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Is Black Friday as good as you think?

There’s no getting away from the fact today is Black Friday – the day where retailers typically dip their prices in a bid to attract pre-Christmas traffic. But should you be splashing the cash?

This year’s Black Friday is set to surpass £1bn in online sales, according to data analytics company Experian. This is a UK first.

It’s an awful lot of money for us all to be splashing out on. But is it really the bargain booster it’s been made out to be?

Black Friday in charts


Planning to spend? The considerations you should make first

Black Friday isn’t a bad idea in principle, and everyone loves a bargain – as long as you make sure you are getting a good deal!

One of the best things you can do is set yourself a budget. Remember, even if something is heavily discounted, if it’s outside your budget, it’s still overspending! Consider whether it’s something you really need. Would you still covet the items you’re buying if they were full price?

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