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Car insurance is set to hit average of £900 in 2018, but what can you do beat the increase?

On the road - cutting the cost of car insurance

Running a car just seems to get more and more expensive, and 2018 doesn’t look like it will be any different. According to research by, the average car insurance policy is set to reach a record £900 this year!

Younger, male drivers are bearing the brunt of this increase, with motorists in inner London and Scotland also being heavily hit.

But with insurance being a legal requirement, is there anything you can do to beat the increase?

Well yes there is.

Don’t auto-renew

Can you honestly say you know when your car insurance comes up for renewal?

Well, if you don’t, maybe you should make a note of the date. Every year, many of us simply renew our car insurance with an existing provider, or blindly accept a renewal quote.

This is a sure-fire way to end up on an expensive policy, which is costing you more without offering any extra protection.

Compare and switch

The reason so many of us just renew our insurance is because switching seems like a hassle. But just 20 minutes could save you £100s.

Get online, visit some comparison sites and find out how much you could save. Just remember to visit more than one comparison site, as not all insurers advertise on all sites.

Don’t forget to check out the big-name insurers like Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich, who are not on comparison sites as well. 

Correct mileage

How many miles do you do every year? Well if you’re over-estimating your mileage, you could be paying more for your insurance.

And this works for other aspects of your insurance as well.

How will you be using your vehicle? If you’re only going to be using it at the weekend, don’t insure it for commuting or business as well, as it will just add more to your premium.

Black box and telematics

A lot of insurance policies offer black box or telematic devices. This involves fitting a device to your car which measures acceleration, braking, cornering and other aspects of your driving.

If you can prove you’re a good driver, the price of your insurance will go down.

But beware, bad driving can mean your insurance will get more expensive, or could even be cancelled. 

Other ways to save

There are other ways to save on your car insurance, which have nothing to do with your driving.

The easiest thing to do is to fit alarm, immobiliser or Thatcham approved security device to your car, making it harder to steal and, if possible, always make sure your car is parked off-street.

Having a second, low-risk driver on the policy can also be an easy way to save.

Ask for a discount

Want to stay with your insurer, but don’t want to pay more? Then just ask for a discount.

This can be particularly effective if you’ve already done some research and know you can get a cheaper price elsewhere. Just phone up your insurer and ask them to beat it.

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