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Quitting smoking is good for your health, and also good for your wallet, but how much less is vaping than smoking?

Stoptober - saving you money and your health

Quitting smoking is good for your health, and also good for your wallet.

The anti-smoking campaign Stoptober restarts this weekend and for the first time includes e-cigarettes and vaping as ways to quit tobacco.

While some dispute the health benefits of electronic alternatives, there is also a debate about how much cheaper it is.

Cost of smoking

Putting a price on how much smoking costs depends on the brand you buy and how much you smoke. But one thing you can’t deny is smoking is getting more expensive.

Today a pack of 20 premium-brand cigarettes costs around £10. So, if you smoke 20 a day, that’s over £3,500 a year!

That’s a lot of money which could be used to pay down debt, save into your pension or even go towards a holiday.

Switch to vaping

So, is vaping or other e-cigarettes cheaper than regular smoking?

Well, the starting costs are higher. The devices themselves can cost less than £15, but can cost more than £100.

Vaping liquids vary in price a lot as well, but you’re probably looking at around £10 for 15ml.

You’ll also need to replace the coils to keep your device working, setting you back around £15 for a pack of five.

Again, it’s hard to put a pound figure on how much vaping and e-cigarettes cost, as it depends on a lot of factors.

My story

I switched from smoking to e-cigarettes just over a year ago, and I have certainly seen the price difference. However, even I would struggle to put a figure on it.

I bought a decent vape, for around £50, although I have also lost one and broken another, which has added to the cost.

A bottle of vaping liquid lasts me around two weeks, and roughly the same for coils. So, an estimate of my running costs (not including the initial device purchase) would be less than £25 a month.

This is compared to probably £60 a month when I was smoking.

Without a doubt, vaping is significantly cheaper.

So, while the initial outlay might be quite a lot, as long as you don’t lose vapes like I did, you will see the financial benefits quite quickly.

Other ways to stop smoking

While vaping and e-cigarettes have proven to be effective and popular ways of kicking the habit, there are a range of other options available.

Nicotine replacement medicines, face-to-face support, motivational emails and even a Facebook messenger service can all help you quit this Stoptober.

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