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Friday 13th Calendar

Make your own money luck this Friday 13th

If you’re the superstitious type you might be a little worried about what might happen each Friday the 13th, considered the unluckiest day of the year by many in the UK. There’s nothing we can do to help your fear of the supernatural, but we can make sure your finances don’t get hit by bad luck.

From forgetting to pay a bill to getting hit by a big one-off cost, we’ve five ways to make your own luck for when things go wrong with your money.

1. Never forget to pay a bill with Direct Debits

If you ever accidently miss a bill or credit card payment you’ll probably get hit with a charge for late payment. Well, it’s easy to avoid this bit of bad luck by setting up Direct Debits and standing orders to make sure the money leaves your account on time and for the right amount.

To make sure you have enough in your account to pay, you can also set the payments for the day or two after payday.

2. Beat high overdraft fees by switching banks

If you’re often going into the red, it’s worth looking at whether you could get an interest free overdraft or lower fees. It’s really easy to switch your bank and it only takes seven working days for all your payments in and out to be transferred to the new account.

3. Protect your home with insurance

With the winter weather (apparently) on it’s way, a cold snap or deluge of rain could cause havoc on your home. Pipes can freeze, roofs can leak – each potentially costing a fair bit to fix.

Check now to see if your insurance covers these things happening, including if you are away from your home. You might also find you aren’t protected against flooding.

If not, shop around to see if you can get better cover for less.

4. Be ready for unexpected emergencies with savings

Unexpected one-off costs like repairing a boiler to bigger worries like losing a job can be a huge shock to your finances. But you can help your situation by having a pot of cash available to stop you borrowing money.

5. Avoid scams by knowing what to watch for

Unfortunately scammers are out there, and some people do fall for them, losing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Sometimes it’s bad luck to be caught out, but if you know what to look for and what to listen out for, you should be able to make sure you are safe from the scammers.

The main rules to follow are:

  • If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is
  • If you’re uneasy about something, don’t commit
  • Never give your personal details or give money to anyone who contacts you out of the blue


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