left mine in the car as you said to remind me"

    Ok you left a valid tax disc in the car to remind you when it expires. Yep can see logic there even though reminders come through post but two reminders is good.

    "now a DVLA person told me they would fine me for a out of date tax even that I have renew it"
    So you renewed your tax then the DVLA said they would find you for displaying an of of date tax disc. Well why did you leave it in the car? Originally it was to remind you to renew it. Well you clearly did that so just remove it instead of leaving it in there for no other reason than to be bloody annoying and then try to blame the system if they fine you.

  • leon harding / 20 May 2015

    Someone has told me that displaying an out of date tax disc,even if the vehicle is currently taxed is illegal.Could you please shed some light on this,also when driving abroad do i need any paper information in case i`m stopped by either displaying an out of date disc or no disc at all..

  • David Robinson / 20 May 2015

    cant understand why they altered it, before if car was not taxed it showed on the windscreen, if your vehicle was registered disabled it was plain to see now any body can park and not display a valid disc making it almost impossible to enforce legal parking

  • Filby / 17 May 2015

    I swapped cars with my son using Richard's method (16 May). Worked fine but was expecting to re-tax on-line or on phone on 1 May having declared SORN on both on 30 April. In each case I was told that I couldn't re-tax on-line/on-phone because there was an "ongoing transaction with the vehicle". Fortunately there was a suitable post office in walking distance otherwise we could could have been stranded with two untaxed vehicles and no way of getting to the post office. Why no note about this in all the publicity? The PO transaction was easy and no need to show MoT (checked on-line by PO) and there is now no insurance requirement (except in NI) for taxing. Just as well as I was 200 miles from home and didn't have my new cover note with me!

  • Mrs Anne Baalham / 17 May 2015

    I did my tax disc via internet -made very easy and not a problem

  • John Crowther / 17 May 2015

    I left mine in the car as you said to remind me now a DVLA person told me they would fine me for a out of date tax even that I have renew it just more whys to make money I was alway told if it not broken don't fix it again it to make less employer and more money

  • Bonzo Doodahband / 16 May 2015

    There seems to be a lot of concern about overpaying when changing car, but the amount involved - which you'd think was £000s from the angst - is around £10 or so. Also you can pay monthly by DD, although the convenience of that costs an additional tenner or so, I guess that's a new storm....... details here

  • Richard / 16 May 2015

    If you are selling your car at the end of a month there is a way to avoid double V.E.D.
    eg say this month May. SORN the Car Online on the 30th or 31st,(obviously do not use it then). New Buyer taxes and collects it on the 1st June.
    You the seller gets a full refund on remaining tax and the buyer has not had to pay the double whammy for May !!
    This obviously only works when agreeing a sale or transfer of keeper near to a months end.

  • Paul Smith / 16 May 2015

    It's just another British institution consigned to the scrap heap, along with the public information film.
    For my part, it was a quality produced, tactile thank-you for paying your dues. When I received my tax disc, I felt boyant with self satisfaction; I would carefully relieve it from its perforated sheet and proudly update my windscreen display...squeezing it in front of all the previous tax discs.
    Now it's just another Tax .... 'Nuff said!

  • John McGowan / 16 May 2015

    I don't think the new way is a bad thing, it will keep a lot of unlicenced/illegal vehicles off the road, even if it is (at times) a big selling feature for that vehicle. BUT, will it bring the cost of taxing your vehicle down due to these £10m saving....i don't think so.

  • douglas runicles / 15 May 2015

    this is not to save the tax payer money this to get more tax out of us as now a vehicle owner can pay one months tax twice when changing his car as the first owner when he sells a car only gets a full month back so if he sells it in the middle of the month he loses part of that month but the new owner will have to pay for that part month first and so the vehicle would have been taxed twice in one month.

  • B Elliot / 15 May 2015

    An other false economy

  • peter wild / 13 May 2015

    hi I am puzzled about the tax disc I obtain my tax disc on my disability so dont pay now on all that I have read there is nothing stated about how the disabled people apply for said disc I used to apply on line for mine once I got the reminder please can you tell me if I can still do this and as I will not receive a tax disc will I get notiforcation that all is ok

  • Harry McAteer / 11 May 2015

    Why do drivers in NI still have to display their MOT disc and why does our MOT cost so much to put our car through instead of being able to go to a local garage and get it MOT'd...

  • Mrs Rickard / 11 May 2015

    Surely the most fool-proof way of making people pay to use the roads is to put the cost of the road fund licence onto fuel. No-one can drive a vehicle without some form of fuel, be it petrol, diesel, electric or gas etc. etc. It is a much fairer way. Ergo, someone who only drives infrequently isn't forced to pay as much as a driver who uses the roads every day. However, this idea might fall through if a car is driven by solar or wind power!

  • Mrs Rickard / 11 May 2015

    What's to stop people putting on false plates to avoid payment of road tax? If the number plate doesn't exist how can you trace the driver?

  • Greg St. John / 11 May 2015

    As soon as you buy a car you have to buy a new tax disc. You can no longer benefit from the remaining months from a tax disc. Wow. Why a stunner: the government whacking us with a new tax to pay. I'd never have seen that coming.

  • dean handley / 8 May 2015

    how do we know if the car is tax at the rd side to report it

  • Peter Thomas / 7 May 2015

    It would be nice to be able to create your own "tax disc"

  • Joe Buchan / 7 May 2015

    I was in favour of having an insurance disk as well as a tax disk but they went completely in the opposite direction. We keep seeing police on TV arguing with drivers about whether they have insurance or not, if they had an Insurance disk as well as a road tax disk they could use that information without involving the driver at all. The reason for this change was to save money but why should they care, it's us drivers that have to pay for it.

  • R. P. Blackwell / 6 May 2015

    If it ''aint'' broke, don't fix it. I would much rather be able to prove my entitlement to use the road as to have to check on the computer, thank you very much.

  • Ray Hugill / 6 May 2015

    I have a car that is zero rated. Do I need to do anything when the years Tax? has expired.
    ADMIN: Hello, yes you need to apply for vehicle tax, even if you don't need to pay anything

  • Dupe / 4 May 2015

    The Hyundai coupe owners club™ Issues replacement discs with our name on to show you can throw your old disc away. A lot of people bought expensive holders and it saves them throwing them away and advertises our club

  • T Thompson / 3 May 2015

    Now that a saving of 10 million has SUPPOSED to have been saved (to my caluclations it's twice that much considering the amount of motorists and still growing) will some of that saving be passed on to the consumer??

    The idea of direct debit for car tax is a great idea as it eases the burden of coming up with lump sum once a year or every six months - and I hope this method incourages more people to pay their car tax that were unable to afford it previously (no excuses now)!! but this may lul us into a false sense of security for the govenmnent to increase the cost of car tax (just like council tax) every year to a much higher level - buyers beware!!!

  • Michael Bayley / 3 May 2015

    Can I change my car ownership to my son without having to conform to the new car tax system?

  • Mr Frost / 3 May 2015

    I preferred having a tax disc in the window as then I new that I had taxed my vehicles and when it would be due for renewal. I have three vehicles so it will be easy to lose track of if they are taxed or not.

  • Darren / 3 May 2015

    I'm sure this will work as well as the M.I.D, I used to operate a fleet of vehicles and my drivers were regularly stopped for no insurance despite being fully insured, I now drive a company car supplied by a leasing company and when stopped by the police the car I was driving came back as uninsured so dont be surprised when the plod tell you your car is untaxed, just sue dvla for the stress and anxiety that i'm sure it will cause you

  • john crosland / 3 May 2015

    How to arrange CAR HIRE ....hire firms abroad still expect paperwork !!

    Has some one been a little dumb ?

    John crosland,

  • Mike / 3 May 2015

    we had a VW minibus, I say had as its stolen, any way Dvla are total idiots, I purchased it with car MOT, so had to put PSV Mot on it no probs thios was in 2005, ever since then we have been pulled by plod several times for no Mot, seems that Dvla dont talk to Vosa now DVSA,,there the same bloody agency,,so we Always carry our documents for everything.

  • Norman S / 3 May 2015

    I believe this is a good system that I hope will reduce the number of illegal drivers on the road. I also hope this will reduce the number of illegal immigrants driving without any tax or insurance.

  • Barry Gibbons / 2 May 2015

    Put it on fuel and save more money.
    use your car then you pay for it

  • Paul / 1 May 2015

    I purchased not long ago bought a car and road tax, and until yesterday was ok, but I checked on the side of the road tax DVLA and my car is untaxed. So I bought yesterday once more and continue to page DVLA show the car is untaxed ???? stupid system does not know what's going on.

  • Mr ray chandler / 1 May 2015

    it is stupid

  • Mark / 30 April 2015

    The electronic system is good - full marks DVLA for joining the 21st century.
    Now its time to get rid of the stupid "whole months only" and just pay-as-u-go ie you pay tax from the date you get the vehicle, and you can claim it back from the day you sell it or SORN it, ie ON A PER DAY BASIS.

