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Mother's Day - how to have fun without splashing the cash

Mother's Day can be a great celebration of the mum in your life, but you don't have to splash the cash to give her a treat.

In this guest blog, Kalpana Fitzpatrick, financial journalist and founder of, gives her top tips on celebrating Mother’s Day on a budget.

Why true gifts don't have to be the ones you buy

My mum grew up in a small remote village in India where Mother’s Day was pretty much non-existent.

When she moved to the UK in the 50s, the concept was alien to her, but over the years, she soon began to realise what it was all about.

But this didn’t mean she all of a sudden started sending her mum flowers and cards.

As I got older, I asked her why she wasn’t sending her mum a gift or a special card for Mother’s Day.

She explained that there was no point as her mum, who lived in India, would not understand what it was all about and also that she didn’t have to show her love for her mum in such a materialistic way.

I didn’t know it at the time, but what great advice; do we really need to cave into all the marketing to show our mums just how special they are and does it really have to come at a high cost?

Yes, of course, perfumes, flowers and wine are all great, but sometimes, the true gifts are the ones you don’t have to buy.

Five ideas for a great Mother's Day

So, how can you spend Mother’s Day this weekend without splashing the cash? Here are some of my top tips:

  1. Cook together, just like the good old days. I used to love spending time in the kitchen with my mum making samosas. It was messy fun (and delicious). So, why not cook something together – this could be super fun if you have young children.
  2. Why not give your mum some mother’s day coupons made by you, such as ‘a free car wash ticket’, ‘Breakfast in Bed’ or ‘Free ironing’ for example. You can make these and put them in the card. The idea is that she can trade these coupons in at any time with you – so just make sure you are willing to do the chores you say you will! A good one get the dads involved here!
  3. If you fancy getting out, why not take your mum to join the audience at one of her TV shows for free. You can apply here for free tickets to top national TV shows in the coming weeks.
  4. If you don’t want to buy a card, why not print one? The web is full of free printables (you can even find ones that the kids can colour in).
  5. If the sun is out, have a family picnic; it’s sure to go down a treat.

Happy Mother’s Day mums!

Do you have any ideas to add to Kalpana's? Comment below and let us know.

This guest post is from Mummy Money Matters and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the Money Advice Service. You can find out more about Mummy Money Matters and what they do on their website.

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