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Is forgetfulness costing you this summer?

Passport – check. Travel documents – check. Toothbrush, suncream and phone charger? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve probably forgotten at least one of these things before you go on holiday. But the cost of this and spending money in duty-free can add up. Are you surprised at the overall cost?

More than half (61%) of us have forgotten something when going on holiday and 83% of those who have will replace the items once they’ve arrived, spending an average of £13.17 to do so, according to travel agency ebookers.

This means we spend nearly £100 million a year on forgotten items – a big price to pay for a bit of forgetfulness!

Duty-free can also be a bit of a cash trap for some, with 16% of us saying we spend around £11-20 there, and 49% of us just going there to get some alcohol.

Slash your holiday admin costs

Create a list of items you need to put in your suitcase to remind yourself of everything you need to take. Make sure you’ve got enough of any prescription medication and first aid items to cover you for the trip.

Don’t forget the 100ml liquid rule if you’re going on a flight. Decanting your toiletries into smaller travel-friendly bottles instead of buying specific smaller bottles of your favourites can help you save some money – and bring some clear sandwich bags to put them in just in case. Spending money on plastic bags to carry your toiletries can be very frustrating!

Hold luggage can be a frustrating extra cost too, but it’s a lot more expensive if you get to the airport and find you need to put luggage in the hold. Think carefully before you go on holiday about how much luggage you are going to need to take – if you can do just carry-on then that will save you some money.

The cost of forgetting your travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute essential of any travel - no ifs or buts. A niggling small cost is much better than a avoidably huge cost if anything does happen.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average cost for overseas medical treatment is £2,040. In the case of a coronary artery bypass and an emergency flight from the US to the UK, the total cost could be £49,000.

Given the fact the average salary in the UK is around £26,000, that could be double an annual wage. Could you afford that?

You can often get travel insurance for cheaper than the costs spent on forgetten items mentioned above – and the costs of forgetting it could be much higher than dirty teeth or a phone that hasn’t been charged.

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