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Money bloggers share their money worries

Talking money worries is the theme across the blog this week. A third of UK adults get anxious when they think about their finances, and one of the best ways to beat that anxiety is to talk openly about their concerns.

We asked some of the bloggers in the UK Money Bloggers community to share what worries them about money.

Cora Harrison‪ from The Mini Millionaire

I constantly fear that I won't be able to pay the bills, or afford food. I think it comes with being self-employed. I never know what might happen next.

Faith Archer‪ from Much More With Less

I worry about saving enough money so we're not facing a choice between heating and eating in retirement. I don't want to work till I drop and by the time I reach retirement age, I suspect the state pension will have dwindled further. I'm just starting to get to grips with investing, to make the most of the money we do manage to set aside.

Hollie Gregersen‪ from Thriftymum

I'm worried about the decision I need to make about going back to work after maternity leave. With two children under two years, childcare costs seem to make going out to work not worth it!

Martyna Sroka - Lalewicz‪ from Money Saving Girl

My main worry is that all banks interest rates are slashed and my money doesn't work as hard as it used to. 

Eileen Adamson‪ from Your Money Sorted

My biggest money worry is how I going to be able to support my 3 children through University in a 6 year period. We have been saving for them since they were born, but it won't be enough. I hate the thought of them coming out with huge amounts of debt. I know that it is good debt, because it is an investment in their future, but worry about the fact that they then begin to believe that being in huge amounts of debt is normal.

Trish Gray‪ from Cracking Retirement

Being retired, I worry about not having enough money to look after myself if I need to go into a nursing home, or if inflation grows and my pension doesn't keep up with it.

Katy Stevens‪ from Katy Kicker

My main money worry is redundancy for my husband. We wouldn't crumble financially but he would struggle with no longer being seen as the main bread winner.

Charlotte Lucy Gransden‪from Shoestring Chic

My biggest money worry is that I’ll never be able to afford to own a house.

Pete Chatfield‪ from Household Money Saving

My biggest worry is if interest rates should rise sharply. If we went back to rates from the 90's I would struggle to pay my mortgage. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

David Jack Taylor‪ from Thinking Thrifty

Running a small business as well as my online activities, my biggest money worry is not knowing how much is coming at any given time. The school holidays have made a huge dent in my takings the last two weeks, it has been an eye opener and means I am going to need to be extra thrifty and vigilant with my money to make sure I not only have the money to cover the bills in the shop, but also at home. When it's boom time I have to make sure I keep my spending in check, store plenty away and not get carried away to ensure that when I do have these quieter periods the money is there and I'm not affected. It's a daily learning curve. 

Emma Bradley‪ from Mums Savvy Savings

My concerns are around university as my eldest is 17. I don't want her to leave with lots of debt and take that into her 20's. I also don't know how much I should be putting away to support her during studying.

Michelle Bailey‪ from Time and Pence

My worry is that we will have enough money to be able to retire at a reasonable age.

Vanessa Charles‪ from Jibber Jabber

Trying to adapt to a changing world in terms of work and trying to earn money. I work online and my husband's office looks like it is going to be merged 40 miles away. Working hard to make money is no longer good enough; you've got to work smart now. 

Aaron Wells‪ from Hotels and Money

I'm concerned that my investments aren't growing enough to hit my expected early financial independence.

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