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In the news: this week's top money stories

Don't worry if you haven't had time to follow all the money news this week, we've got a round up of the main stories you need to know about from the world of personal finance.

1. Car clamping increases after car tax changes

More cars have been clamped by the DVLA since it changed the rules on vehicle tax. New car buyers have been caught out by thinking the car was already taxed, while some have failed to realise payments didn't go through.

2. Adults who live with parents save £1,200 a month

18 to 30 year olds who stay at their parents' home benefit from low rent; no bills; homecooked meals and free cleaning. The research by TopCashback found that parents charge their adult kids an average of just £130, even though those costs away from home would add up to £1,236. 

3. Deflation avoided by one decimal place

Inflation stayed at 0% for a second month, though if the percentage was measured at two decimal places it would have shown the UK economy fell by 0.01% in March.

4. Could the days of cashback be numbered?

Some credit card companies are ending or reducing their cashback schemes following a change in EU laws limiting the fees they can charge shops and other retailers.

5. Housemoving costs can add up to more than £10,000

Two reports found fees such as Stamp Duty and paying an estate agent can rack up how much it costs to move house on top of the purchase price.



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