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cash in wallet

How much cash do you carry?

In the last few years we've seen the rise of contactless payments, swiftly followed by cardless payments using your mobile phone. Technology is making it easier for us to spend without coins and notes, and it seems we're more than happy with that.

Two in five of us carry less cash than we did two years ago - the average amount in people's pockets, purses and wallets is under a fiver for almost half (47%) of the UK, according to Mastercard.

Does that ring true for you? We asked four colleagues at the Money Advice Service how much money they had on them, and what else was in their wallet.


How much is in your wallet?


Do you use cash at all?

I use my cards most of the time. Or Android Pay. Yes, I got my free coffee this morning!


How much is in your wallet?


Do you use cash at all?

Sometimes, but usually I use contactless.

What else is in your wallet?

My bank cards, loyalty cards. There's an EHIC here. Oh, and a two week old Lotto ticket. I didn't win.

What’s inside the average wallet?

2 x debit/credit cards | Less than £5 in cash | 1 x driving licence | 2 x membership cards | 2 x entry/pass cards | 2 x travel cards/tickets | 4 x loyalty cards | 3 x money off coupons | 3 x business cards | 2 x photographs | 2 x keepsakes/lucky charms | 4 x old receipts | 2 x expired coupons | 2 x useless handwritten notes | 3 x expired or unused membership/certification/identity cards |6 x pieces of unneeded foreign currency | 2 x business cards of people never contacted | 2 x expired travel tickets (Source Mastercard)

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How much is in your wallet?

£35 and some change.

Do you use cash at all?

I tend to take out £50 at the bank but it lasts a long time as I'm normally spending on my cards.

What else is in your wallet?

Loads of receipts and lots of plastic.


How much is in your wallet?


Do you use cash at all?

Not really. I usually spend on my debit card.

What else is in your wallet?

Bunch of receipts, my Waterstones loyalty card and an expired railcard.

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  • Jill Green / 24 October 2016

    I carry some cash as there are things I it for: But use my Debit Card for lots of things, which is paid each month from my Bank account (I made this arrangement ages ago)