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In the news - the money stories affecting your pocket this week

Have you had a chance to sit down and catch up with the money news yet this week? Don’t worry if you haven’t. We are here to tell you the stories that emerged that could affect you.

1. Could changing use by dates help reduce food waste?

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates an increase of just one day on product life across a range of food could prevent around 250,000 tonnes of food waste per year. This could save UK shoppers up to £500 million annually.

Product life is the time period in which food remains safe to eat.

Are you looking for ways you could save on your supermarket shop? You could consider shopping around. Also, be wary of special offers!

2. Take our novel money quiz

It was World Book Day this Thursday. But how well do you know your finances in fiction?

3. What is the most expensive age?

People aged 50 are thought to have the biggest expenses, according to a report by Investec.

This is because 50 year olds may still be supporting their children, as well as paying off their mortgage, and possibly having older relatives to take care of too.

4. Britain tops list of expensive airport parking

According to a report by Just Park, Britain has the most expensive airport car parking in the world, with seven out of ten of the most expensive car parks originating in Britain.

London City Airport tops the charts with holidaymakers expected to spend £315 a week on airport car park charges.


5. Are you thinking about your savings?

A report by Scottish Widows has revealed one in four people in the UK aren’t saving anything at the moment and 18% have no savings at all.  

The research also highlighted that more than four in ten people said not knowing how to go about saving or investing was a barrier to saving.

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