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Woman dissatisfied with her Christmas presents

Our biggest Christmas money wastes

Ah, Christmas. A time for family, merriment, present-giving – and wasting your hard-earned cash.

There’s definitely something about this time of year which means we end up spending more money than we plan to. The minefield of getting people the right present, making sure you have enough food and drink for everyone and forgetting things to the last minute can often result in an unwanted money leak somewhere.

In honour of the big day being just around the corner, we asked our colleagues for their biggest wastes of money at Christmas so you can learn from their mistakes – either something they have bought, or asked for.

Our Christmas money catastrophes

Florence Buswell

For me, it would have to be our Christmas tree. I love a good Christmas tree but my partner always insists on a real one.

Although they are beautiful, they cost the same as a good fake one – with the added cost of delivering it when you don’t have a car – and you only have it in your house for a month or so. Plus, the clear up of needles is always awful! Hopefully next year I can persuade him on the merits of a fake tree!

Vik Iyer

I have probably managed to buy plenty of gifts for people over the years that have never been used.

My personal favourite has to be when I bought a close family member a watch. The next time I went around their house I noticed they were keeping it in the toilet so they could tell the time when they were in the loo. Not the best use of my money!

Irina Smith

The theme for our Christmas party this year was the Oscars. I bought a beautiful, fancy dress which I loved. But I haven’t had the chance to wear it again. It’s easy to waste money on outfits we hardly ever wear!

Grant Bantin

I always seem to manage to spend more money on food and drink than I plan to. One year I bought lots of cheese and chutneys which I forgot about, so they went to waste. Christmas is also the season of drinking too, so I’ve probably wasted money on nights out where I didn’t need to either.

Mel Dowding

Christmas cards and wrapping paper costs can quickly mount up. Checking to see if you have any left from last year doesn’t take much time at all and can help you save the pennies!

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