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With the kids at home this half term, you might find any accidents harmful to your finances.

Is half term kids chaos costing you?

It’s looking like a miserable half term weather wise and if your little ‘uns are confined to close quarters, you might find any accidents harmful to your finances.

A report by insurer Aviva found more accidental damage claims occurred when the kids were off school last October. In fact, the month had 14% more claims than the yearly average.

And it’s not cheap things that are getting damaged or destroyed. Tech tops the list of child- related incidents. More than half of claims that are down to the kids are for broken televisions, with laptops, phones, carpets and tablets making up the top five.

Real claims for damage caused by kids

  • Water pistol squirted on TV
  • Paint tin kicked over and paint trampled through the home
  • Gaming controller accidentally flung at TV
  • Teenager used bleach to clean a carpet stain

(Source Aviva 2016)

Does your home insurance cover accidental damage?

If you’ve got home contents insurance, it’s worth checking to see if it includes accidental damage. More often than not you have to select this as an extra, which obviously comes with a cost.

It’s your decision if you want to choose this optional extra, but it could be cheaper to include it with your insurance if you think you’d struggle to replace broken items.

It’s a different story for pets however. Most policies don’t allow for dogs gnawing on furniture or cats scratching the wallpaper, even with accidental damage added on.

What else to look for in your home contents insurance

One mistake people often make is to under-insure their belongings. If you don’t give an accurate total for the value of everything you own, insurers might reduce how much you get from any claim you make.

If there’s anything particularly valuable or high risk you should also identify it. This is usually for anything over £1,500.

Cover for anything in your garage, shed or garden might not come as standard, so add this on if you have anything kept outside.

You might also find you’re not covered when you take possessions out of the home – things like watches, glasses, phones and laptops are at particular risk of being lost or broken when not in your home.

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