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Spring clean your household spending - download our free guide

Spring has arrived, which means it could be time to give your home a thorough clean - so why not your finances too? 

When spring cleaning your home, it's said you should start at the top and work your way to the bottom, checking in places you don’t always go and throwing away things you don’t need.

The same rules work for spring cleaning your household spending.

To help you spruce up your day-to-day money matters we’ve created a handy leaflet for you to download. Just click the link below to open it. Then it's yours to print out and work through in your own time.


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  • Mary ann Cabahug / 23 April 2016

    Wre claim thes money

  • ROSALIND / 29 April 2015

    I want like learn more about budgeting and money advice

  • A.R / 14 April 2015

    game on! fletcher... A.RICHY

  • Jack / 20 March 2015

    If you don't have it its the devil

  • tracyscott / 20 March 2015


  • Mark Fletcher / 20 March 2015

    Any independent body that gives genuine advice on Money management is welcome to me, especially when it is free. Take it for what it is - basic free advice.

  • Peter / 19 March 2015

    This spring clean guide is probably the most over-complicated and useless finance guide I've ever seen online. The problem with your website is that it lacks a single coherent strategy to offer people to get their finances in order. It is more like a random bouquet of tips and tricks which do not give any real help at all.

  • kevinscoot / 19 March 2015

    I need for debts i ham very poor no money no food no jobs at all not eating very very poor in deed thank you.

  • H. Hazel / 9 March 2015

    With the new monthly system coming out soon countrywide, what benefits are excluded from it?
    At the moment I am forty five years old and on Employment Support Allowance with Disability Living Allowance, have housing benefit to help towards the rent and have my council tax paid, my partner is my carer, and I have a thirteen year old son.

    My benefit is paid every two weeks, is it correct we will be worse off as some months have five weeks, and paid in arrears.

  • Sharon Hall / 9 March 2015

    I think I will be okay with Universal Credit and managing a lump sum. At present I receive Child Tax Credit monthly and Child Benefit weekly. It is useful to have some money to look forward to every week because no matter how careful you are with money there will always be a gap 7-10 days before pay day when you are struggling. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for this change and many people are absolutely dreading it. I assume it is of some benefit to the government because I don't know anyone else who is looking forward to it. The situation at present, where you can choose weekly or monthly payments should remain. People on benefits are not deemed to be worthy in any way, shape or form so I guess this change drives home the perception that if you are claiming benefits you don't deserve to choose when and how you receive it.