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The heat is on: six ways to save money this summer

It might not last but the forecast is picking up, with huge stretches of the country due to hot weather this week and weekend.

This could easily mean more spending as you spend less time indoors and head away on holiday. But even if that is true, you can also cut back some of your bills and outgoings. Here are six ways you reduce your costs while the sun is shining.

Eat al fresco

Head to a park or just into your garden for a picnic or BBQ. The costs involved of a DIY outdoor meal will be a lot less than eating out. You’ll also save a huge amount by bringing your own booze – often an area where restaurants take the biggest mark up.

Go for a run

Pricey gym memberships might keep you fit in the winter months, but while the sun is shining and days are longer, use the opportunity to get out in the fresh air instead. See if you can cancel your gym membership, or at least pause it until the weather turns and you want to head back inside.

Dry your clothes in the sun

Tumble dryers eat up energy, making them costly appliances to run. So in the summer, whack up a clothes horse or peg stuff on the line. The clothes will probably dry far quicker, and you’ll pay a lot less on energy bills.

If you've got a water meter, watch out for the extra costs from using hose pipes, sprinkers and paddling pools.

Cancel streaming subscriptions

Yes, I know Game of Thrones is back in July, but on the whole the more time you spend outside, the less time you’ll be at home watching TV. Since many of these subscriptions run month by month you can cancel and sign up again in the autumn. Then you can catch up with your favourite shows on demand.

Prepare for your holiday

If you’ve got plans to go abroad later this summer, check now that everything is in place. This means getting insurance now and not when you travel; checking your passport is valid and avoid extra fees to fast track your renewal; booking accommodation and car hire for advance rates; and getting your holiday money before you get to the airport. All of these will save you cash.

Go through your old clothes

The temptation is there to splash out on a new summer wardrobe, but there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten about perfectly decent clothes and accessories since you last wore them 10 to 12 months ago. Find what you have. If you still like it, great – that means you don’t need to replace it. And if you think it’s more likely to stay at the back of the drawer for another year, see if you can sell it on.

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