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easter egg

Join our Easter egg hunt and solve our challenge

Can you work out our brain scrambler?

We love a good puzzle here in the blog team and we hope you do too. Here’s one as a little Easter treat from us. It’s not as easy as it might seem as this maths problem has been made egg-stra tricky by removing most of the numbers.

This means you can’t work this out just from the image below. You’ll need hunt down a few clues first.

We’ve hidden three Easter eggs in our new My Money content on our website. Find the eggs and you’ll also find the numbers you need to take on our puzzle below.

The puzzle

Here are four seemingly simple equations. The first one should be very easy, even if you don’t find the gold egg. But you’ll need the blue and green egg too in order to find out the values for the red and pinks eggs. Get those to work out the final sum.

Where to find the Easter eggs

Take a look in the My Money section of the Money Advice Service website. Here you’ll find some bright ideas, money saving tips and step by step recipes for saving money. There’s content on cutting bills, reducing your food waste, selling on eBay and much more.

In three of those articles (no, we won’t tell you which), you’ll find the three mystery eggs. One green, one gold and one blue. Don’t egg-spect them all to be easy to find. But once you’ve located all three you’ll be able to tackle the puzzle.

Get cracking!

Share your answers

Let us know your answers over in our new Facebook group, where you can find and discuss money-saving tips. Just look for the post with the image above and add your comments below it.

You’ll need to join the group too, but simply click to join and an admin will approve you.

Don’t be scared by numbers

Did you struggle with this, or simply not even try? Don't worry, you aren't alone. Something we hear quite a lot at the Money Advice Service is people scared of numbers because they don’t think they’re any good at maths.

Though there’s obviously a link between numeracy skills and financial capability, it’s the practical skills we use every day which matter for adults far more than equations like this or some of the theoretical lessons we had at school. It's better to know how to work out special offers in shops or understand how interest works.

Confidence with numbers also has a big effect. If you don’t think you can work something out, you might not even try. But by overcoming this barrier you're more likely to avoid financial troubles.

There are lots of simple things you can do to improve your numeracy skills. Reading more about money matters is a good start, but you can also assess your current level online at National Numeracy to help you find out where you need to do some work.

Take it step-by-step, and don't pressure yourself if it takes a while to understand everything. 

 NB – this challenge ends after Easter 2018. The hidden eggs will be removed, but we’ll add them here to the blog post if you still fancy trying the puzzle, as well as an explanation as to how to work it out.

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