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socks for christmas

Rubbish presents? Here’s what to do with them

You’ve got turkey sandwiches for lunch, your mum and sister aren’t talking and granddad is *still* asleep on the sofa. To make matters worse you’re having to pretend you like some of the gifts you’ve received. Yes, it’s Boxing Day. Don’t don’t worry, there are ways to brighten up your Christmas hangover.

Sometimes it’s good intentions gone awry (Yes I did once say I liked a Justin Bieber song, but I don’t want the album) or lazy shopping decisions (socks… again). Then there’s the present you’ve already got, or the gift that doesn’t fit. Whatever the reason, we don’t always receive gifts we will use or enjoy.

However, no one wants to appear ungrateful so more likely than not, that gift will just stay unused and forgotten under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe.

But that’s a total waste of money. So here are our three ways to get the most from your unwanted Christmas gifts

1. Sell your unwanted Christmas presents

Unless it’s going to be impossible to hide from the gift giver, it’s likely you can get rid of your useless presents online.

You can try your luck online, which is probably best if you’ve the odd present. Make sure you research what other people are selling for and how much they’ve sold for recently.

2. See if you can exchange it

Hopefully the gift giver has provided a gift receipt. This will allow you to take it back to the shop and exchange it for something you do want or need.

If you don’t have a receipt it’s worth asking whoever bought it for you if they would mind exchanging it for you, especially if it’s a duplicate or the wrong size. They’d rather you get use of it.

3. Regift it

Regifting is essentially keeping the present until there’s a birthday or event for someone you think will like it.

This is the one you really have to be careful with. It’s been known for people to regift something to the person who bought it in the first place, so make a note of who got it for you.

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