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Ssh! Are you sneaking off to shop online?

Merry Christmas! What are you up to today? Eating too much and opening presents? This may be high up on many people’s Christmas Day habits, but a study has revealed many of us are also indulging in secret online shopping.

While 16% of us will be online shopping on Christmas Day, more than four in ten of those (43%) will be doing so in secret, away from family and friends. reveal 30% of Christmas day surfers will be shopping online in the morning, while 22% will be heading off to shop straight after Christmas dinner.

If you are tempted and can get away from your Christmas Day obligations, there’s nothing wrong in principle with some Christmas Day online surfing (particularly if this year’s Eastenders episode is boring you). But if you’re going to, here are some things to think about first.

Christmas Day shopping – five festive tips

1. Know your rights

If you’re buying something online, the good news is you’re protected by the law if you change your mind. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you can cancel your order for goods ordered online anytime from the moment you place your order up to 14 days after you receive it.  Any good you buy which is faulty is covered by the Consumer Rights Act, so you have the right to return it.

If you’re buying from an online marketplace, such as eBay, always check the seller’s rating and feedback before purchasing.

2. Consider if it’s really a bargain

Bargain hunting can be a lot of fun, and particularly rewarding when you pick up something you really want for less than you were expecting to spend. But always take the time to think about something first! Special offers and cashback deals were invented to make you spend more, not less. Never buy something you don’t need just because it’s on offer. If you don’t actually want it all that much, you’re still wasting your money. Don’t forget to factor in delivery costs too!

3. Shop around

Spotted something for a lot less than its RRP on one site? You should get it, right? Wrong! You never know, you could actually find it somewhere else for less. Take the time to nose out the competition and never buy the first thing you see.

4. Check out the reviews

Even clothes and shoes often come with reviews now, so you can find out whether that skirt really is true to size or those shoes are actually impossible to walk in. Always look at reviews first as often things sold online can look better than they are.

5. Have a budget in mind

The golden rule. Have a budget in mind first and be stubborn in sticking to it. Going over your budget will only lead to problems in the long term, especially if you’re dumping it on a credit card to ‘deal with later’. That ‘later’ will always come around quicker than you think!

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