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A round-up of this week's top money and personal finance news.

In the news - this week’s top money stories

Both men’s and women’s Six Nations comes to an end this weekend, so before you get stuck into the last weekend of international rugby, take a minute to catch up on this week’s top money and personal finance news.

1. Who are you?

Identity theft hit record levels in 2016, with almost 173,000 reported cases, according to anti-fraud group Cifas. Younger people are increasingly being targeted, with nine out of 10 identity thefts being committed online.

2. Debt problems

Brit’s have £240 billion in unsecured borrowing, an average of nearly £6,400 each, according to Londoners and 18-34 year olds owe the most, with an average of around £10,000.

3. Dead money

The average UK adult has £14,000 in savings, but doesn’t know what to do with it, according to a survey by investment website Nutmeg. Over half of the people asked said they didn’t really know why they were putting money aside. 

4. Unexpected correlation

If your house was going up in value, you might decide to spend more on security and insurance. But according to research by insurer Churchill, as house prices go up, burglary rates go down.

5. State of the roads

Not enough is being done to keep roads in a good state of repair, according to a survey of drivers over 50 by Saga Car Insurance. Potholes are dangerous for cars and can lead to serious damage and costly repairs. 

And finally…

Gin, flavoured cider, non-dairy milk, cycle helmets and children’s scooters have all been added to the basket of goods the Office for National Statistics uses to calculate inflation. Basic mobile phones and fees for stopping a cheque have been removed. 

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