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Couple clearing junk to sell

How to sell stuff and turn your trash into cash

Could you do with some extra money this month? Well there could be some quick cash waiting for you at home without you realising.

From unworn clothes and unwanted gifts to old CDs and broken gadgets, your home is probably full of items sitting around unused. And while they fill up your cupboards, they’re essentially worthless. But sell them online and you’ll have a handy extra wodge of cash to get you through January.

Our step-by-step guide to selling online

Take a look at our checklist below to see what you need to be thinking about when you want to sell online, or download our free guide to print out at home.


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  • kate / 27 January 2016

    A lot of people say it's not worth selling on Ebay. I have to disagree. I know you pay fees (I accept that, most things cost money!). I have not made a fortune, but I have more money a month selling what I no longer need than I would have if I didn't make the effort to list on Ebay. I do get laughed at sometimes, usually when a colleague realises I am going to the post office to post something someone bought for 99p. As I point out, I can't afford to be picky, it all adds up and helps my money go further.

  • Dale Wilks / 25 January 2016

    online auction sites are well and good, but it rather easier to use a local group on Facebook. eg. I put a graphics card up on the local selling Fb group - within an hour, somebody was at my door with cash in hand!

  • Geoffrey Rourke / 25 January 2016

    I find all advice from MONEY ADVICE SERVICE very useful and informative even though I am not working at the moment myself, and although I am not to bad at dealing with my own finances its good to know I have advice on money matters close at hand!
    But keep up the good work!

  • Sandie / 25 January 2016

    Shpock it

    the boot fair website it's great

  • Charlie / 21 January 2016

    You can sell your gadgets online through They accept PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones and even Smart Watches. Instant valuations online also.

  • AlanJ / 18 January 2016

    This is a great idea and It DOES WORK on ebay. e.g. I list all my items at 99p - no reserve. Say something sells for £2.60 - I get about £2.30 after ebay fees and paypal fees. I charge a fixed postage fee of £2 (depending on the item) and often the actual postage is a few pennies less than this (I weight all my items including packing before I list so I know the postage costs).

    Do this with all my unwanted CD's toys and nick nacks and Ive got £1,000 + I wouldn't have had otherwise.

  • Al / 16 January 2016

    I'm confused. If someone is trying to sell unwanted stuff they don't need, is it wise for someone else to buy it? Surely, if someone has spare cash, instead of buying unnecessarily they should put the money into a savings account for emergencies. No?

  • Anne / 13 January 2016

    Excellent advice!!

  • john Ascroft / 7 January 2016

    There's no doubt that it's even harder now to make an honest buck ........ Charity shops have hiked there prices up so those who can't afford new now can't afford second hand !!!!!!!!

  • Jules / 7 January 2016

    Good tips, how about including mention of Gumtree or similar sites where the buyer collects, so that the seller does not have to worry about postage and packing?

  • Janice / 5 January 2016

    eBay is too expensive to sell on now with all the costs plus paypal costs. Also car boot sales are not worth doing because most people want stuff for next to nothing. Shpock is okay I suppose.

  • Sandra McDonald / 4 January 2016

    I have a number of items of furniture and ladies clothing to sell but do not have the facility to take photos of the items.

  • kat brock / 3 January 2016

    selling on Ebay is to costly now ,even with the free listing days ,it cost =final value fee =then paypal take a percentage =then there is the postage =Ebay take 10% of the postage price paid, so if it costs £2=80p to send Ebay take 10% so then you still have to pay £2-80p at the postoffice so 10% down there , also unless you pay to sned sighned for often people say they havnt recieved the item so then its another £1-10 for that ,so to sell an item for say £5 you make pennies , and then it isnt even mentioning the origanel or any cost of the item you have sold =given away ? regards kat

  • Lee Round / 3 January 2016

    Hi Pete,

    What items do you have as I am looking into doing more car boots?

    Let me know as I may be interested.



  • pete woodley / 2 January 2016

    At 81 and not in good health i am giving up carboot sales and have loads of mainly new stock to clear.but too tired to lug it to auctions,and even make out lists