  • Richard / 25 April 2015

    My wife had a blow out in my car, with brand new tyres. When our tyre guy came out to fix it, he said that it was definitely due to hitting a pot hole and a build up of pressure. I personally hit another pot hole in the road the other week. I don't know how all of you are finding the state of our roads, but to me, they've got worse. The tax has gone up a lot in recent years. I think the new system allows people to get away with car cloning far easier, as a fake tax disc was always easy to spot. I agree with the comments about the fact that the tax disc was a constant reminder for when the car tax was due for renewal. I can't see why the tax needs to be renewed when buying/selling the car, it seems to me that this is a pure tax generator, taking on board that the new system means that we are having to pay twice/costing us/losing a month - at the point of buying/selling a car. Why can't we just inherit what tax is remaining on the vehicle? I think the windscreen looks neater without it. But if the government are making more money through savings, why are our roads in such poor shape? Overall, we are one of the highest paying tax countries and if we all continue to feel that we are being bent over at every little opportunity, you just generally feel a bit let down by a draconian tax system/government.

  • Stewart Ward / 25 April 2015

    The scheme in Northern Ireland, to have a paper Road Fund disc showing on the windscreen, seems a really good idea. Perhaps we should apply this idea, instead of the present system, to the rest of the UK ?

  • Stewart Ward / 25 April 2015

    The scheme in Northern Ireland, to have a paper Road Fund disc showing on the windscreen, seems a really good idea. Perhaps we should apply this idea, instead of the present system, to the rest of the UK ?

  • Lisa conway / 23 April 2015

    What. Do you think

  • Adrian knowles / 22 April 2015

    Just how many automatic number plate reading cameras are there? I never see one so how long will it take to screen every car? This will surely only lead to more people dodging paying the tax.

  • Mary / 20 April 2015

    I am at a complete loss to understand how so many people are able to drive around without tax or insurance. On reading the paper when taken to court, people who have no insurance are issued with a paltry fine (they should be hit with the cost of their insurance had they had it). When people are banned, if they do not abide the law then what is the point in banning them? There was one guy with a foreign name who was listed seperately for three different crimes. I assumed that as the DVLA were saving money that our tax would be reduced. I do not agree with certain cars being exempt as they are still using the roads and roads need to be repaired. A contribution however small is needed.

  • Trevor / 19 April 2015

    Sounds great - BUT.
    My car is taxed until the end of April. I have the tax disc. I recently received a reminder from DVLA to renew my tax by the end of April as it will run out the end of APRIL.
    I checked on the DVLA site - 'vehicle enquiries' - and it says that my car has been untaxed since the end of January.
    Great system.

  • Kevin Garten / 19 April 2015

    Just another government scam. Get used to it. No doubt they have lots more up their sleeves!

  • Mr l bell / 19 April 2015

    Its a rip off a vehicle when sold in the first week of a month is really taxed TWICE. The old owner cannot claim for a refund for the month when sold only FULL months left in front.(if any). New owner taxes from
    1st of month so double taxed vehicle. So its a con.motorist conned again.

  • Anthony James / 18 April 2015

    We should still get a paper acknowledgement as I've seen on the continent, small piece of a tear off at the end of the e mail acknowledgement to put in a new small holder in the car

  • A.R.Bleasdale / 16 April 2015

    the car tax disc missing makes the car windscreen look weird.

  • Adrian Voller / 14 April 2015

    I'm disabled. How else can I prove to a parking inspector I do not pay tax than by displaying my Tax disc?

  • chris Robinson / 13 April 2015

    Seems to be another shady bureaucratic government scam,once again creating anxiety and cost and hassle for honest drivers,Ill thought out and designed to alienate us from our citizen duties.

  • Alex Morrison / 9 April 2015

    More tax through the back door.
    Loads of bought/sold vehicles will, now, effectively, for the same month, be charged for Vehicle Excise Duty twice

  • Thomas Gooding / 8 April 2015

    great idea my wife myself and my daughter have all set up direct debits to pay our road spread the payments over the year is much better.

  • andrewxyz / 7 April 2015

    I had no calms about reporting a vehicle that was in use to the DVLA that was not displaying a current Tax disc, the one it was displaying had expired over a year ago (if its not taxed, its not insured) the DVLA confirmed it was not taxed, the next time I saw the vehicle it displaying a current tax disc for a year.

    Now that there is no Paper Tax Disk displayed on a car. How does the man is the street know that the vehicle that has been parked up in their street for months on end, has not been abandoned.

  • Fiona / 7 April 2015

    Replaced it with my YES sticker !!!

  • Ivan Gleave / 5 April 2015

    How can I tell if the hire car or the works van is Taxed.
    I drove for Royal Mail and was given a van who's tax had run out if I had gone on the road with the van I would be breaking the law.

  • joe / 4 April 2015

    I feel we should get money off since we did not have to pay for the paper work in the windon any more to put the seal and print them must be a 10er or more no one said nothing about this , of course the cuncumer gets cunsumed again ....

  • Patrick Worth / 3 April 2015

    I work in the motor trade and find the new online car tax system is so easy to use and allows our customers to collect their new cars anytime now as we are no longer restricted by Post Office opening times. The only negative part of this change is the lack of info from the DVLA to the general public on how it all works, I still have customers that have no idea of how to tax a car online and how the new car tax system works.

  • Joe Cain / 3 April 2015

    I have paid my road tax for this year. I have been told that it is possible to replicate my number plate and fitted to an identical car. How will the DVLA/ Police ensure that this type of cloning will be caught?

  • James Clarke / 2 April 2015

    I've still got an expired one in the window (02/15) I'm actually taxed electronicly until September, makes me feel naughty he he

  • BrummagemFlash / 2 April 2015

    Since renewing our car tax; we no longer have a visual tax expiry reminder; unless we make our own "tax-reminder" disc!
    Our eleven-year-old car was STUPIDLY given a "VIC" marker by our insurers: because their assessor had "written it off". This was AFTER it had sailed through a post-accident MoT test; whilst awaiting the insurers' contracted engineer/assessor!
    Despite us telling them that the car had a fresh MoT certificate; and it was being used daily for commuting; the assessor's garage/dealer insisted on collecting the car by transporter!
    The car was eventually judged "beyond economical repair", due to cosmetic damage all down one side; but it was patently NOT unroadworthy.
    There was actually NO NEED to take the car away from us: the damage was all visible, and repair to previous condition would obviously cost more than the vehicle's book value. The insurers seem to throw away money for unnecessary work: who knows how much the transporter, garage storage, and assessor's report must have cost: maybe £600-£800? We were also supplied with a hired replacement Vauxhall Insignia for four weeks.
    ( We adjudge the Insignia a DANGEROUS car: because of its very limited visibility to both front and rear. I often had to open the driver's door: to check that the road was clear behind. There is almost ZERO VISIBILITY; and you cannot reach past all the door padding to lean out of the window! We also hated the pointless 6"-wide padded windscreen post: it blocks enough front-side view to "hide" TWO pedestrians stepping onto a crossing! What is the reason for extra-thick padding, in an area which cannot come into contact with any part of a passenger?
    We were very glad to get our safer old Hyundai back: a softer ride, and easy visibility all around! )
    What a crazy insurance scam! It must have cost the insurers over £1000, with the car-hire costs, to ascertain that our car was "beyond economical repair"! It should have been under £100 for a ten minute assessor visit.
    There has NEVER been any question over our old car's identity; the MoT station certainly recognised the vehicle from previous years' MoTs; so it should not have been subject to an £80 DVLA "vehicle identity check".
    We continued to insure and use the car almost daily; indeed, it can even now be taxed online, using the "reference number" from our OLD-STYLE log-book (reg'n doc.)
    However, unless we paid £80 for a VIC, DVLA won't issue a new-style (RED) V5 document; nor will they send out a tax expiry reminder.
    Well, we have just kept the old V5: we'll not throw £80 away for sweet fork oil!

  • P. Hughes / 2 April 2015

    I have just remembered that my tax is due. I know I received a letter saying it was due but you can still easily forget. The disc was a constant reminder when it needed to be paid. I much preferred the old system.

  • Lyndon Thomas / 2 April 2015

    Road Fund Licence ??? If you could all see the state of the M4 from J46 -J49 then the name RFL is a complete joke, Its cracked it has pot-holes and NO MONEY FROM THE ROAD FUND LICENCE HAS BEEN SPENT ON THIS.

  • chris b--- / 31 March 2015

    I am leaving my old tax disc in my windscreen after fifty years of one being in my car I can't bear to see it go

  • Richard / 31 March 2015

    The tax system doesn't look after the roads anymore it's spent on other things. As im sure the majority of people know what im talking about!!!

  • Richard / 31 March 2015

    The tax system doesn't look after the roads anymore it's spent on other things. As im sure the majority of people know what im talking about!!!

  • Brian Hughes / 30 March 2015

    I remember when road tax was for the upkeep of roads. (Or so I thought.) Now it appears to be dependant on emissions of vehicles. All vehicles cause some wear and tear on the roads irrelevant on their engine type. I would have thought the "TAX" could have been separated into an Emission category plus a cost for road upkeep as all cars use the road. Some new cars are "TAX" free, seems unfair.!

  • Ian / 30 March 2015

    I like the Northern Ireland MOT disc idea.

  • suzanna / 30 March 2015

    Another part of our history gone how sad.

