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Is your money going up in smoke? Why it’s worth quitting now

More than 10 million people in the UK smoke, and for those of us that do, we all know the potential health consequences. But do you know how much money you could save by quitting? Or what you could afford to buy if you did stub out your cigarettes?

According to, in 2014, a 20-a-day smoker of a premium cigarette brand will spend about £2,900 a year on cigarettes.

In honour of National No Smoking Day, we asked some ex-smokers from our online community ‘Tell MA’ how much they think they’ve saved from quitting and what they’ve spent the money on instead.

What could your cigarette habit buy you instead?

The savings ex-smokers suggested they’d made through quitting ranged from £2,000 to an eye-watering estimated £100,000.

When asked what they could afford to buy instead, there was a range of answers. One community member told us she could now afford to send her son for swimming lessons. Another talked about clothes, meals out and treats for their children. One member said the money helped them save a deposit for a flat – with money to go to the USA left over.

If you’re struggling to quit, why not do what one community member did and put the money into a jar for the first six months?  

Why thinking about your savings could help you quit

If cigarettes are burning a hole in your budget, why don’t you set yourself a savings goal to work towards?  If you take out the money you spend on cigarettes from your outgoings, you’re much more likely to reach your goal quickly.

You’ll be amazed how much daily costs add up over time. And that extra cash could be working hard for you in a savings account or a pension pot instead of being smoked away.  

Cigarettes are addictive and difficult to give up. If you’re trying to quit, visit NHS Smokefree.

Have you quit smoking? If so, how much money did it save you?

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