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Our top money bloggers revealed

I am lucky enough to run our guest blog programme here for the blog, and as such, have been in touch with many exceptional bloggers  - people whose passion for saving money and helping others do the same has been highly inspirational.

As I wave goodbye to the Money Advice Service blog for pastures new at the end of this month, I thought it was only apt that I highlight some of my favourite bloggers that show that money saving and management doesn’t have to be boring or difficult, and that with a few lifestyle tweaks you too could change your relationship with your money for the better.

Top money bloggers

Best for… an inspirational personal story

Disease Called Debt wrote us a brilliant blog post of how she cleared her debts of £41,489 in just 22 months. Her honest and smart writing as well as her views on how others can do the same as her, won her legions of comments and support. We have also included quotes from her blog on the debt content of our main website, where it has continued to encourage people to click and read more and also help  them find a way to start their own debt journey.

Best for… no-nonsense tips on food waste

Thrifty Lesley’s tips are straightforward but with high reward. Her ideas on leftovers and ready meals you can make healthy and cheap alternatives of, will make you wonder why you haven’t done them before. Her thoughts also gave her a coveted spot in our Survive January campaign, where she talked about how you can make the most of the food in your cupboards.

Best for…gaining interest on social media

Can’t Swing A Cat is a very relatable author for me – like her, I really want to find a deposit for my first home – and her blog post ideas are useful, clever and direct, which helped her save £10,000 in a year towards her deposit. This post also stirred up interest on our social media channels too.

Best for…making you think

When Esther at Money Nuggets approached me to write a post on whether debt is more of a female issue than a male one, I was intrigued. What followed was an interesting, thought-inspiring and well researched piece that really made me question what it is that might make some people more vulnerable to getting into debt than others. Give it a read and see what you think.

Best for… yuletide cheer

Coupon Queen’s post on how to save money at Christmas really struck a chord with our readers. Christmas can be a difficult time financially as we all balance our budgets with a desire to treat those around us and fill up on good food and Coupon Queen’s tips got us all thinking. Plus, who can argue with more than 20,000 visits in one month?


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  • Jack Ponting / 6 December 2017

    Good Post.

  • Hayley Chapman / 1 July 2016

    Hi there i work for a team called the recovery coaching team in Peterborough for the NHS i have been looking at you site and i was wondering if you could sent me a leaflet or a booklet of how you break everything down for a person.