  • Raymond E.O.Ella / 29 March 2015

    Years ago some people called road tax "the road fund licence" and actually on what we call the tax disc it does not have the word tax on it and never did.
    I suppose VED is a taxation but the department responsible for making you legally driving on the roads of Britain is a licencing agency, i.e., DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency).
    However, the DVLA are not now what we call "politically correct" because on the reminder we get to renew a road licence it now has the word tax on it and the same goes for post offices, i.e., a sign that says "you can renew your road tax here" and other such wording to include the word tax.

  • mark / 28 March 2015

    Another way to make more money....but there already is a loop hole and flaw and also something a private motorist should know...if you sell your car to a trader/car dealer and its taxed, you do not get the tax refund back.....until the dealer re sales the car with V5 sent off in new keepers name. So......if your due say 10 months tax back, the dealer takes 10 months to sell the dont get nothing back. Hmmmmmm and the car stays taxed until sold.

    The only way around this if is the dealer fills out the new keepers part of log book instead of the traders part...........but he wont.....hes not allowed to by law + it adds another owner to the car.

    Bare this in mind when selling.....

  • cymru 68 / 28 March 2015

    Stupid idea,what stops someone with a car the same model and colour as mine copying my number plate,they dodge paying now at a risk ,so I am sure the new system will be abused,if we live in the same area it will be hard to spot .

  • Robin Welsh / 28 March 2015

    Government money making scam as usual motorist easy target

  • E Frostick Blois / 27 March 2015

    The govt claimed it was to make life easier for the motorist. They lied. They knew it would make life more difficult. The real reason was because they could cash in by cancelling the tax and keeping part of the current month's tax every time a car changes hands.

  • graham gladden / 27 March 2015

    It is another Government rip off,if you sell your car in the middle of the month you lose a month and the new owner has to tax it again so the government gains,and they aren't very quick sending a refund!How much of the so called 10 million will be spent on the roads?

  • Mark / 27 March 2015

    I don't see the cameras checking for all the cheats. Where are they?

  • Tony / 26 March 2015

    One family, two cars same colour , same make , same number plate one tax payment

  • roy ben / 26 March 2015

    I think the road tax in unfair I drive about 5000 miles per year but I pay the same road tax on the same make of car that the driver drives 30.000 per year im all for scrapping the road tax and put it on the price of fuel then we all pay the more you drive the more you pay
    im happy with the new system but it does seem odd having no tax disk

  • Peter Brown / 26 March 2015

    I believe this is a most ridiculous cost saving measure. It has probably already led to
    a dramatic increase in 'cloned' vehicles. The tax disc was a major deterrent. It is now so
    easy to have identical cars on our roads with the same number plate. Madness

  • AJ Pring / 26 March 2015

    All well and good for those that have registered their vehicle to 'an' address. If someone wishes to run an illegal car where do you go when you want to arrest them? Where are the police attached to these 'cameras' that are going to do all this? Cameras tell you what has happened it won't stop anything on it's own. Before we could report a car that we could see was not taxed - we had a lot around where we are - now no-one can tell!

  • John Wood / 26 March 2015

    The Tax Disc is no longer needed. I have re-taxed my car using the new system and it works just fine. When it next due for re-taxing I will be sent a reminder and I will do the same again. The Tax Disc had become a waste of time and money.

  • Nav / 26 March 2015

    Ye very good system in place about time lol

  • chris greenwood / 26 March 2015

    why scrap tax discs? pay for the roads to be fixed. The roads are a disgrace, pot holes everywhere. And to think what we pay our taxes for.

  • JW / 25 March 2015

    The new system is rubbish. The number of cars I've checked using the website and still have out of date tax (some still being out of date since 2013) is staggering. It is a poorly thought out scheme and will be impossible to administer properly. I'd be interested to see how many untaxed vehicles there are on the road. A much better idea would be to get rid of road tax altogether and put the tax on fuel, that way, drivers would pay whenever they use the roads - this would hit the foreign drivers who keep their car illegally in England whilst working (and they do).

  • jean whitehurst / 25 March 2015

    I think the new way is great, just go into the post office and they will set up your direct debit for you then you can forget it, and paying monthly makes mangering your money much easier.

  • Paul / 23 March 2015

    My old Magnatax tax disc holder left an indelible ring on my windscreen :-(

  • iver / 23 March 2015

    another utterly stupid idea by the government

  • Phil Knight / 23 March 2015

    Great idea, I had to SORN my car recently and automatly recivced a cheque for the outstanding tax three days later.
    Someone asked who pays for the staff to monitor re ANPR cameras, think you will find there aren't any. Computers automatly monitor them. As for when tr computer crashes, think your find there is a back up or two.

  • besmart / 22 March 2015

    This will not prevent fraud it will simply send the drivers you want to catch down country lanes etc to avoid cameras. Cameras do not always work and where is the staff to view the footage, who is paying their wages, no doubt some american company persuaded a limp British male politician with no brain that this is effective. This will end up costing more to catch hit and run drivers and as usual the ordinary motorist will have to bare the cost. When people have crashed into me in the past the fact they have a disc means that the vehicle may have insurance. No tax disc, foreign drivers will try and get away with it , encouraging more fraud, ending with more calls to the police to sort out accidents.
    Older drivers or poor drivers with no home computer is excluded the badge of honesty has been removed. The person with average numeracy skills will quickly have worked out that the 10 million saving will cost double or treble to sort out problems later on down the line.
    Who will pick up the pieces? the company who make the cameras will end up charging more to (us) the taxpayers to sort things out. A false economy in the long run, how will I know if a car is abandoned or just parked outside my house for a month, more calls to the police to sort out issues like these.

  • Lord Brook / 22 March 2015

    It would be ok if they spent the saved £10 million on repairing and or building new roads.How much of the MOT revenue is actualy spent on the roads?

  • Richard Marriot / 22 March 2015

    There is an old saying: Out of sight, out, out of mind.
    Yet another way of taking much needed money from the general public in "rip-off Britain".
    You know what I mean.

  • D Hill / 22 March 2015

    I welcome cost saving changes to any system and believe it has helped prevent road tax fraud. I still have my expired disc on display mostly I forget it is there!

  • Lin Boswell / 22 March 2015

    I now pay monthly dd for my tax much easier no big bill or worry but what happens if a car is not insured mot d ? was. always checked before ?

  • Geoff / 21 March 2015

    Do away with vehicle tax altogether and increase the cost of fuel to compensate, this would be even cheaper to administer as there would'nt be a need to have camera's checking cars.

  • a davies / 21 March 2015

    as a pensioner i used to tax my car every six months by phoning DVLA and having the funds to pay for it but now i do it by direct debt and have piece of mind that my car is taxed for 12 months good idea getting rid of the old tax disc .

  • D Hunt / 21 March 2015

    I think having no tax discs in your windscreen is good ,it lets you have a complete clear view of the road . Taxing your car on line could not be any simpler ,so no excuse for not taxing you vehicle .
    I do think tax exempt vehicles could be used without going through the motions of taxing so long as they are insured and mot compliant .Insurance and mot is known to DVLA automaticly .

  • Fredrick Devine / 21 March 2015

    A further point which would stop all tax evaders wherever they are from, simply do away with it altogether and collect the tax through the fuel duty. Every vehicle needs fuel so then no tax dodging - simple solutions are the best ones.

  • Fredrick Devine / 21 March 2015

    Very good BUT what about taxing foreign vehicles in the UK as other countries do either directly with a vignette (like Switzerland) or road tolls (France / Spain etc) so why not as we are an island apply a statutory tax for the days in the country and a "correction" if they overstay when they leave? Not difficult and would stop a lot of abuse and unfairness to UK drivers visiting the continent and even more unfairness for UK hauliers.

  • Wallace murdock / 21 March 2015

    I believe this is an excellent idea. Should have been brought in earlier. Notable the saving should go back to the customer, by lowering of car tax.

  • John walker / 20 March 2015

    Concerned about the thousands of people who buy a car private from an advert Eg . Driving home is now illegal as road tax would be void at point of sale. .may create many illegal drivers that only wish is to drive it home

  • roy. Robinson / 20 March 2015

    I understood the tax applied to the vehicle. It appears that in fact it applies to the owner of said vehicle
    This being so why do the rates vary so much.

  • Alan green / 20 March 2015

    A great idea, well done dvla, thank you

  • Mark Hetherington / 20 March 2015

    This thread just shows how naive and clueless the great British public really are. First of all, very few untaxed cars are caught because they don't have a tax disc, or by police or the general public sporting the fact. They're caught because the DVLA's records show that particular vehicle isn't taxed. There is no real need for ANPR cameras, it's just an additional check. It's not foolproof but then nothing is - it isn't that difficult to forge a tax disc that looks passable with a decent printer these days, so at least people won't be able to do that any more.

    Secondly, for those members of the public who have nothing better to do than check tax discs on cars, you can now just do it online instead. Now instead of relying on spotting cards without a disc you can check every car you see and check away to your hearts content!

    One clown said, "No longer will a policeman on the beat be able to spot out of tax (and probably MOT and insurance) cars. Er, I think you'll find that a policeman on the beat can't check MOT and insurance now without calling it in, so how does not having a tax disc change that? I rather hope the policeman on the beat has more important things to concern himself with these days.

    Next, regarding your reminder all you need to do is add one to the calendar on your mobile phone or computer, or paper diary. I don't believe that 99.9% of the population don't have a diary our calendar of some form. Why should taxpayers have to stump up cash to send out reminders? If so many people can't remember something like when their tax disc runs out how on earth do you cope with remembering the rest of the highway code and things you need to know when you're driving?

