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Keep your wallet and your body healthy this winter

Making different decisions with your money and your food and drink choices could put the pounds back in your wallet – and reduce the pounds from your waist – according to two studies out this week. Although we may all know when things are bad for us, making small changes could make a difference.

People who eat about two homemade lunches or dinners each day,  or about 11-14 meals a week, have a 13% lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes compared to people who eat less than six homemade lunches or dinners a week, according to Harvard University.

Other studies from Harvard suggested that eating out, especially in fast food chain restaurants, is associated with lower diet quality and higher body weight.

This comes at the same time as research showing the difference in costs of a cappuccino in the UK could be as much as 52%, according to Voucherbox.  This is between Greggs at £1.73 for a medium cappuccino, and Muffin Break, where the cost is £2.63.

Calories in your coffee could also vary, from as little as 27 calories in Caffe Nero, to as much as 216 calories in Muffin Break.

Having a look at what quick swaps you could do could make a difference in the long run.

Quick swaps, big gains

Eleven home-cooked meals a week may seem like a lot.

But this would still give you the opportunity to eat out three times a week, if you wanted to.  

If you set yourself the challenge of doing it for a month, could you see changes in your wallet and your health? As the Christmas party season approaches where it could be more difficult to keep to your financial and health plans, it could be worth having a look to see.

Christmas is coming…

Christmas can be notoriously bad for both your wallet and your waistline. But a bit of planning can help with both.

The first step is knowing what you can afford to spend, and knowing what you need to spend money on. Turkey may be the traditional choice, but is there something cheaper you and your family would actually prefer? Do you need to buy presents for everybody or could you do a Secret Santa or make homemade gifts this year?

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