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doughnut tray

Six ways you might be sugar coating your finances

Doughnuts. Mmmmm. To honour National Doughnut Week, we've half a dozen ring-shaped charts showing some of the ways you might glaze over when it comes to money matters.

What do you think?

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  • D Wilson / 27 October 2015

    An interesting article but the 'living for now' pie chart would be MUCH clearer if you had used different colours for the differing sections rather then shades of the same colour. Not instantly clear to the reader.

  • Wynn Glass / 2 August 2015

    Excellant service I try to be thrifty and your service helps me maintain this
    Thank you

  • roy waters / 1 June 2015

    food for thought very interesting information

  • John Douglas / 1 June 2015

    1. The income calculator seems to need all the answers fed in so that it can re-digest them and throw them as the answer. It doesn't recognise the additional state income from SERPS, which will increase entitlement in my case.
    2. Some time ago I posted a question in one of these text boxes about rights and rules governing crystallisation into an Income Draw-down, under the new freedom. Being a text box, I have no record of my own enquiry and I have no reply from you.

    Conclusion: All rather disappointing.

    ps: something odd about the text boxes below which don't reveal what I have typed for name and e-mail address.
    ADMIN: Hello John, The pension calculation for state pension is the estimate of the basic state as serps is very complex to calculate.
    If you know the income that you received from serps, you can enter this income in the other income category.

    We have new articles on income drawdown which may help you with your other question

  • Michael Serino / 31 May 2015

    all i see is a picture of doughnuts with no advice at all, this site isnt mobile friendly and unfortunately no use to me. Your rep Mike Myers who signed me up to this while i was at LearnDirect seems to think every one has a PC, i can barely afford this phone and i have wasted valuable data visiting this site.
    Thanx Money Advice.

  • Louise / 31 May 2015

    It's always useful to be reminded of these useful tips - as a nudge when you are queuing up to pay for that lunch or take out coffee. That money could be used to save in an emergency fund

  • julia dance / 31 May 2015

    Really useful reminders, thank you. I will pass this on to my daughter who is becoming far more sensible with money now she earns her own.

  • Paul / 31 May 2015

    Some very sensible advice illustrated with easy-to-understand charts. Very useful.