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How a spring clean can boost your savings

Spring has officially sprung (or at least it will on Sunday). Many of you will be taking this opportunity to give your home a good clean, declutter and do those jobs you promised yourself you would do over the winter.

However, spring cleaning can be about much more than just throwing things out. In fact it is the perfect time to start earning yourself some money as well.

So before you start lobbing things in the bin discover how you could turn your clutter into cash!

Turn Your Mess into Money

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well it might be going a bit far to say you can sell all your rubbish, but you really should think twice before simply throwing something away.

Selling online is incredibly easy and there are now a huge number of different platforms to choose from – there really is no excuse not to give it a try, particularly when you can use the money to grow your nest egg or save up for something special. 

What to sell

The beauty of selling online is there is very little you can’t sell. Obviously, the best place to start is with the things you don’t need or use anymore.

Old electronics shoved in the back of a cupboard (honestly, we have no idea why you decided to keep the VHS player), books you have read a dozen times, CDs you no longer listen to, kitchen gadgets which have only been used once, furniture you simply don’t have the space for, clothes which have lived in the back of drawers and jewellery that just doesn’t go with any outfit.

All of this and much, much more can be easily offloaded for a bit of cash.

The next question is where to sell it.

How to sell it

If you’re tempted to sell your unwanted stuff online your first thought is probably auction sites. While far from being the only option, these are a great place to start.

The main advantage is you do not have to think of what price you would like. Simply put up the listing, add some photographs and wait for the bids to come in. Fingers crossed, a couple of people will like what you are offering and push the price up.

However, you certainly should not limit yourself to just one kind of site. Online classifieds can help attract buyers in your local area, which helps you avoid the hassle of packing and posting.

Selling on social media channels is becoming very popular. There are a number of groups starting up for selling specific items or to people in your local area. The huge advantage here is your listing is free.

You can also use one of services offering to buy your unwanted CDs, DVDs, games and other items off you. While you will not have to bother with posting the listing, many of these sites pay less than you could achieve by selling them on your own.

Take it offline

If none of these catch your interest, or if you have any specialist items to get rid of, why not try your local car boot sale. Not only will you be able to offload your unwanted things, but you might even find a bargain to take home with you.

For those feeling particularly brave (and assuming you have something they actually want) you can always give regifting a try. In this way you can pass on your unwanted things to friends and family and save on the expense of buying them a brand-new present. 

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