    The new system has made life a lot easier and it's helpful to be able to split your tax into monthly payments (so no need for a reminder then), although we're still ripped off and have to pay a little extra.

    I agree that we're also ripped off if you buy our sell your car mid month, but if you are buying from a dealer that won't be a problem and it's only the same as we have been ripped off by fixed period parking tickets for years, when you drive away with an hour to spare on your parking ticket yet the next driver taking up that space has to pay again for the hour you have already paid for. The trick then is to try sell your case near the end of the month.

    How about those of us who only do a few thousand miles a year having to pay the same as those who are doing tens of thousands? Now that's where the real rip off is.

  • linda murray / 20 March 2015

    my son bought a second hand car, when we bought it there was six months tax on it but this expired when the registration changed over to him. for the period when the registration changed to the time he received the log book, registering the car in his name we did not know if the car was taxed or not and were unable to tax it as it was not registered to him. this took approx 4 weeks, apart from calling DVLA at £1.00 a minute we had noway to check if he was driving legally

  • mr j murphy / 20 March 2015

    Why not have number recognition cameras at petrol stations that adds extra to the price on vehicles with foreign number plates, as a levy for road tax ?

  • frances / 19 March 2015

    I was hoping you were going to say who I could sell the old paper tax discs to, to earn a bit of extra money. are there collectors for this type of thing?

  • Mike / 19 March 2015

    Reading comments of previous people, about cars being clamped, enforcement agencies wrongly identified taxed cars, you wonder what happens when the computer crashes ? when the DVLA van comes around the streets looking for untaxed vehicles, and where is this £10 million saving going ? won't be a discount on car tax thats for sure ! how do we as general public identify cars that are dumped in our streets untaxed ? the tax disc was a good identifier of cars taxed or untaxed sad to say it's been faded out to save money which tax payers will not see any benefits from

  • N Bartlett / 19 March 2015

    This is all very well in theory but I recently received a letter from the enforcement agency stating my vehicle was caught on camera being driven without tax. It was taxed but their records were wrong. Be sure to keep your receipt as you might need it as proof.

  • delboy / 19 March 2015

    tax in the post mate

  • CHRIS PICKARD / 19 March 2015

    I am not convinced that the new system is a good idea. It does however seem to work; so long as the renewal reminder continues to be sent out. I have recently noticed a lot more cars clamped and a notice on them saying Untaxed vehicle.

  • Bruce Sutton / 19 March 2015

    Once again reliance on computers etc - and we've all seen how that works - NOT!

  • rabbit / 19 March 2015

    You can go on gov see if a Car is tax if its not you can report it on line to dvla

  • arafat najmi / 18 March 2015

    This new electronic paying road tax method is fantastic, I received my reminder from DVLA
    last week as my road tax was expiring 31st March 2015. I follow the guide lines from the reminder and took me less than ten minutes to go through and all was done .To pay road
    tax by 12 installments is brilliant idea , one does not have to pay the whole amount in one go .By setting up a direct debut with DVLA for 12 installments ,it is very easy.Hopefully ,I would be using this facility in future.

  • Ian Partridge / 18 March 2015

    I am in favour of the new car Tax system, but why can we not benefit from it by having the road fund licence costing less through the savings made? We never seem to benefit from new innovations. Also how many jobs have been lost through the new system? We never seem to benefit from new innovations.

    Ian Partridge

  • John hooper / 18 March 2015

    If I Purchase another used car wil I have to tax it before I can take it home

  • lynn roach / 18 March 2015

    Crikey I dont know what happened there.

  • lynn roach / 18 March 2015

    I need a reminder!!!! Im likely to forget.

  • Len Williams / 18 March 2015

    How can you save £10 million, is this by making people redundant, if so you will then spend more on benefits to keep them & put them on the srap heap

  • Paul Cooke / 18 March 2015

    Even the fool's in the mad house (Westminster) have a good idea now and then.

  • Oldnightrun / 18 March 2015

    A farce. Saves the taxpayer £10 million a year. We will not see any benefit of that. What extra cost Against the taxpayer to run ANPR vans, "which by the way I have not seen in our area" they omit to tell us that.

  • Roger Walkden / 18 March 2015

    There will always be people who "try to get away with it" and hope that by not renewing they'll evade paying.

    I don't agree with doing away with the tax-disc for this reason; it was always easy to visually check that a car was taxed, now, no one has any idea - apart from the Police and they are in short supply nowadays.

  • Paul gidney / 18 March 2015

    As the withdrawal of the tax disc has saved 10 million a year how come the tax cost is still the same price . If the vehicle is sold mid month government has effectively been paid twice for that month

  • Tim Taylor / 18 March 2015

    I would like to know how much the gov make out of changing your car with the untranslatable tax left on it.

  • David / 17 March 2015

    An absolute gift for road tax avoiders. No longer will a policeman on the beat be able to spot out of tax (and probably MOT and insurance) cars. Unless of course he puts every reg into a hand held computer (not going to happen). Number plate cloning will soar and legal drivers will get the fines. When revenues drop the disc will be back. Then, as in Ireland, add an insurance disc and MOT disc.

  • Paddy / 17 March 2015

    Re motorcycle tax and MOT
    You have 14 days to produce a tax disc and MOT after you pass an APNR, in future you cant sorn the bike for the winter as tax disc's will be 12 months only

  • Paul Reading / 17 March 2015

    This is a con from hr government because every time a car changes hands they get 13 months tax. The seller will not get a refund for the current month and the urchaser will also have to pay forth current month so the government collectes the tax twice in the month of transfer.

    It woudl be beter f the purchaser had to buy the tax from the start of the following month after purchase so that you don't have the hassel of having to tax the vehicle at the point of purchase which is difficult of you are making a private purchase.

  • Brian Swan / 17 March 2015

    Generally a good idea however how are the side street evaders dealt with because you only get caught the ANPR camera, don't see many of those about. In fact how many are there nation wide.

  • Phil Baker / 17 March 2015

    If it ain't broke, Don't fix it. More Tory B/Shit,.

  • Tony / 17 March 2015

    I removed mine a week before it come into force, but what no one seems to think off is if you buy a car at the start of the month then not only is the original owner paying for the month's tax but so is the new owner, so if a 1000 people sell their car at the start of the month that means instead of the dvla getting 24,000 their getting 48,000 approx now (based on my payments) ( 2.2 engine)
    1, I thought you could not charge for the same service or item twice,
    2, I believe its just another way of ripping off the motorist

  • Lorraine Estick / 17 March 2015

    A lot of genuine law abiding citizens out there are going to end up being fined
    whilst the scally wags will more than get away with it
    Surely it will take the police longer to look it up
    Taking time away from what they should be doing at a glance
    Its totally WRONG

  • Brit Driver / 17 March 2015

    Hopefully after 1 year, the government will see if the new system works. We all get reminders to renew in the post, so no excuse there.
    My main concern is the increase in foreign number plated cars in GB. They should be told to have a special tag on the car and pay for using our roads if they stay more than a month here. I have seen on tv when police pull them over. Most times they have no insurance to drive over here. This should concern British car users. We Brits take out extra insurance on driving in Europe (but we don't live there for over a month). I pay my tax, so those Eastern Europeans (as its mostly that type of number plate seen too often now) should pay too.

  • J Munday / 16 March 2015

    I'm taking a motorbike for its MOT test later this week. It's my shiny bike so it's been off the road through the winter, I SORNED it. I have to drive past an ANPR camera to get to the test centre - at which I have an appointment. I shall no doubt get an automatic fine and will have to spend a lot of time sorting out the bureaucratic mess that will follow.

    I've considered making a bag to cover the number plate to drive past the camera. At least I'd have a chance of explaining myself should I be stopped by a police officer.

  • gordon / 16 March 2015

    brian bremer, you dont know what you are talking about.

  • D Bennett / 16 March 2015

    Yet again Government has made a legislatory act to SAVE itself a financial gain by non issuance of a VEL disc. Saving costs of printing and postage. The fact remains it is NOT the DVLA that pays that charge IT IS and WAS the MOTORIST as such charges were vectored into the fee. Secondly I note the Government has not made any effort in the saving cost to even mention reducing the fee which is hugely inflated and always has been yet fails to maintain the upkeep of our public roads!. Mistakes can and DO occur within Government Departments especially in relation to their seemingly accurate computers!!. Police roadside checks on the PNC prove this time and again when a vehicle is stopped and the driver is in possession of a receipt and the VEL. The traffic officer is then frustrated to find a person has delayed the entry on PNC and the DVLA computer. I suggest EVERY driver retain the computerised receipt and have it in their possession at all times when driving the vehicle on a PUBLIC ROAD....otherwise no production, no proof will incur a roadside seizure of the vehicle. Then all the excuses from DVLA seem to pop out of the Ministerial and Departments case. How about consideration of some reducption in the fee for the Motorists? Or is this another fairy tale story of the magic roundabout like the fuel costs, drop it a little for a while then escalate the price soon after as now!. In relation to "Economists" comment Stating the missing days of the month which generates revenue to the Government I would question this behaviour in the European Parliament as this is bordering on an offence which was known as Obraining a Pecuniary aadvantage by Deception Sect 16 Theft Act 1968 even Sect 20 Fraud Act 2006. But the Government would try and wriggle as it always does!.

