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carlton with old bike

How to sell online: A seasoned seller reveals all…

In next to no time you could go from a novice seller to an experienced flogger of just about everything, if you have the knowhow.

Meet Carlton, a frequent online seller of all manner of goods who was prompted to start flogging his wares when he needed to raise funds to buy his daughter a new bike.

The keen cyclist from Kingston in south west London told us: “I thought selling would be a lot of hassle, but I actually enjoyed the process. It’s very easy, very straightforward and very simple.”

See our video for Carlton’s top tips on selling goods online.

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  • phulysara / 21 January 2016


  • GUY DU BARRY / 20 January 2016


  • GUY DU BARRY / 20 January 2016


  • jenny / 19 January 2016

    good on you Carlton for selling and getting new bike for your daughter. I have to take issue with the video title though (not your fault I am guessing), I watched it looking for tips, apart from showing the amazing amount of stuff you found to sell, there aren't actually any tips. What I need to know is, how do you price items? Do people come to your house to buy? Does that put you or your property at risk of theft? Are people rude about pricing and try to knock you down on what you are asking? Are the social media selling pages better or worse than for instance, some of the auction sites such as eBay and another selling one like Gumtree? Any info appreciated. Cheers.

  • simon / 15 January 2016

    that was a pretty misleading title, we didn't learn much from that.

  • Allan Gibson / 15 January 2016

    Top tips?

  • San / 9 January 2016

    Then get done for tax evasion, the authorities find small time sellers easy pickings.
    It doesn't matter than you made a loss on an item, it's still classed as undisclosed income. I know this only too well.

  • Jeannette gates / 3 January 2016


  • / 29 December 2015

    Presumably we'll have to sell old tat we don't need to people who don't need to buy it? Twisted consumerist logic and not really "money advice"...

  • Dorothy / 27 December 2015

    This was encouraging, but didn't really say anything about HOW to sell online...