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QUIZ: How well do you know your spending habits?

Here’s one for starters, the average UK family spends £531 a week. But where does all the money go? This is your chance to prove just how clued up you are when it comes to household spending.

Our quiz covers a wide range of issues, from transport to toys. But can you pinpoint the correct answer to each of the questions featured below?

If you get them all right give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. If you get some wrong, don’t worry, there’s no penalty. Incidentally, you can always cheat, by digesting the Office for National Statistics Family Spending report – but you could always just wing it if you prefer.

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How well do you know your spending habits?


Do you know what the average person spends their hard-earned cash on? Well, let’s find out.


Transport accounts for the biggest outgoing, but how much do we spend on average?



What do we spend more on?

Recreation and culture

Food and non-alcoholic drinks

How much do we spend on petrol each week, on average?



Spending on transport averages £16.10 a week, but where does the most money go?

Rail fares

Air fares

Which of the following do we spend more on each week (on average)?

Pets and pet food

Games, toys and hobbies

Which of the following are we more likely to spend on each week?

Fresh fruit

Buns, cakes and biscuits

How much do the wealthiest 10% of households spend each week, on average?



After London, which are the next three biggest regions for average weekly household expenditure, in order?

South East, South West, East

South East, East, South West

Of the following two options, which do we spend more on per week (on average)?


Alcoholic drinks, tobacco and narcotics

Where is more money spent, on average, per week?

In rural households

In urban households

Oops! Time to brush up?


It’s not your day, is it? But that’s no reason to not take something from your quiz efforts. Use our Budget Planner to see where you can make savings.


Getting there…


You’ve done pretty well, but there is room for improvement. Use our Budget Planner to see where you can make savings.


Family spending champion


Fantastic. You really know your stuff. Reward yourself by trying out our Budget Planner – who knows, you could find ways to cut your own household spend.



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  • A Smith / 26 January 2016

    Answers 2/10 does not match the question?

  • Jenni Sinclair / 21 December 2015

    The scoring is a bit weird- how can the bigger amount be wrong when the question is how many/much....?