  • Norman farthing / 16 March 2015

    How much 'grace' do you get at the time of buying a new car as you cannot buy tax 'immediately' on collection?

  • Terry O'Brien / 16 March 2015

    reply to brian Bremner.
    Surely if you are a disabled driver you will have a Blue Badge card which
    allows you to park in any county so why would you need a tax disc.

  • K Bolton / 16 March 2015

    What's the tax disc got to do with disabled parking? Disabled drivers have Blue Badges, don't they?

  • brian Bremer / 16 March 2015

    Removing the paper tax disc might seem like a good idea for DVLA, however for disabled drivers, this creates a new problem. Now there is no visible proof of exemption for parking attendants to confirm right to park where it is free for Disabled drivers. The onus is now on the Disabled driver to confirm with each county they wish to visit, their vehicle status. Failure to comply can cause parking fines to be imposed.
    This creates a further problem, supposing you are traveling from Worcestershire to Cornwall, both of whom are informed, yet you stop in Devon for coffee,but this county have not been informed, suddenly you get a parking fine for basically doing nothing wrong. Well done DVLA for creating a shambles. Bring back something for us Disabled drivers.

  • Economist / 15 March 2015

    Michael D. KING .MRSPH the Police no longer need to check your tax disc if a car is not taxed the owner get an Instant fine from the DVLA the only time the police will know you don't have a tax disc is when you pass an ANPR camera or van then it will be triggered and again the owner will be sent another fine for using a vehicle without a tax disc.

  • Economist / 15 March 2015

    I think the Gov are ripping of car owners a good selling point of a car was the Tax paid now the owner loose's the last part month and the new owner also has to pay a full month for at worst one weeks use put that on over 100,000 car sold a week in the UK, :- 100,000 sellers + 100,000 buyer weeks/52 * ave road tax £125 per year * 52 weeks in the year = Extra revenue of £25,000,000 just by changing how the tax disc works.

  • Marie C / 15 March 2015

    I'm not convinced that in rural areas people with untaxed cars will be caught.
    Presumably if a car's untaxed its insurance isn't valid either?
    If so, how does this leave a driver who is the innocent party in a crash, with a car that's taxed and insured, if the accident is caused by an untaxed vehicle?

  • James Spencer / 15 March 2015

    My car park lease says users must be insured. I am being charge extra by the agent for them checking this. I prefer the euro system. No tax disc but an insurance token displayed.

  • Joan Heath / 15 March 2015

    If its not broken, why mend it?

  • Ally taylor / 15 March 2015

    Well my road tax has gone up again £3 for the year so where is this £10million saving, defiantly not the tax payers pocket cause I'm £3 less better of than last year and didn't even get a disc this year, so where is this saving?

  • Joe / 15 March 2015

    Some people moan just for the sake of it. There's not a problem with the changes and if some people need reminding get some stickers that are used on envelopes parcels etc and write the dates on that you need. eg.
    MOT 5434568

    Simply stick it at the top right of the windscreen,.It's foolproof car dealers have been putting similar stickers in the top right of screen for many years with the DATE AND MILAGE REMINDER when your next service is due .

  • Michael D. KING .MRSPH. / 14 March 2015

    Can a Traffic warden check data base On his system? and will he give fines to Cars that have come from other countrys? 7 not on your Data Base? How is it checked by Police ?

  • Mr H / 14 March 2015

    Just another government scam about we save money road tax ain't gone down its still the same there the one's saving and making money because us idiots still have to print out our invoice of proof in case it doesn't go on the system

  • Mr H / 14 March 2015

    Just another government scam about we save money road tax ain't gone down its still the same there the one's saving and making money because us idiots still have to print out our invoice of proof in case it doesn't go on the system

  • Brin Jenkins / 14 March 2015

    Due to the ineffecicencies and costs most Countries scrapped the taxes collected this way. Fuel usage is fairer and the more one uses the more one payes, it needs no big organisation to collect and it is only paid by those who use fuel the most! Inefficiencies seems to be ingnored by empire building crats and cronies.

  • tom / 14 March 2015

    Without a tax disc is not a good way of how do people know whether the car is tax or not, because the internet data base system is not always reliable to check. What would be like if the car parked somewhere hidden on the road and using at night where there are no cameras to scan the car for tax..

  • Chris Parsons / 14 March 2015

    Can anyone see the irony in John Berryman's post being printed four times? Made me smile anyway! I've printed off

    on-line confirmation that my
    car is taxed and keep it in my
    glove compartment. There's
    always a time when an
    elrctronic system crashes
    (absolutely no pun intended.
    . .) and l don't want any

  • james hayman / 13 March 2015

    The change has the potential of bringing down administration costs of vehicle licensing, while increasing efficiency. I hope we will continue to receive reminders, by the way. Suspicious number plates could be picked up by the authorities, to the obvious benefit of their crime statistics and public protection. We must hope that potential offenders will be investigated with a higher degree of enthusiasm than that engaged in certain cases in Rochdale and Oxford in recent years..

  • A Nonymous / 13 March 2015

    Ours expiried, DVLA have forgotten to notify us, how long before trouble starts!

  • B May / 13 March 2015

    I still have my tax disc in the wind screen. The car would feel naked without one and I would be looking round to see if there was a traffic warden or policeman around to arrest me, even though I know the law has changed. It just seems WRONG not to have one and I suspect others feel the same!

  • George McIntosh / 13 March 2015

    I can't believe it's saving £10 million pounds and don't agree with it . Why can't we print a copy of our tax disc ourselves so at least we have a visual reminder?

  • dean / 13 March 2015

    how can you tell if other cars are tax

  • jack / 12 March 2015

    My car broke down while parked on pcn area so I just covered number plates untill I could get vehicle moved not having a tax disc prevented the SS from issuing parking ticket .ss is secret service operated by ncp owned by greedy politicians .the officer who could not issue ticket was pulling his hair out .its stated if you have broken down then pcn will be void .problem is ss try to make you guilty before proven innicent .

  • Ian goddard / 12 March 2015

    I bought a nice cc machined tax disk holder and put a picture of my two dogs in it looks great I'm sure I'm the first person in the country to do this.

  • j.s..mudhar / 12 March 2015

    another crap idea
    another way getting more money from tried over payed taxes to gov from the motorists

  • Peter Keen / 12 March 2015

    Road tax is just another form of taxation. It is a bother to remember and supports a big system that isn't particularly useful to the public and there have always been tax dodgers. The money collected isn't spent on the roads; otherwise they would be in fine condition. It would be better to get rid of road tax completely and put another £0.20 on fuel. This would encourage people to have fuel efficient cars rather than the highly popular "Chelsea Tractors" and to think twice before using the car for jollies. It would help cut down the clutter on the road and directly relate tax to road usage.

  • Jeff Linney / 12 March 2015

    No paper tax disc displayed will lead to a spate of number plate cloning, conceqentley car owners with a car that is taxed could be recieving fines for parking and congestion charges. Madness!

  • John Berryman / 12 March 2015

    Well, I never displayed mine anyway, despite always paying up and on the nail; now I've got a collection of pristine tax discs going back years...I'm tempted now to display all of them as a token penance for my gesture of defiance towards bureaucracy.

  • Keith Lanham / 12 March 2015

    A typical case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

  • Keith Lanham / 12 March 2015

    I keep mine as a reminder for when it's due, all that is needed is a sticker with the next expiry date on it as part of the postal reminder.

  • Graeme Jackson / 12 March 2015

    Why don't we get an MOT reminder like we get a vehicle tax reminder
    Vehicles should display a disc showing it's taxed MOTd and insured. With dates for all on display
    This will also help the driver with a visual reminder

  • Honour / 11 March 2015

    So now that many of us have an empty little pocket attached to our windscreen "on the left side of the vehicle forward of the driver", as described in an early Road Traffic Act, what are we going to do with it?
    We could fill it with a photograph of a favourite pet or child, use it to make a political statement or ask for donations to a charity close to our heart or, my best idea, would be to keep a digestive biscuit there for emergency use. Beware of using a chocolate digestive. That could be very messy.

  • Alan / 11 March 2015

    How does it affect my tax free car because I an disabled? Will I have to apply as they will no longer be sending me a disabled disk ?
    We have had cars dumped in our col der sac in the past we have been able to tell by the tax disc. How will we be able to tell if they have been dumped now?

  • Robert Kirk / 11 March 2015

    Will they pick cars up if they use miner roads I dont think they can pick up all the cars useing our roads they could not catch them when they had disc

  • Matthew Ray / 11 March 2015

    several police forces have recommended replacing your tax disk with 'in case of emergency' information.

  • Ray Polaine / 11 March 2015

    How long before the car dealers and used car market are screaming that people do not buy cars mid month because the car can only be taxed from the 1st and they will loose the two weeks tax/money. You can ring up and arrange insurance over the phone from the car forecourt, but not road tax which you need before you drive it away, madness, ill thought out.

  • Barbara Riley / 11 March 2015

    For the first time since driving I was late in paying for my tax disc It will take a bit of getting used to as the paer disc was a constant reminder, but is a better idea as it will save money

  • C pipkin / 11 March 2015

    VED should include Third Party insurance, to reduce the amount of uninsured drivers and protect innocent victims. Further car/personal etc insurance could then be brought independendently. Believe Australia has had this system for years.

