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What brought you to the Money Advice Service site in the last 12 months? We reveal our most popular searches of the year.

Revealed: Your top money searches of 2016

Euro 2016, Pokemon Go, David Bowie, Donald Trump and Prince topped this year’s Google searches, but what brought you to the Money Advice Service site in the last 12 months? We reveal our most popular searches of the year…

Universal credit

The biggest change to the benefits system since…well since the benefits system was introduced. So it’s hardly surprising this tops the list of search terms.

Stamp duty rates

Increases to Stamp Duty for people buying a second property started in April. Could this be why it was one of our most searched for terms?

Working tax credit

This in-work benefit is one of six benefits brought together under Universal Credit. Many working people were keen to find out how this change is going to affect them. 

Buy-to-let mortgage

Lots of change in this area. Not only were there alterations to Stamp Duty, but also tax changes for landlords. 

How much mortgage can I afford?

This is probably one of the most important personal finance questions you have to ask yourself. So it’s hardly surprising this has made it on to the list.

Equity release

Many older people have a lot of money tied up in their home and equity release can be a way to access this money.

First time home buyer

It’s becoming harder and harder to get on the property ladder and many people are coming to us for guidance on how to go about buying their own place. 


Looking to access the money tied-up in your home, or just wanting a better deal on your mortgage. Remortgaging has many uses.

How to save money

With four in ten people having less than £100 in savings, according to Money Advice Service research, it’s not hard to understand why this is a popular topic.

Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is a complicated issue and something we don’t like to think about until we need to. This means many head to our site for the advice they need.

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