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A round-up of this week's top money and personal finance news.

In the news - this week’s top money news

It’s been a busy week in the money world. So, take some time to catch up on this week's headlines including how we make money decisions, saving for children and an important announcement on data roaming.

1. Decisions, decisions

We spend more time thinking about what to watch on Netflix than on our finances, according to financial services provider Scottish Friendly. We spend two years of our lives on trivial decisions like what to order in a restaurant or buying a Christmas present, but spend much less time on financial decisions like switching energy provider or deciding to dip into savings. 

2. Thinking ahead

A child's education can be expensive and two in five parents are already saving up before the baby is born, according to Just under a third are already saving towards University fees, or have started a Junior ISA. 

3. In debt and without a bed

Around one in ten clients of debt charity Christians Against Poverty do not have a bed to sleep in. Over three quarters say financial problems keep them awake at night and made them afraid to open their post. 

4. Great expectations

Brits believe the European Health Insurance Card entitles them to much more than it actually does, according to research by Nearly seven out of ten people think it entitles them to free emergency medical care anywhere in Europe and is an alternative to travel insurance. In fact, you’re only entitled to the same level of medical care available in the country you are in, which can vary widely. 

5. Payday loan complaints

Massive increases in complaints about payday lenders have been reported by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Over 10,500 complaints were received in the last financial year, up from just 3,216 in 2015/16.

6. Protect your dogs

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most stolen dog breed and thefts of French Bulldogs and Pugs have risen significantly in recent years, based on analysis of police reports by Direct Line. 

And finally…

You’re now able to use your data limit when you travel in Europe. Removing roaming charges means you’ll be able to call, text and browse the internet for the same price you would at home. However, consumer group Which? Has warned people about incurring unexpected charges and warns that exceeding data allowances will still incur charges. 

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