  • John / 11 March 2015

    Reading previous comments, there are two points I'd like to make:
    1. Car tax is not tied to road maintenance and hasn't been since the 1930's. It is simply a tax on car ownership that disappears into general taxation. Only a small proportion of this is then spent on roads.
    2. Having a separate car tax and fuel tax is not as mad as it sounds. Think of fuel tax as the tax relating to the amount you use the roads and how efficient (or inefficient) your car is, while the tax disc is simply your fixed charge for having a car on the road in the first place.

  • Davib Beal / 11 March 2015

    Years ago it was illegal to show an out of date tax disc is this still not the case?
    just to let you know i still have mine in the window as well.

  • Ian Paxton / 10 March 2015

    I am enployed moving cars from one dealership to another. As I have no access to a computer or smart phone I am unable to determine whether a vehicle is taxed. I feel that therre should be some provision made for people like me.

  • Pat Day. / 10 March 2015

    It is disturbing not knowing if other vehicles are taxed or perhaps stolen if involved in an accident. Also how about foreign cars driving on our roads how are they tracked.

  • Paul / 10 March 2015

    Just been reading the negative comments ,about government scams ,it's not a scam ,and the only people moaning are the every day moaning mob who moan about everything ,and the people who now have to get real tax on the screen ,and not beer labels ,I'm all for catching the ones who haven't paid ,as it saves me money ,so stop grumbling and move along with the times .

  • The gena / 10 March 2015

    Besides just buying for the first time a nice metallic disk holder, , I'm one of thev70% , of the population that all your comments apply, mainly it feels weird not having one, on display, inspite of the fact that it's now out of date, and when I do get a new car its going with I can place a reminder of when the next ones go down, and I'll feel very wary trying to argue the point that it wasn't paid ontime becsuse I wasn't sent a reminder.

  • Paul / 10 March 2015

    Good idea ,as it will catch out all the unlicensed rogues ,mind you it does seem odd with no tax disc ,but it's done for a good reason ,and not before time .

  • john gardner / 10 March 2015

    the old system was best.

  • Sarah / 10 March 2015

    I like the fact I can pay monthly by DD it does work out 5% cheaper for me than paying 6 monthly.Not all of us have a lump sum top pay every 6/12 months.I only drive a small car too.It works for me.

  • p houghton / 9 March 2015

    i still like my tax disc on the windscreen

  • Terry king / 9 March 2015

    Yes keep the paper licence

  • Liz / 9 March 2015

    Why are garages still displaying cars with tax discs in? Surely this is misleading and a lot of people might buy a used car believing it to be taxed

  • John / 9 March 2015

    I changed to paying by monthly Direct Debit but it costs the same as if I was paying in 6-monthly instalments which is more than paying or the whole year in one go. It must be the only instance of paying by Direct Debit where it costs MORE than paying by any other method. We should get a discount for paying by DD.

  • keith kirkbkby / 9 March 2015

    Yet another government scam to make money out of us. That is all that you people seem to be able to do, is con the voters. Never hear of any government investment projects. All given away to overseas companies.

  • Leonard Batty / 8 March 2015

    Waste of money ,not a fair tax system,eg a landrover owner who does 6000miles a year produces less Carbon dioxide than the smallest engine car doing 15000 miles yet pays485pounds Rftax against none.Fairness would put the tax on fuel ,thus those that use it to give out C Dioxide pay fairly for what they produce,cut milage,cut tax.

  • Geoff / 8 March 2015

    Paul Silcocks: that sounds like a good system they have in Queensland
    Danny mill: has nobody told you that you can put more fuel in at the end of the week . . . dont need to buy another car every week

  • Geoff / 8 March 2015

    No prob with new system, but if a car shows up in your street you do not recognize you have no idea if it has been abandoned or not. It could sit for months using a parking space before it is spotted and these days with some houses being 2 or even 3 car houses that can make parking a problem

  • Paul Silcocks / 8 March 2015

    The whole system of tax disc, MoT and insurance is unbelievably and unnecessarily cumbersome. I worked in Queensland 30 years ago and just one sticker was needed in your windscreen, to prove valid MoT, tax and 3rd party insurance. The insurance transferred with the vehicle, so if you bought a car you could drive it away at once and have the minimum legal cover. Why can't we adopt a good idea proven to work rather than the DIY mess we have now?

  • martin darrall / 8 March 2015

    I think it is pure robbery & the government know it.i don't see where the taxpayer will benefit off the 10m the government will be saving.
    on the old tax rules the tax was left with the vehicle & was a small perk to buying a car.on top of the £10m the government are saving they are set to make probally a damn sight more than the saving by mid month, buying & selling a vehicle.every other second somebody will sell a car mid month & loose 2 weeks car tax.then buy another vehicle & loose another 2 weeks taxing it mid month.
    this system could be anymore wrong.the government is a disgrace for doing it & people should stand up & fight this dick turpin style robbery.
    there is no reason why they cant leave the tax to cross over to new buyer & still have paperless tax

  • David / 7 March 2015

    Where are all of these ANPR cameras that are checking the tax status of vehicles? None round rural Cumbria and Lancashire. Farmers must be laughing.

  • Danny mill / 7 March 2015

    I think the new set up is abbsulitly redicilous and a waste of time money for the government greedy pigs who has time to b buying tax evry time u buy a car on a weekly basis

  • Sue van der Veen / 7 March 2015

    I have kept my tax disc on my car for sentimental reasons, probably silly in some peoples' eyes. I have taxed my car though!

  • claire deakin / 7 March 2015

    I think if it will save money than its good but may forget to get car taxed renewed without the disc as a reminder!

  • Biffo / 7 March 2015

    That`s progress,the future has arrived.

  • ian whitley / 7 March 2015

    i wonder why there is now the increased probability that the revenue will be increased as well after fining the forgetful/lower income of society, the old and poorly off!!!! Add to that, "where is the estimated £10 million going to???"

  • Robin Hurley / 5 March 2015

    I was aware of the changes. I left my tax disk on, after I had Sorn'ed the car, as it was in a semi-public car park. Now I have brought the car back into use. The system worked quite well. I did it on the last day of the month. Sorn-ing one car by mobile phone and then using the replacement immediately after midnight. I had already sorted out the change in insurance. I had arranged tax on the car from the first of the month.

    The consumer does benefit from some of the changes.

  • Brad / 5 March 2015

    Yet another rip off. !!
    You sell a car and it's taxed you can't claim back the month you sell it in and yet the new owner pays again for that month
    Does the government think we are stupid and can't see the con ?

  • David Le Versh / 5 March 2015

    It's another scam by the dvla. My landrover was stolen just after I taxed it. Of course, not only did they not refund all of the tax, they also took another small sum, they kept a month from the seller of my replacement vehicle, and is had to pay an extra month because I bought it after the beginning of the month!. And..... they don't even give you any kind of paper proof. Fantastic government backed money making scheme, with all the intimidatory backup of a massive fine if you don't get it right. Disgraceful.

  • Kev / 5 March 2015

    Wheres the £10 Million saving going to be spent?? How about reduced taxation on petrol/diesel, excise licence or even filling the pot holes!!

  • Jeff manuel / 5 March 2015

    If It helps to catch those who don't pay,great

  • Adrian simonds / 5 March 2015

    If not having a tax disc saves money why has the tax not been reduced. Who had any benefit from the saving.?

  • ivan burit / 5 March 2015

    its just something we will get used to i guess, as we dont display our mot, nor insurance either like some countries do.
    has no one considered the amount of tax free vahicles we now have on the roads, highbrid cars classed as zero tax, disabled with zero tax, and of course the huge amount of age related classic vehicles who are zero rated also..
    another fact some dont know about is certain age related vehicles are now mot exempt also..
    there is one drawback on not showing your tax disc, as some councils required the tax discs to show a zero rating to qualify for free disabled parking, so unsure how that now works....
    the only disc i show in my vehicles is our council issued free parking disc for our town centres car parks, a slightly odd looking disc now..

  • Rob/Poole / 5 March 2015

    Is it against the law to keep your old tax disc in my car,the wind screen would look bare without it.

  • Peter Donaghue / 4 March 2015

    Another move towards a dominant state and another way to fleece more money from the people.

  • W D Toulaman / 4 March 2015

    I suspect that the disc-less vehicle tax system will not work effectively. It is too dependent on Automatic recognition systems picking up untaxed cars. At least discs were visible to traffic wardens and other jobsworths without a sophisticated electronic system to back them up.

  • hartlepudlian / 4 March 2015

    great idea in that its saving money but is the saved money actually going to be spent on road maintainence or go into the government pot and spent elsewhere ?
    we as a country are taxed to the hilt at least we deserve a little value for money in this respect ???

  • Steve / 4 March 2015

    My old disc is still in my window, and that one has expired, although I did flip it over on the day it ran out, and yes I have renewed my tax. I know some say stuff like "I have a good mind not to pay", but if we stopped paying then what will keep the traffic infrastructure going?

