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A round of the last week's money and personal finance news.

In the news – this week’s top money news

With the General Election dominating last week’s headlines you would be forgiven for not being up-to-date with the last week’s money news. So take a minute to catch up on what’s been going on in the world of personal finance.  

A month away

If you lost your job, how long would your savings last? Well, according to insurer Legal and General, the average employee has enough savings to last just 32 days. Nearly half of people would see savings run out after a week, or have nothing put aside, echoing our own research from last year.

Holiday problems

One in fourpeople have seen credit and debit cards blocked when trying to spend or withdraw money abroad. This is despite 61% of people informing their bank they will be overseas, according to uSwitch. It takes on average over an hour to get a card reactivated.

Credit card debt

Brits have £198.4 billion in unsecured borrowing on credit cards, finance deals and overdrafts, the highest figure recorded by the Bank of England since 2008. The average household now owes £7,300.

Lifetime ISA

The first cash Lifetime ISA has been launched by Skipton Building Society. Until now, other Lifetime ISA providers require you to invest in shares.

School parent worries

We all know kids can be expensive, but a survey by Banana Moon Clothing has found nearly half of all parents have gone into debt to pay for school uniforms. The average cost of school clothes and gym kit is £329. 

And finally…

Vet bills are a postcode lottery, according to insurer Animal Friends. Identical treatments can vary in price by as much as £455. London, the South East and the East of England have on average the most expensive vet bills, with Scotland, Northern Ireland and the West Midlands the cheapest. 

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