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RBS delayed payments – find the answer to your questions

Around 600,000 bank payments have been affected by a technical glitch in RBS’ system, which means credits and direct debits have not been credited to accounts. What does this mean for your account, and what can you do?

Wages, tax credits and disability living allowance are among the credits that may not be paid in.

Customers of RBS, Natwest, Ulster Bank and Coutts could find their accounts affected. RBS has informed customers the money should be in their accounts by Saturday.

If this has happened to you, you may be worrying about any payments going out that you won’t be covered for due to the glitch.

We’ve outlined below what happens if your bank makes an error that isn’t your fault, and what you can do.

Update (19 June 2015): RBS have confirmed the issue with credits has now been resolved and accounts should be updated. If you are having problems, contact your bank.

I can’t pay my bills, help!

Don’t panic yet. If it’s for an important transaction, such as your rent or your mortgage, make sure you inform your provider there may be a delay in payment.

If you need emergency cash, talk to your bank (details below). If you have to borrow money, there are alternatives. Make sure you are aware of the costs this could incur, however. There is no guarantee the banks will reimburse you if you choose an alternative form of credit that charges you interest.

Late payments can affect your credit rating, which could make it more difficult for you to get credit in the future. If this is a worry, make sure you talk to your bank about how this can be resolved.

Will I be charged for going into overdraft?

If you find yourself going into overdraft because of a mistake made by your bank - or you get charged for a late payment -  you should not be left out of pocket.

In this case, RBS has assured customers any automatic charges incurred will be refunded.

Who can I call for help?

If you need temporary credit or want to know if you are affected, contact your bank.

Customers who are affected can either visit their local branch or call one of the numbers below.

  • NatWest - 03457 888444
  • RBS - 03457 242424
  • Ulster Bank - 0800 231232

Switching your bank – the how to

Whichever bank you currently bank with, there may be reasons you would like to switch, such as a better interest rate on your savings.

All banks and building societies now offer a free seven-day Current Account Switching Service.

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