  • Peter / 4 March 2015

    When an old scrap car is left on the road or in a rear lane there is no way the normal person without a smart phone can see if it's taxed and been left there..
    Having a scrap yard close to my house I find there is now a lot more cars left in lanes where police check vehicles never go.
    I have checked with the DVLA and found out that most of the cars in my local lane are untasted or sorn.
    Council not bothered either

  • Robert Rees / 4 March 2015

    A much better system, little round pieces of paper are old hat. I like the thought that nobody is safe if they don't pay. However there's no way of the public reporting tax dodgers anymore, I guess the system is foolproof.

  • Paul Metcalfe / 4 March 2015

    I do think it's ludicrous to be honest. How many people with cars now without tax and insurance will be smiling especially in the big city's where there is more population and crime etc. This system is going to be more open to the non tax payer, fraud, crime related, jobless enthusiasts who can't afford a vehicle but who can get there hands on any available, there job is made easier now and puts the whole system at risk insurance wise. I find this staggering. Thousands will be trying to slip through the net daily nationwide.

  • Paul Metcalfe / 4 March 2015

    I do think it's ludicrous to be honest. How many people with cars now without tax and insurance will be smiling especially in the big city's where there is more population and crime etc. This system is going to be more open to the non tax payer, fraud, crime related, jobless enthusiasts who can't afford a vehicle but who can get there hands on any available, there job is made easier now and puts the whole system at risk insurance wise. I find this staggering. Thousands will be trying to slip through the net daily nationwide.

  • Graham Woolcott / 3 March 2015

    Could the millions of pounds collected from Road Fund Tax be ringed fenced and actually spent on maintaining our roads which are in such a terrible condition. I had to replace a new tyre last week after going down a deep pothole.

  • D. James / 3 March 2015

    Reading some of the comments already made, I note that quite a few would like to have the road tax added to the cost of the fuel, I agree with this as the more you use the roads the more you should pay but in addition to this I would add the insurance for the vehicle, this due to the huge differences in costs from area to area and that if a car was stolen it would be insured making anyone who has a collision with a stolen vehicle able to claim through a governing body.

  • Mr J F Edwards / 3 March 2015

    This tax arrangement is fine but: I feel that money could be saved by updateing the SORN system. This should be activated as soon as a vehicle is taken off the road, operators responsibility, and the notice to remain in force until the vehicle is legaly about to be used again. This would cut out all intermediate mail from DVLA. The SORN notice should be, apart from that for motor cycles, be sticky and attached to the vehicle it refers to.

  • Brian McNulty / 3 March 2015

    Surely not every vehicle can be screened so HMRC will lose money again, bit like the Dartford Tunnel tolls missing loads of vehicle payments!

  • L Carter / 3 March 2015

    All well and good, but what happens if the system gets hacked or goes down? This is just so open to abuse, we will now have more and more people on the road with no tax, of that I have no doubt what so ever. Typical UK government, saving pennies and probably losing pounds! Let's not forget that no tax also means no insurance, so there will be lots of people involved in accidents where they wont be able to get money from offending parties.

  • C Burnes / 2 March 2015

    Why do we have to PAY for travelling on the roads at all, when according to Common Law travelling is FREE?

  • BERTAM MOORE / 2 March 2015


  • Dewi Morgan / 2 March 2015

    In my department in France I did not pay road tax at all. When the road tax was abolished they increased the motorway toll by about 50 cents. Everyones happy !

  • M King. / 2 March 2015

    225 quid I paid last year and if the idiots running the circus can't even be bothered to send me something to show for it and even send a reminder then I can't be bothered to pay for another year of sitting in traffic. If the system relies on being caught by a police car camera then there's no incentive to rush out and pay more tax. I'll happily take a chance, especially while there's more serious stuff like children being abused left right and centre going on.

  • G. Harrison / 2 March 2015

    This is a good method but it puts up the price of the vehicle as you now need to tax it as well as insure it. Plus you need a computer of some type to tax it before it can be used.

  • G. Harrison / 2 March 2015

    This is a good method but it puts up the price of the vehicle as you now need to tax it as well as insure it. Plus you need a computer of some type to tax it before it can be used.

  • Mr Roy Whalley / 2 March 2015

    if this is about saving cost put tax on petrol and save more and less work, but it is more about fines to put more in the coffers

  • Mr Roy Whalley / 2 March 2015

    if this is about saving cost put tax on petrol and save more and less work, but it is more about fines to put more in the coffers

  • Ian Ross / 2 March 2015

    Put road tax on fuel and the people who use our roads the most will pay plus drivers who don't pay road tax will have to pay or stay of our roads about time too

  • Ian Ross / 2 March 2015

    Put road tax on fuel and the people who use our roads the most will pay plus drivers who don't pay road tax will have to pay or stay of our roads about time too

  • Allan Clare / 1 March 2015

    Since we moved to a semi rural village we have not always had our mail delivered, and on two occasions I have had emails delivered which were intended for other people. The idea of keeping the last disc is sound, but does not transfer to a replacement vehicle. I suggest marking a prominent calender and putting a reminder in ones diary.

  • Jock Hill / 1 March 2015

    Don't see any problem. Those who cheated the tax payment will still do so. Those who drive with no insurance will so that too.The methods of payment haven't changed. BUT I still keep receipt as 'proof of purchase' - the removal of my disc gives an ideal location for the fitting of my car camera, as I move along with the times, albeit unhappily

  • Mike S. / 1 March 2015

    Seeing a tax disc on display showed that the vehicle was legal to be on the highway.
    Now all the cheaters and chancers will use their vehicles untaxed, then come up with some lame excuse when caught.
    Who ever thought this scheme up? Amazing!
    How about when you get your vehicle MOT every year
    there is a disc included that you must display? Then anyone can report those who don't.

  • David Stone / 1 March 2015

    I have just taken my tax disc off my car - on the day it expires. I retained it on the windscreen as I felt having paid so much for a small peice of paper I should "get my money's worth out of it!"

  • steve / 1 March 2015

    As its an electronic system why does is still work in complete months? If i sell a car in the middle of the month i lose the tax I've paid fir the balance of the month. The buyer has to tax the vehicle from the start of the month. Effectively the vehicle is double taxed for thst month! Nice little bonus for thd government

  • Bhavesh Pattni / 1 March 2015

    So why do we loose half a months tax it should be 365 day instead of just 1st of month 12 days a year expire just like the M O T is as there is now no excuse why it can't be like this now the DISC is History.

  • Bhavesh Pattni / 1 March 2015

    So why do we loose half a months tax it should be 365 day instead of just 1st of month 12 days a year expire just like the M O T is as there is now no excuse why it can't be like this now the DISC is History.

  • Bhavesh Pattni / 1 March 2015

    So why do we loose half a months tax it should be 365 day instead of just 1st of month 12 days a year expire just like the M O T is as there is now no excuse why it can't be like this now the DISC is History.

  • Bhavesh Pattni / 1 March 2015

    So why do we loose half a months tax it should be 365 day instead of just 1st of month 12 days a year expire just like the M O T is as there is now no excuse why it can't be like this now the DISC is History.

  • Rukiya / 1 March 2015

    I like the old disk I having missing it a lot

  • K.Haskell / 1 March 2015

    Re : Refunds if you sell/change a car , expect to wait at least 6 weeks for refund cheque if the direct debit is taken after you sell . I changed 28/11/14 and refund cheque arrived 28/2/15 .

  • Malcolm Arkwrite / 1 March 2015

    Number plate recognition How many people can avoid been detected ie country side dwellers who live and drive in the most out of reach places.

  • Ian / 1 March 2015

    Apart from the fact that drivers will be reminded to renew annually, surely everyone uses some form of calendar system to record upcoming events. Can't understand what all the fuss is about & I have been driving for well over 45 years

  • Mike / 28 February 2015

    How about including road tax into the insurance premium and the insurance companies issuing a disc.

  • Mike / 28 February 2015

    If it is a digital system then there is no reason to pay to the nearest calender month. I would have thought that todays software could divide by 365.

  • Ron / 28 February 2015

    Put road tax on petrol. Let's see an insurance disc on the windscreen.

  • Paul / 28 February 2015

    I like my tax disc holder it matches my fab car.

  • G Bloomfield / 28 February 2015

    I lived in the Republic of Ireland for a few years and there you had to have tax, insurance and an mot disk on the front windscreen.

  • Mark Smith / 27 February 2015

    Displaying on a car, particularly a Classic car, and then later saving a Tax Disc in the vehicles file has been a vital part of proving the history of the vehicle when the owner decides to sell it. Having a paper history of a Classic car adds to the value of the vehicle by proving its provenience. As the owner of two (not expensive) classic cars, I have saved as much information passed on by the previous owners as possible and then continued to build the file since taking ownership. A Road Fund Licence disc is very much a part of that history file. With the Government removing the need to have a pre-1960 car MOT'd and now not issuing a paper Tax Disc (Heritage cars [cars over 40 years old] still require registering for Tax every year even though there is no duty to pay), further reduces the owner's ability to keep an accurate history of the road worthiness of the vehicle as it is no longer not easy to prove the vehicle has been consistantly used on the road. Interest in owning a Classic car is growing and many people buying one for the first time and with little mechanical knowledge could easily be caught out by unscrupulous sellers, a history file is their first safeguard and the removal of a paper Tax Disc greatly reduces the effectiveness of any history file the seller may have.

  • Malcolm Mitchell / 27 February 2015

    I've scanned my old tax disc and altered the expiry date with Photoshop to give me a physical, visual reminder of when to renew it. I've also added my MOT expiry date to it for the same reason. All to easy to forget and get fined without this easy check! I can see a lot of drivers falling foul of the new system.

  • Steven / 27 February 2015

    This new system does have its faults. It is now easier than ever to clone a car this way as there is no tax disc to check on the screen, all you need is a set of number plates for a car that is the same make, model & colour that is taxed, mot'd & insured.
    The cameras will not register this as a untaxed vehicle!
    It's not saving us money it's just saving money for the DVLA.

  • a bransby / 26 February 2015

    It is another pointless idea. Costing anyone selling their car money due to only getting full months back and dictating when they can sell their vehicle. More time wasted declaring SORN maybe for only a couple of weeks.

  • W Johnson / 26 February 2015

    every vehicle in the uk should display an
    insurance disc so people cant get away
    with not paying for it.

  • Graeme mitchell / 26 February 2015

    Will we still receive reminder letters?

    ADMIN: Hi Graeme, Yes - you'll still be sent a V11 renewal reminder. It is generally possible, however, to renew your tax without such a reminder. For more info you can go here

  • edwards / 26 February 2015

    more stealth

  • Debbie Holmes / 25 February 2015

    You can no longer be a good citizen and be able to report cars that have out of date tax. No one can physically tell if a car is taxed and allowed to be on the road. I think this is a bad idea. There should also be some way of telling if the car is MOT'd too. I would willing display something in my windscreen to say that my car is mechanically fit to be on the road and taxed.

  • hafiz majid / 25 February 2015

    What about European. Registered. Cars

  • Charlotte Jones / 24 February 2015

    I personly thinks its one of the great mistakes Britain has made and still making, I do know of people that have not renewed the tax and still drive their car most days also there are so many people that we have now allowed into the country that drive without tax as well as no MOT...Its so hard to believe you when its been said that all motorests will be checked this is an imposible thing to be done....Again one big hell of a cock up and we the tax payers will have to once more pay for it all..C. Jones..

  • ian collins / 24 February 2015

    there will be no savings because people will take a chance not taxing their vehicles
    what are the chances of being caught by a APNR camera?

  • SHIRLEY TEECE / 24 February 2015

    I think it is a very good idea. I am 79, year old female, but I welcome new technology, although I know people younger than me who hate new ideas!!! Haven't had struggle to get the old one out. Have had quite a few cars, I sold one which has a layer of four discs in it. Also love the fact that police and even the dreaded traffic warden can easily know if the car is taxed and insured from info on the database. I understand there are people driving who have never bothered to get insurance with dire consequences for anybody they are involved in any sort of RTA with.

  • Frustrated road user / 24 February 2015

    I see a new way of buying and selling cars approaching: just like buying/selling houses - with exchange of contracts/keys on the 1st of each month so there is no overlap. Better still SORN the car the month the sale takes place so that the government loses a month's tax on ever sale! Common people, let's be clever and turn their tax grabbing plan round on them so they lose money instead of making it :-)

  • Kenneth Patterson / 24 February 2015

    Are they going to heavily fine those who have number plates covered with muck so ANR would not be able to read it. Some never wash their cars for this reason.
    Agree that the cost of road tax should be on the fuel but they have already done this with the amount of tax already on fuel.

  • Brian Smith / 24 February 2015

    Unfortunately DVLA have a programming error in their system. I SWORNed my car BUT did not wish to claim refund of the remaining 6 mths of my Tax Disc. When I tried to put my car back on the road, DVLA had cut a month of the end of my 12 mths, and wanted me to renew in just 11 mths. Fortunately I had my Tax Disc to prove I had paid for 12 mths. I am sure this is going to happen to me again next month. I need to talk with someone at DVLA.

  • Dave swan / 24 February 2015

    The buying and selling twist is another govt. hand in your pocket back door theft of public money in my eyes, as my motor is £20 a year how much will they pay back if only a month left to run,surely it would cost more to refund than the amount itself. What a bunch of numpties.

  • jTBrown / 24 February 2015

    We should be paying our road tax in with the price of fuel

  • jTBrown / 24 February 2015

    We should be paying our road tax in with the price of fuel

  • Allan Thomson / 23 February 2015

    In the interests of fairness, the Government should alter the new vehicle road tax rules so that, on the sale of a vehicle, all outstanding road tax, not just complete months, can be repaid to the previous owner.
    Similarly, the road tax which is applicable to the new owner of the vehicle should apply from the date purchased to avoid buying unusable road tax for a part month.

    The current system is continually defrauding millions of vehicle owners out of part month payments. Surely it is not that difficult to apply the fairer system outlined above since other organisations such as software manufactures dealing with software use licences seem to be able to manage successfully to use any calendar date for licence renewal

  • Ray / 23 February 2015

    At one time criminals needed to forge both the number plate and the tax disc now they can run numerous cars of the same make make and colour with the same number plate. So making it much easier for them.

  • James Terry / 23 February 2015

    Still miffed that people who come over here with their vehicles on a permanent basis are not paying road tax., or has our weak minded politicians done something about it.

  • john stoker / 23 February 2015

    How many Police cars have the ANR fitted

  • jim / 23 February 2015

    can" see it happening but the tax fees should be put on the cost of the fuel then you pay for what you use as in car insurance if you dont use your veichle for commuting you only pay for private and domestic use only and limited milage which you estimate yourself before setting up the policy

  • bob / 23 February 2015


  • Ken. / 23 February 2015

    I can' twee the new system being as effective as the old for detecting non payers.

  • Hammond / 22 February 2015

    Why should I say why some motorist still have the disc in the car windscreen---------That is their business not mine -----The majority have removed theirs, so what is the problem what is the PROBLEM with the rest

  • Roland / 22 February 2015

    "Have you still got your paper tax disc?"
    AAARGH! What language is this? Do you call yourself a journalist?
    Do you still have your paper tax disc? - Please.

  • Nigel Boddy / 22 February 2015

    The paper discs should be re instated. Automatic vehicle recognition can be evaded as some drivers are driving around in illegal ringer cars which are using a car number plate belonging to another vehicle, Some allow their own cars to get dirty so the plate can't be read or stick a leaf over one number or do not have number plates using legal letters and numbers in the correct format .

  • Anne Johnson / 21 February 2015

    I removed mine from the screen, the new direct debit option to pay is very fair, and better for those that can't usually afford a full year. I have seen a few cars in my area outside of residencies clamped with big DVLA clamp plus huge note stuck to screen saying the vehicle clamped due to non payment of car tax, how embarrassing to find that in the morning, and very costly to have clamp removed.

  • Chris Beech / 21 February 2015

    I have just been reading the comments, I do like the sound of the fuel suggestion by Alan,maybe one of us should be sitting on the government, then we may be treated fair

  • Mrs K Mughal / 21 February 2015

    I think the new system is great, but for many drivers the visual reminder is essential. Connecting online to do a check may be fairly convenient for the majority, however some thought should be spared for the older population who don't find it so, or do not have the facilities to do so regularly.
    Logically, the option to print off a 'dummy' reminder to put in your car would have been the all-inclusive solution.

  • Chris Beech / 21 February 2015

    I cannot agree with this policy,I have always paid my vehicle road tax and I do like to see my disc in my car,I do not understand why us motorist were not given a choice to vote on this,who made the final decision on this.

  • Michael Woodisse / 21 February 2015

    I do agree with previous comments that it should not be too difficult to alter system. To run the tax date from the date of purchase and avoid this additional charge for part months when purchasing a car.on selling it would be just as easy to repay the number of days left on the licence fee . If this system ensures that more people pay the tax. It should enable the price to remain unchanged for longer. The fines for non payment should be increased and anyone driving on false plates should pay double fines

  • Alan Tillsley / 21 February 2015

    I think it's just another con by this government . Hit the motorist every time they can. Why not add road fund Lience onto fuel then the more you use your vehicle the more you pay, and regarding fuel why not adopt the methard of Spain ,In France they pay at the pump before you obtain your fuel. This way it stops people driving off without paying, cutting costs.

  • Brian / 21 February 2015

    If this is the new system then it should be the case that your tax expires either 6 months or 12 months after the actual day you tax your new vehicle, no more of this part month ripping consumers off deal.

  • Terry Brett / 20 February 2015

    The fact Tax is now paid online, and there's no expensive discs to puroduce, why do they still need to run from start of a month? If I sell my car today, I should be refunded the full amount worked out daily. Not only the amount of unused months. The new owner should be able to tax for the year starting from today, 20th Feb, not back dated to the 1st of Feb.
    This results in double charging for the month, that every car is sold/bought.

  • joan coburn / 18 February 2015

    If you sell your car in the middle of the month you don't get refund till the beginning of the next month yet the new owner has to tax back dated to the beginning of the month. That means they get it twice for that car.

  • s gilbert / 17 February 2015

    It could be worth holding on to old tax discs though, they might become valuable collectors items - just a thought!

  • v / 16 February 2015

    I keep it on to remember. Guess it's government's way of catching people out and finding them for forgetting, and also cutting costs producing them.

  • mark ingram / 12 February 2015

    I have just renewed my tax disc online but?why should I have to pay£2.50 extra? Ithink you have taken £205 for the year upfront what about the interest on this money in your bank for the year,what a ripoff,and yet nothing for being an honest customer?